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Embarrassing …

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on June 12, 2015 by tomeoftheancient

thepitCat wanted to get right to completing as much of Draenor Pathfinder as she could before patch 6.2. With the help of Wowhead’s new tool she was able to find out what she had left to complete. Great! The only thing left was Assault on the Pit.

She accepted the quest and hurriedly searched for a custom group … and joined one.

Cat forgot she’s been doing nothing for months other than sit in her garrison getting rich or using this great tool to find old bosses to bonk on the head for a pony.

There she was floundering around like a complete derp cat. She forgot her rotation, the group must have wondered if level 100 boosts were available and she’d just done it. How embarrassing, poor Cat.

Luckily it was a nice group and no one yelled at her or inquired where she got her Druid License.

Afterwards we went and trapped for a while to see if she could get her mojo back. We have to STOP sitting in the garrison. Do you hear me Cat?


This is just random but I wondered if anyone else felt the same. On the way to bonk Kael’thas for his pretty pink pony this happened. The two of us were flying on top of each other for a lengthy time. I keep wanting to say, pardon me, oh excuse me. Cim and I were infringing on that person’s personal space. This is why I should always go get a drink or something on a flight path to avoid these embarrassing moments … maybe it’s just me.
SEVEN MONTHS! Cim’s been trying to find an un-camped Warbringer for seven months and yesterday she finally found one. I felt a teeny, tiny bit bad as about 20 seconds after she killed it a person appeared. It had been camped but their timing was about 30 seconds off. Cim didn’t feel bad at all. Warlocks, what would you expect.

The whole internet anonymity thing didn’t take on me. Here’s my chance to be different. Be outgoing! Be rude! Remake yourself! Cut loose!

Nope, nope, nope.

I’m embarrassed by the same things I would be IRL … I feel bad for getting that Warbringer … I’m derpy.

I’m freaking exactly the same … well, except for the whole killing everything part … there is that.