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OMG! Somebody Shoot Me Now!

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on April 7, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

cimringI’ve had my first freaking WOW SENIOR MOMENT. SHIT! I’ve been playing since November 2006 and this is without a doubt the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Some time ago I noticed Cim’s iLevel was almost as high as Cat’s.

I was a little puzzled about how that happened but just shrugged and moved on which is pretty strange itself. I didn’t wonder how she’d zoomed up in iLevel?

Wow, they really ruined the joy that was Destruction … man … Cim’s so sluggish. Not much fun anymore. I’ll take a look at what she’s wearing but I can’t do much about it unless she get’s lucky …WTF! CIM! What the hell are you wearing on your finger?

Okay, I’m not taking all the blame here. I didn’t buy it, I certainly didn’t get it raiding … I think I know what this is. This just screams Warlock arrogance. Cim’s been so lucky with Salvage Crates I’ll bet she got that from a crate, saw it was epic and just equipped. It wouldn’t DARE not be for her spec. See, it was the Warlock, not me. Well, she’s sure in a fix now. Jeez Cim, how embarrassing.

matureSo last night I made that horrific discovery. This morning I started my early morning blog reading. I go to Navi’s blog and what do I see? Crap! The word is already all over town! I think they’re using “Mature” as a euphemism for old geezer who equips strength rings on a Warlock.

Well smarty pants Entropia you got something wrong! I’m not a guy, hahahahahaha! Where’s my seductive older gentleman? You think you’re so smart! I think it would work better if you had a sexy older star in your ad.

matureclintWelp. Okay … yeah … maybe not.

Got to go. I promised I’d go see if I could restore whatever ring she had on before. She said she’s not leaving her Garrison until I do. Got my fingers crossed.





The Forsaken’s Lament

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on January 8, 2014 by tomeoftheancient

sasdestroPoor Sasche’s having a rough time. Before the server merge, Horde was so dead it was depressing to visit so she sat in the Shrine of Two Moons … alone. After the server merge I thought I’d see if it were livelier. After some investigation I found that Sasche was pretty much broke because … geez … I usually find a way to blame these things on my characters, NOT ME but I can’t seem to figure out how this time.

SOMEONE had deleted a character without remembering that the character had been acting as Sasche’s bank alt. And it was so long ago that the character they made way for has been deleted too. I know … I’m delete happy … it’s okay, just say it.

So Sasche heard about Cim’s inability to learn Destruction. Pick me! Pick me! I’ll learn it! I can change!

But Sasche, there’s a new baby Dwarf coming up who was born to do just that.

How’s that working out for you?

Um …

desertAwkward. But really, it’s not what it looks like I swear. I decided that Flaminga, the designated Destructionator, would level in LFD.

So she dings 15 and we queued. Weekdays daytime eastern time is not peak traffic time I found out. I should add here that I no longer shop in the traditional fashion. If it can’t be obtained through the internet, you will not be getting it. This led to serious UPS traffic to our front door in the run-up to the holidays.

OH! Almost a half an hour wait but it’s here! Get ready to Destruct Flaminga! This is it! We are getting in! This is it!

The dogs must have taken particular exception to this UPS man because just as I found myself in The Deadmines, there suddenly erupted what sounded like the baying of wolves and I jumped and my knee hit the pullout that the keyboard is on.

I’m guessing that when this happened I hit my reverse key and backed out of the instance. Whatever … there Flaminga was … branded. A DESERTER on her first LFD. Humiliating. And so unfair, there should be a button that stays up for about 60 seconds, an oops button. An “I didn’t mean it let me back in button.

So yeah, now we have to wait 30 minutes to wait 30 more minutes to get in. But she’s stubborn. Those Dwarves don’t let things like UPS men stand in their way so she did finally get in.

She completed Deadmines, the whole effort took about two hours for one instance. At that rate I don’t think I have time for her to learn Destruction.

Alright Sasche, the job is yours!

I’m happy to say she shows promise, she seems to have an affinity for Destruction that Cim lacks. We seem to have the single target down which leaves Havoc and Fire and Brimstone to figure out.

I think Sasche’s happy now although I can’t really figure out how to tell. Maybe she’s standing up a little straighter, I don’t know. The Undead are tricky to read. Anyway, I know she’s not actively sad anymore … even though … because of SOMEONE she’s now poor.

I know it’s ridiculous to feel guilty but I’m pretty sure I’ll be leveling a character Alliance side and then transferring them to Horde with Sasche’s money. Apparently I pay my debts real or otherwise … sigh.