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From a Small Molehill I Made a Towering Mountain

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sallyandsonIronsally is happily back to safety because of the Mother’s Day gift from my husband. This morning she saw she had mail! For me? Who knows I’m here?

Oh Navi! Thank you! My Son of Sethe is beautiful, I love him! Hmm … I have this beautiful pet, I ought to take him around, show him the sights.

Sally, I don’t know. Wasn’t getting to level 85 enough? Seriously? You really want to make a try for 100? (I think she’s missing her glory days between you and me.)

YES! Yes! I mean I won’t take up all of your time but can’t we just try a little?

Sigh … oh alright. No promises, we’ll see how it goes. Where were you? Okay, Uldum it is.

Sally had a quest to kill those snakey things in the water. The first one died simultaneously with her Voidwalker. Sally, you used to be able to heal your minion. This might not work, just saying.

That one snake thingy was enough to reach 86. The next one keeled over dead with barely a bonk on the head. Big jump in power, really big one. This might work.

Sally continued on questing in Uldum. It’s kind of fun to get her out again. Maybe we’ll give it a try. Better have the bank alt check the AH for the next level of poor quality gear. Okay, at level 87 Scruffy gear is the next level available.

None for sale, not even one piece. Times have changed. If only she had a higher level on that server to grind up some Scruffy gear for her. Hmm …

Oh! This must be fate! Lessismora has just been sitting there doing nothing for ages. She was my “leveling in a Lovely Black Dress and a Black Diamond Ring” project. I see she’s sitting in the Wetlands with nothing to do. Soooo ..

Why not … I don’t know … boost her! She can get Sally Scruffy gear!


WHERE IS MY DREADSTEED? I cannot help you without my mount of choice.

Okay, okay, calm down. I’d forgotten about this weird way Blizzard implemented the boost. Only getting a few spells when you do a quest. Kind of annoying. Maybe your Dreadsteed will pop up from a quest. Give it time. Be patient.

I think a short scenario tutorial would have worked much better for boosted characters but what do I know.

So there we are. What started with a wonderful gift because Navi wanted her to have a companion on her new server has turned into another Ironsally production and now she has support staff.

What? Yeah … I’ll ah … I’ll just consider the boost another Mother’s Day present.

Welp, gotta go. Before Lessismora will help I have to find her Dreadsteed. Jeez … Warlocks are such divas.

Ironsally Considers Life on a PvP Server

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reaversWhile trying to level Sally, I keep getting an uneasy feeling. A scary, creepy, uneasy kind of feeling. A hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck-raising feeling and I finally put my finger on what it was like. I am CONSTANTLY drifting through reaver space and reaver space is not as empty as I had hoped. Middle of the day, weekdays … there be reavers.

For those of you not familiar with the Firefly Series, reavers are … wait, here’s a description from someone with first-hand experience.

  “If they take the ship, they’ll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skins into their clothing. And, if we’re very, very lucky, they’ll do it in that order.”
    ― Zoë Washburne

But the thing is, sometimes they’re sated. Sometimes if you stay calm and hold your ground and don’t run … they’ll leave you alone. Every time Sally sees the opposite faction she feels like she’s passing a reaver ship in deep space. Sometimes they leave her alone … sometimes they don’t and sometimes she doesn’t even see them coming.

She generally sees Horde approaching and thinks, “Oh CRAP CRAP CRAP!” Okay … be calm, act cool. Yeah … I’m bad. I’m bad, don’t even think about going there … yeah, you don’t want to mix it up with me, move along. YOU DON’T WANT ANY PART OF ME BUDDY! Oh geez … whew … they’re gone. That was close.

Her other technique if she has time, is to fly straight up into the stratosphere and hope they leave. Geez, damn reavers.

