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Post WoW Goal Depression

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I had never really thought about it but it appears I have some weird ideas about luck … or maybe it’s Cat … yeah, probably Cat. All my characters who can, have been helping Cat on her quest to get Mountacular. Yesterday we had three mounts to go. I could buy them but that didn’t seem right. Let’s keep trying.

Cat wanted to do Firelands as there’s also a Druid toy, Fandral’s Seed Pouch in there. She doesn’t really need it but she’s a toy fanatic. So we do Alysrazor and darn, we get the mount. Crap. We had that one.

Well Cat, we might as well leave, we’ve used up our luck.

No, I want to smack down Fandral for his pouch. Besides, it’s fun.

Fandral didn’t give up his pouch but we’re almost done, might as well finish it. Even though … you know … we’ve used up our luck.

Yeah, how weird is that. Cat couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it. The Smoldering Egg of Millagazor dropped … even though we’d used up our luck. Damn. Who knew.

Well then, why stop now.


We headed to Zul’Gurub and yep, Armored Razzashi Raptor. What is going on? This is crazy! At this point we got ridiculous. We did the Voidtalon portal route, we did the Warbringer route. We even thought about going to Stratholme and we gave up on that place back when it was still hard to do solo.


We thought about it and decided that since three mounts had dropped, even though we already had one, buying the last wouldn’t be cheating. Cim bought that overpriced Riverwallow from those highway robbers in Stormshield. There. Done. Yay … sorta.

I did learn a valuable lesson about luck. I should have figured it out from the 160 plus times I ran Sethekk Halls for big bird. Sometimes you have none and sometimes it can strike three times in a row. Don’t try to second guess luck.

Anyway, now what do I do. That was supposed to last until Legion came out. Maybe I’ll check in with Ironsally … see if she’s feeling feisty.


I was afraid this would happen …

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Hey! Hey! Don’t you turn your back on me … you … you … big flying BUTTHEAD! I’m talking to you here!

Cim, come on. Calm down, it’s not your fault … it’s mine. I was afraid of this. I watched videos, read guides but at the end of the day it’s a vehicle fight. I can’t do them. I’m vehicularly challenged.

How to Solo Malygos in the Eye of Eternity in three easy steps. Made me almost believe but the fact remains that no matter what level I am if I have to step into a vehicle, it’s all over.

Cim made many valiant attempts. I can’t seem to avoid crap tossed at me AND hit 1,1,2,3 at the same time. The first time I tried it I couldn’t even FIND him. Vehicle fights on the ground are bad but I can almost handle the X and Y dimension but throw in a Z? This just brings back horrible flashbacks of me floundering around in Vashj’ir.

So yeah, we finally gave up. It’s not to be. Cim flounced off so Cat and I decided to give Vortex Pinnacle another go for the drake.

northwindI don’t know, I say a lot of mean things about RNG but I think old RNG likes Cat. Maybe she should take over for Cim in the Stonecore. Hey, maybe the gods of flying vehicles like Cat too … it’s worth a try, or two, or twelve.

Hear that Malygos? Cat’s coming for you! Be afraid … okay yeah well … BE MILDLY CONCERNED!


malThanks so much for all the good advice! No Drake but I may now have conquered my fear of flying!

When the Cat’s Away …

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geomountApparently the Pandaren will play. I’m beginning to question the wisdom of creating all these alts. I can’t keep track of all of them 24/7. Now I had emphatically stated that there WOULD BE NO making of Geosynchronous World Spinners at this time. I told Liwu the Engineer that we needed to be MAKING money not spending it and we were doing a poor job of that as it was.

Liwu we need to MAKE money right now, not spend it on three Orbs of Mystery … just NO. I thought we were clear but when I was busy with Cim trying to defeat the Brawler’s Guild bosses APPARENTLY there was some funny business going on behind my back. I don’t know who all was in on it and Liwu’s not talking.

And yeah … she’s trolling me. Of ALL the places she could have stopped to show off she lands by Sele’na, a FISHMAN who has rain drops, the very thing that had been stumping Cim in Brawler’s Guild. Coincidence? I think not.

What do you mean, what really happened? I TOLD you Liwu …

Oh alright … okay. I’ll stop blaming my characters and take the blame … this once.

I was researching the mats for the Geosynchronous World Spinner seeing what it would cost as SOME day a few expansions from now I’d like to get Mount Parade. The big ticket items for this are the three Orbs of Mystery. When reading the comments I saw people talking about using these to take more money with them when transferring servers to get around the gold limit. Kind of a money laundering scheme.

Cool, let’s see if any recent immigrant to our fair shores is laundering money!

YES! Yes indeed they are!

With rep they would have cost 54,000 gold at 18,000 a piece. Here they are listed at 14,000 a piece! A mere 42,000!