It certainly adds some excitement to leveling Sally but I think this is going to be a long, long, trip. And sometimes the reavers strike from behind, you don’t even have warning.

collguardianI know I’m on a PvP server. I’m not complaining about being killed but really, the timing sucked. She was on the quest Colossal Guardians. To kill one of these bad boys is an enormous production of healing Void, bandaging, fearing, and it takes about five minutes at least. He came along and killed her at about 4:55. He killed her and then did the quest. Guess he couldn’t wait. That’s how those reavers roll.

flyingdeathReally reavers? Shouldn’t you be in school? At work? What is up here. But it’s all good, every time she gets killed I get to enjoy flying death again. I miss that. I think she has yet to be killed by a mob since starting to 90 … just reavers. Will she make it? I truly don’t know but I’m enjoying the trip so far … well, at least until one of those reavers use her skin for a pair of underoos.

Ironsally Takes a Dirt Nap

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sallyridesYep. Ride, Sally ride. Way, way, back in the olden days of 2011 two wizards plotted a fiendish task. I now think of it as the Psyn-Vry Ironman to differentiate it from the later WoW Ironman which was more well known and included one thing the earlier WoW Ironman didn’t. A no-death requirement. Ironsally leveled to 85 dressed more or less in her undies and no talents … and gets to die as much as she so desires.

After completing her challenge she bummed around, had no direction. It was a bad time for her and she ended up in a back alley on a PvP server with little to do. But now the time has come. It’s time to push forward to 90. Yes, her idiot handler has made things more challenging by leaving her here, but no one is up for a challenge like Ironsally, Warlock extraordinaire! (Her words not mine, but I thought I’d humor her after the whole PvP server thingy.)

After a little research it became apparent those Pandaren don’t go in much for selling useless common weapons and gear. For heaven’s sake they sell legitimate gear. How unfortunate. It seems her next gear upgrade would have to come from the scruffy line of poor gear which is unattainable. That was one good thing about being on Zangarmarsh, people actually listed poor and common gear on the AH. Oh well, she’ll have to tough it out.

poserOMG! Sally, you did not just do that! You poser! You know you can’t help Nozdormu, why did you take that quest … ah … okay, I see. So she’s stuck here because her hearth’s on cooldown. Oh, wait. I’ll just enter The Caverns of Time, there’s a portal right here. Then I’ll check in on Uldum.

dirtnapOMG, it was so good to finally get that over with. Sally takes a dirt nap at the hands of the Horde. I’ve got to wonder what he thought. There he is already for a big fight and bam. He one-shot her. Kind of wonder what was going through their mind. Damn, I am good, or what the hell is the matter with that Warlock. I’ll never know. I was afraid they might camp her poor little body but apparently they were looking for more of a challenge and soon departed so she moved on to Uldum.

crumblingdefCrumbling Defenses had somewhat soured her on Deepholm. Completing this quest spanned hours. She had to wait for the cooldown to Summon Doomguard to have any hope at all of killing these things.

Time to revisit Kavem the Callous. At 84 she couldn’t down him, let’s see if she can prevail and open up Uldum as an 85. Yay! Down he went. She’s very happy, now she’s free to spend some time in Uldum, a nice change from dreary, rocky Deepholm.

Don’t know if she’ll make it to 90 but we’ll have fun trying. I do think 85 to 90 might take as long as 1 to 85 did. Sally, you should never have left Outland incomplete. It’s going to come back and bite you. Just saying. Sigh … that girl just does not listen.

Not again Druid, and a SWTOR Canine Alert

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Yesterday we had visitors, it was fun. Went out to lunch, I had Shepard’s Pie, yum. I could not wait to login this morning though, because I knew Navimie had a new Ironman on Zangarmarsh. I wanted to see if I could catch the overlap in time zones and talk to her.

What did I find on logging in? THIS!! What is it with these Druids. It’s enough that my main runs after the human guards and dark, dangerous looking types in Stormwind but now Ferricat’s doing it too. Because, and apologies male Gnomes, I know she’s not hanging around the Inn at Menethil Harbor because of the Gnome.

So from the safety of the Inn, cause she’s a scaredy cat Ironman, doesn’t want to accidentally fall off a pier and drown while talking, she finally got to talk to Navimie! I can’t wait to read the next installment of her adventures!

Later today I hope Ferricat will stop chatting up that human male and actually get back to leveling and not dying. We’ll see, it’s hard to tell with these human male crazy Druids. She’s having a rougher time of it than Ironsally the Warlock did. She can take one mob at a time, that’s it. My main, a feral Druid, has forgotten she can heal, she never heals herself. Ferricat on the other hand heals A LOT, and immediately shifts back to cat form and runs away because she has no energy to attack after shifting. Dash is becoming another rediscovered spell. It’s interesting to find out which spells are useful with an Ironman as opposed to leveling regularly, they’re seldom the same.

Anyway, I wanted to get out this warning to all you SWTORers. I read this post at Psynister’s Notebook but I obviously didn’t pay enough attention so I don’t want this to happen to you. DOGS DON’T LIKE SWTOR!

Sorry about the picture quality but I think you can get the idea. If you bought a boxed collector’s edition of SWTOR then you know about the lovely Journal of Master Gnost-Dural that’s included. The one I hadn’t finished reading. The one up there. Ripped apart. In pieces. Gone.

While I don’t know what’s causing this phenomenon I do now know it’s real. Dogs are not SWTOR fans, in fact it seems they’re bitter enemies. Hide your authenticators from them, hide your journals, maps, and any other SWTOR paraphernalia you might have if you value it. I’m just saying, even a Darth is no match for a strong-toothed dog.

WAIT! WAIT A SEC! Whew, thought you’d left. Ironsally is so excited. Frikky over at Drunkards Regalia made a forum post and said he was taking requests for character drawings. That Frikky isn’t all looks and no brain, that boy’s smart. He knows how to get the girls! Ironsally quickly requested a portrait, and in no time it was complete and she loves it.

Isn’t it great! If I were you I’d lose no time contacting Frikky. That boy’s going to be famous and then who knows how much gold he’ll want for a portrait! Ironsally’s just glad she got in on the ground floor. And oh, she thinks he’s dreamy, great, Druids and Humans, now Humans and Undead, what next. I don’t even want to know.

Of Furbolg and (Iron)Men

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One of my favorite things about WoW is that no matter how small the bit of time you have to play there’s something to do. I had a half hour this morning before an appointment. I decided to visit blogs and when browsing Bubbles of Mischief, Cyrme had this post. I did not know that. I had The Defender of the Timbermaw but knew nothing of the Stave of Fur and Claw. 20 more minutes, plenty of time to pick one of those up. I even had time to spare to menace the children of Stormwind, and visit Ithurian Whitespire, dancing about as a Furbolg for him hoping to cheer him. He was downsized and he’s been a little melancholy since then.


Speaking of melancholy my little Ferricat has been moping about Ashenvale with a sullen expression on her face. I waited forever to take this screen shot, hoping for a smile or at least a Night Elf jiggle, nothing. Fine, is it something I said? What’s wrong? She’s a very solemn Night Elf to begin with, nothing like my other Druid. What gives here? I mean you’re still alive and all.

OH. That got a reaction. No thanks to you she said. WHAT! What have I done? She told me to look at my quest log. Oops. They were all yellow. She was mad because I’d been making her do yellow quests and then complaining about her being “squishy” as opposed to my Warlock Ironman. Last night she kept having to run for the hills and I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. Duh. Silly me. I think there’s some ill will between the Warlock and Druid, I’d better watch what I say from now on. Don’t want to start any drama among them.

She may also have been annoyed that I insisted we go to Northern Barrens and hang out until we found at least one Takk’s Nest. Selling companion pets enabled Ironsally to buy her fast flying mount so it’s never too early to start saving. She’ll thank me later.

I’m dying to login, she’s almost level 24 and then she’ll finally be able to train Faerie Fire (Feral) which should make a difference. I can’t right now. Death and Taxes. While Ferricat is going to try to cheat death I’ve found no way to get around taxes. This is the last stretch and by later today, Ashenvale lookout, kitty’s coming for you!

One More Time … with Feeling

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This is embarrassing. Ironman, I wish I knew how to quit you. I think it’s because I had so much fun doing it with Ironsally. And then Effy entered Ironeffy, cool, I’ll follow along. And then Euphyley’s Ironsteve entered the race. Next, Big Bear Butt declares for the Ironman with Bigironbutt. I cannot stop myself, I tried but I can’t.