I would be SAVING 12,000 GOLD! See how that works? Like the good little consumer I was raised to be I saw the SAVINGS blinking in flashing lights … not the whole … 42,000 gold … chump.

So yeah … it was me who did it … but the trolling with the fishman?


An Unexpected Gift

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Yesterday I belatedly started to level poor Sasche, my Forsaken Warlock, in preparation for a LBR. Blizzard’s site said iLevel 355 was required for Firelands. She only made it to 351. She’s really annoyed all those Alliance characters are already into Pandaria and she isn’t. I promised I’d make an effort from now on, but I have developed such an aversion to Garrosh it’s difficult.

I whispered JD, master of ceremonies, that I’d be little help in Firelands but he said to of course come and to also make a character on his server. Okay, maybe his guild is having a party. Maybe they have a glut of D.I.S.C.O.s to use. It was really hard to not get hung up in the creation process but I managed to only change the character’s hair. I showed great restraint I think. And of course it was a Warlock.

So we all get to Ironforge and yay! A party! But then we were all given a wrapped party gift, what’s this?

OMG!!! OMG!!! JD in the guise of the incredibly suave persona of  Elcombe had given us all Panthers just … just … BECAUSE!!!! Those that could, mounted up! It was so exciting and wonderful! Thank you again JD! I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of auctionating that went into that!

I don’t know about the others who were there with level 1 characters, but I wanted to immediately level up so I could ride like the wind! But I’d promised Sasche so off she went to Firelands.

Notice in this screen shot my obsession with pets. There’s all kinds of great stuff going on and I’m fixating on shots of Navi’s pet. With the experienced leadership of the writers of Reputation Grind and The Crimson Hammer, even in her hand-me-down clothes Sasche got to participate in downing some of the bosses before I had to leave.

So what’s with the Padaren up at the top? Well, leveling another of many Warlocks scattered around all the servers didn’t seem special enough. No. This is a most special gift. Funny how a virtual gift can mean as much or more than something in the real world, but it does. So this morning Liwu was created. I think my first Pandaren to level all the way up should be the proud recipient of that Sapphire Panther. Nothing else seems right.  Google translate tells me Liwu means gift in Chinese, they didn’t say whether it’s Mandarin or Cantonese and I hope they aren’t being jokey with me and it’s a dirty word or anything. I don’t know how jokey they are at Google. You never know. I’m pretty jokey.

So I have a lot to do. Liwu is going to be leveling fast, I know. Cat just got Master of the Ways done so she’s fine with it. So if you don’t hear from us it’s because Liwu is wreaking damage and destruction across the Wandering Isle. Everyone is pretty much alright with it, because that was such an incredible gift. Thank you JD.

Vial of the Sands! Hooray! Wait … What?

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I wanted the Vial of the Sands from the first time I read about it, pre-Cataclysm. Obviously my reading comprehension leaves much to be desired as once Cata launched my Druid (leatherworker/skinner) started furiously leveling Archeology in pursuit of Canopic Jars. I think she was 525 before I read that you had to be a Alchemist to see the recipe.

It was going to be up to my Hunter, who doesn’t care about mounts, to level Archeology and get the recipe. There was a lot of muttering on her part about high maintenance Druids who were spoiled. She was level capped for a long, long, time before her first Canopic Jar. Second jar was the one and she immediately learned the recipe and said, “There, I’m outta here, no more Archeology EVER!”

It shows a certain lack of confidence on my part that I never really paid much attention to the mats required to actually make the mount. If I had, maybe I would have prepared, or not, hard to tell but I cringed when I said, “Um, Hunter? Fine on the archeology but you need a few more things to make the recipe.” WHAT?

– 29,000g To pay Yasmin the extortionist because she has the market covered on the mats we need from her
– 36 Pyrium Bar (Or 144 Elementium Bars + 144 Volatile Earth)
– 120 of each Volatile Fire, Volatile Air, and Volatile Water
– 96 Volatile Life
– 96 Azshara’s Veil
– 96 Cinderbloom
– 192 Whiptail
– 8 Albino Cavefish

“WAIT! WHAT? After enduring Archeology which I didn’t want to do you seriously want me to do WHAT!” Okay, there’s no need to go into what else she said, it’s enough to say she was displeased.

Everything but the 12 bars of Truegold went a lot faster than I would have thought but I sure hope her Transmutation Mastery kicks in on that, because after paying 29k gold for those mats I refuse to buy anything else no matter how much Druid jumps up and down and pleads.

My Hunter’s taking it all pretty well, but there’s a reason. She was in Hyjal looking for Azshara’s Veil when NPCSan went off. Magria! And she was prepared with a naked set because she’d read WoW Rare Spawn’s advice on every hunter pet she was interested in. That’s why she’s standing there in only a tabard, it’s not like her, she’s much more reserved than Druid.

So that helped A LOT with taking the sting out of mat gathering but I know she’ll be happy when Druid gets her mount and she can go back to her semi-feral lifestyle of living off the land and looking for new pets.