Let’s see. There was Ironmary the mage who I just tossed aside when it became evident that I’d never make it to 85 with a Mage. Then came Ironsally, dear little iron-willed Warlock. The Druid above is Ferricat. She was born a few weeks after Ironsally reached 85. I thought I’d see if a melee character could reach 85 under the Ironman rules. I abandoned her at level 20, with the nerfs to questing in 4.3 I thought it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. Then came poor little Ironadilla who couldn’t take the stress of the new Ironman’s no-death clause and committed voluntary death by Defias.

Ferricat is on the move. She has no deaths but I think that’s because I wasn’t trying to be careful. Compared to Ironsally at the same level she feels squishy, I’ve got to remember I have a bear form. I don’t think I’ll sign up officially as an Ironman as I’m afraid I’d then stress about trying not to die. After reading Euphyley’s post she’s been on the lookout for rares. She was thrilled to find three in Redridge. Snarlflare, Ribchaser and Chatter and they all gave nice XP. I’m going to level her and if she dies, so be it; she’s continuing using the original Psynister/Vrykerion Ironman Challenge rules. If it looks like she can’t make it to 85 without resorting to grinding or dailies I think I’ll call defeat but she’s going to give it a shot.

So anyway, if I’m not around you’ll know where I am. Last time, really, I promise.

Musical Accompaniment: Here I go Again.

Follow the Light …

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Yeah … embarrassing. I was going to pretend I never mentioned trying the no-death Ironman and all. Maybe no one would notice. But Ironsally found out about my attempt and she said I have to tell so here goes.

What can I say, I snapped. Perhaps there should be some sort of psychological testing done before you attempt a no-death challenge.  I logged back in with the intention of continuing on my no-death journey. Up next, the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch for the quest Manhunt. The place is crawling with Defias Brotherhood. Old Morgan the Collector is holed up in that house along with Erlan Drudgemoor and Surena Caledon.

I hate being careful, being careful was driving me crazy; it’s my only explanation for what came next. Poor little Ironadilla suddenly dismissed her demon and shrieked a battle cry, managed to aggro three of the Defias outside and then ran into the house where Morgan and his dastardly companions awaited! After collecting six foes she ran outside to aggro as many more as possible … death by Defias had never felt so good.

It’s probably for the best, it’s clear I’m not cut out for a no-death anything … well … except for real life; I’m doing okay there so far. So Insane WoW Ironman Challengers, I salute you. Good luck to you all, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am. I’m not doing that again. If I undertake another challenge it will be the Psynister Vrykerion WoW Ironman Challenge where you can feel free to die as much as you like. I even have a Druid doing that, she’s level 20 and oddly has no deaths yet, probably because I wasn’t trying to be careful. I wanted to see if a melee class could complete the challenge. I quit when the 4.3 nerfs came out because it was no longer the same challenge, but if I feel challengey I think I’ll continue her on her journey.

The relief I felt on deleting poor Ironadilla was immense. I felt giddy with joy. Free at last to work on the really important stuff like doing something about my poor Warlock’s ugly belt.

It’s a temporary fix but look at her; I think she looks happier don’t you? I continued on my quest for the elusive Love Rocket and getting enough charms for my second Swift Lovebird, life was good again in Azeroth. I admit I feel a little guilty about the elation her death brought me and at the same time I’m thrilled to have freed up my last character slot on Fenris for my Panda. All I can say is I’m sorry little Ironadilla, we hardly knew you.

R.I.P. you little Gnome, follow the light.

Be Afraid … be very Afraid

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Yeah … scary. I may not be here for a while or I might be right back. More likely right back, because I am NOT a careful person and I am NOT a patience one either. But I can’t resist giving this a try. I keep reading about the new Insane Ironman Challenge and wondering what the no-death component would be like.

So anyway, there she is, another Warlock. She’s level 10 right now and has already come within an inch of losing her life once. I doubt she’ll last too long. I’m not sure about the whole Gnome thing anyway, I’m pretty sure she’s going to get ambushed by something cause she can’t even see over the shrubbery. Apparently Blizzard doesn’t give her much of a chance either as she doesn’t show up in the armory. Ironsally knows nothing about this, I’m doing it on the sly, so shhhhh, don’t say anything or she’ll make my life unbearable.

I’m a little jumpy right now.

Already I’m drawn to cliffs and tall buildings where she MIGHT … oops … take a deathly fall, it’s all the stress … I don’t know if I can take it. The whole no talent, no decent clothes thing is obviously fine, no problem. It’s the dying thing. I think I’d be just as stressed if she were a normal character wearing designer gear. I am so paranoid now. My husband walked in the room and startled me and I thought, “OMG I’M GOING TO DIE!” I may have screamed it as he looked a bit startled too.

I feel like I’m in a psychological thriller and I’m just waiting for Jack Nicholson’s head to break through the wall at the Inn in Goldshire. Watch this, see her? THAT IS EXACTLY how I feel right now.

And I’m not sure why I’m so afraid, I had a Shadow Priest that got to level 80 with only seven deaths and I was playing normally. I think it’s the suspense. I don’t see this going well at all. I keep having the nearly overwhelming urge to run into a group of Murlocs and commit Murloc suicide. MUST NOT GIVE IN. MUST BE STRONG.

It’s going to take forever to get to level 20. I can only play about three bars and then I’m hyperventilating and I have to log off her and play my Druid to regain my calm.


Oh … sorry … just the mailman.

Ironsally’s in a Snit!

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Oh no! Knowing Ironsally it’s not like I didn’t see this coming. I heard from her last night, she’d read the piece on the new WoW Ironman Challenge on Wowinsider. She wants to do it. I told her no, absolutely not but she went on and on. “I can do it, I wasn’t being careful, I can be careful this time, really!”

Yeah right, this from someone who was constantly looking for rares to kill for the thrill. Sally come on, you are neither patience or careful and that’s what this takes.

I really think though that with all the WoW Ironman Challenges out there in the internetherweb we should use different naming conventions. I think I’ll call the one Ironsally did the Psyn-Vry WoW Ironman Challenge in honor of the creators of the challenge, Psynister and Vrykerion. The one now underway and mentioned by Wowinsider I prefer to think of as the Insane WoW Ironman Challenge because it sounds like competing in it could likely drive you there. I also remember mention of another challenge that was done in dungeons and you were only allowed to wear what dropped for you while in the dungeons. This one would have to be the WoW Dugeonator Supreme Challenge to me.

Does Ironsally think it can be done? Yes, by a Hunter or Warlock. I’m not familiar enough with all the other classes to know what is talented as opposed to what’s trained for each, so some classes will be luckier than others in the spells and abilities they have available.

I think a careful and patient player can do this. The really, really big problems only start in Cataclysm. There have been changes implemented in patch 4.3 that a patient player can benefit from, specifically these:

Improved Outland & Northrend Quest Flow

The amount of experience needed to gain levels 71 through 80 has been reduced by approximately 33%.

Many Group quests in Outland and Northrend have been re-tuned to allow players to complete them solo. They are no longer labeled as Group quests.

Most importantly, with the changes to the group quests in Outland and Northrend a player will gain more quests to complete. The larger pool of available quests means that there’s an opportunity to gain more levels and not show up in Cataclysm as a level 80. Cataclysm is where all the danger is, Cataclysm hits like a freight train. This will require patience and restraint, qualities that dear Ironsally lacks. She thought she’d be forever 84 because she got bored with Outland and left many quests behind. So between you and me I don’t think she’s got what it takes but don’t tell her I said that.

I did, in a moment of delirium create a character to do this challenge. At about level 5 I came to my senses and stopped. Like Sally I’m not patient. I’m stubborn, which helped a lot but not patient. I should really delete that character so I won’t be tempted again.

Last time I checked there is a Hunter at level 67, Ironmin. Go! Go! Ironman Ironmin! You can follow them on the forums or check here. I’m enjoying following along from the safety of my cozy chair.

Ironsally has her knickers in a twist about it. I told her Blizzard is not going to roll her back to one just so she can try it. She’s angry at me and as you can see she flew off in a huff to Deepholm where she said she’s going to look for Aeonaxx. I know! That girl is crazy; see why she’d never make it in The Insane WoW Ironman Challenge!

Meanie Stupid Heads

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Yes, I’m sorry. Generic Uldum screen shot there. I forgot to take the screen shot I wanted to use for this post last night.  Servers are down for maintenance and I can’t wait till later as I have work. And I CAN’T have a post with no pictures … ick … just wrong. I’ll try to find another for later in the post.


So anyway, I seem to have these “all over the place” posts after a weekend. Probably because on the weekend I have some interaction with actual people rather than just NPCs like week days. My interaction this weekend was not the good kind. It left me feeling ashamed of the Alliance.

My main, the character that I identify most with is Alliance. My alt crafters are all Alliance. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!  Having gotten that out of the way, you’re all meanies! At least on Fenris.

Since 2006 I’ve been killed countless times by the Horde but they seem to go about it in a workmanlike fashion.  They kill me and then proceed about their business for the most part. Over the weekend my Forsaken Warlock was trying to collect 50 coins for a pet.  We were sitting at the Flight Master in Everlook; I was on Wowhead trying to decide where to fly next. When I came back I wasn’t AFK yet but close.

Two Alliance were in the process of killing my Flight Master. I just went back to Wowhead to look up other Elders. I came back to find them still standing there emoting … stuff. Went back to Wowhead listened to music, etc. After what seems like an inordinate amount of time they left. Okay, whatever floats your boat but you do know the person probably doesn’t even see you. They’re looking at Wowhead or something. You’re wasting all that spit. I did get a giggle out of their guild name though. The Benevolent. I guess that only applies to the Alliance.

Next stop Wintergrasp. I know I was asking for it but still. It’s not the killing it’s all the bizarre dancing around and emoting that gets me. I am not familiar with the mechanics of Wintergrasp. Horde had Wintergrasp so I couldn’t figure out why the doors weren’t open. Suspended mid-air I once again headed to Wowhead. On returning I found my Warlock falling to earth. Splat. A Death Knight had death grasped me down I guess, and then finished the job. Fine. But what’s with all the meanie emoting? I was spat on, I was farted on, I was tea bagged, I was danced on … the list is endless. What is up with that? Going for total immersion or something? And he was ten levels above me, so it wasn’t like he was overcome with joy by besting me. Well you Alliance are big meanies and I’m telling Mommy.

This caused me to have the urge to make the biggest Horde character I could think of. I made a Tauren Paladin who plans to grow up and beat up the Alliance. His picture was supposed to be up there. I don’t like his odds though as I have a bad track record playing as a male. But anyway, he’s coming for you!

What! I’m sorry; it’s the best I can do on short notice. I had to repurpose an image fast. Just like some bloggers have half finished posts I have a folder with just started or half finished images and I don’t usually need scary pictures around here as most people, with the exception of one troll, are nice here. Well, who else would I use but Captain Placeholder while I look for an appropriate body. Sorry, sheesh.

WoW Ironman Challenge Overtakes SWTOR

Search Terms. Over the weekend the Ironman Challenge beat out swtor speeder. It caused some problems here as Ironsally wanted me to change the header to something like “tomeoftheancient, HOME OF IRONSALLY THE IRONMAN CHALLENGER.” She’s sulking cause I wouldn’t do it.

OH! OH! This just in! I was visiting Psynister’s Notebook and found this post! It leads to Ironman Mode: The Blog. Now how about that for re-purposing! I’ve got to go, Ironsally is asking for my PayPal login.

Hawt Plate

Over at MMO Melting Pot there’s an interesting post about terms used to describe transmog gear. I have never heard anyone call it Slut Plate myself but I did think of an alternative, Hawt Plate. I think it’s catchy and it works for both male and female characters, even though I’ve yet to see any Hawt Plate for males. Shame really. As usual I’m not posting my idea because I’m too frightened. Hugh is really nice and I’m not scared of him, I’m scared of the commenters. Maybe his might be meaner than mine and I’m just not ready for more meanies right now. Until I level up my Tauren Paladin, yeah, then look out!