So be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it … and YOU ARE NOT PREPARED … like, um me.

How Not to be Good at your Class

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As I may have mentioned before this blog has no useful information, oh wait, there was that one shining SWTOR speeder vendor location moment but aside from that … zip … nada … nothing. I’d love to have lots of class specific facts to impart but that’s just not going to happen. And this is why.

It occurs to me (and I’m sure it occurs to you but you’re too polite to say it) that if I’d stop fooling around making a bazillion alts of every class, I might actually be able to master the two classes I care most about, kitty Druid and Demo Warlock.

But alas, I can’t stop myself. I am an altoholic. So here’s my one piece of good advice, don’t do what I do. Don’t play five different classes at once. You get the keys mixed up. You keep pounding on the wrong ones or you forget you can Feign Death because you think you’re a Druid or you run right up to a mob and try to beat it to death while forgetting you’re a Mage.

Okay, now that I’ve got that warning out of the way, meet Neuroteca my new Mage. Yeah, she’s not much of a go-getter. She’s the first character I’ve ever known that’s so lazy she sits to fish. Historically, the Mage class has always bewildered me. The highest I’ve ever managed to level one was 53, she’s now my bank alt. I couldn’t delete her after the agony she went through to get to level 53.

Yeah, the Warlocks are all pissy about this but I told them it’s in the interest of knowledge. The more we know about Mages the better to kill them, I’m pretty sure they bought it because they liked the whole killing Mages part.

And I’ve been given a lot of good advice which I ignored. Spec Frost for leveling, why aren’t you Arcane? Because, obviously I want to fling giant balls of fire around, sheesh, if I’m going to be a Mage I’m going to throw great balls of fire or what’s the point.

So anyway, I had a plan. I would overcome my aversion to LFD and level her that way. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Go into instances with a class that I have NEVER been able to play well, without heirlooms. What could go wrong?

I still don’t know. She’ll probably be deleted or level 85 before I get in a group. I haven’t been able to stay on long enough for the queue to come up with a group. Maybe it’s protecting me, maybe it’s PROTECTING THEM! Probably it’s just DPS and end of expansion fatigue.

So in the meantime I’ve decided leveling a Mage is kinda like an Ironman Challenge for me. Mostly because I seem incapable of staying out of melee range. Probably why Warlocks are the only casters that I like. Big purple demon FTW!

Yes, while we’re on the subject of ridiculous I had to mention this. I mean look at that shit eating stupid grin on that camel, even he thinks it’s ridiculous. In my Hunter’s quest for a Canopic Jar she stumbled across her first Camel Figurine. Oh! Cool! A free 25 gold! Not caring the least about mounts or titles she was rather annoyed to find no gold, instead she was blown away to Feralas and Dormus.

That makes three, I’m like a camel magnet. I should rent myself out.

My Favorite Rare Spawn — TLPD

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Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns is having a contest to celebrate her Blog’s first anniversary. Euphyley asks:

I want to know what your favorite rare spawn is – or the one that you will never forget finding in game, and why.

I don’t remember the patch, but I had just read about the Time-Lost Proto Drake being added to the game. I was excited, I thought I’d go check out the area he was reported to spawn in. This was another early morning, no contacts in check, as I just wanted to become familiar with his flight path and I wasn’t planning on looking for him. I had just a few minutes before I had to log off.

I flew to the area around the abandoned camp and alt-tabbed to read the information on him at Wowhead. A little later I came back to find wings flapping on my head, he was on top of me. There was a nearby ledge, we were alone, we fought, the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake were mine.

Nothing that stupid easy had ever happened before and probably will never happen again. I am now armed with addons and helpers and I’ve still never seen King Krush. So my absolute favorite rare spawn is and will always be the Time-Lost Proto Drake. How could I not love him best. No camping, no hours of waiting only to have someone kill them when they spawned.

I wasn’t even looking for him and yet, he came to me. You gotta love that in a rare spawn. I feed him extra drake biscuits every chance I get.

Week’s WoW Chotchkies

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Yep. There Cat is sneaking around, skipping everyone but the bosses. She’s in such a hurry, she’s so sure the Alliance Balloon is going to be THE ONE. This surely is the lucky talisman that will win her the Reins of the Raven Lord. Nope.

Darkmoon Zeppelin=Boomstick

Albino Snake=Belt of the Raven Lord

Alliance Balloon=Band of Frigid Elements

We only just started so I’m not giving up hope yet, but when I hearthed back, there was a moment where I got a little testy. SOMEONE was standing in the middle of the stairs to the AH on my stupid chicken mount. I wanted to yell, THEY’RE NOT EVEN THAT RARE ANYMORE!  Everyone and their brother has one now … well … except me. But I didn’t and there’s that. But really, the effrontery. Almost made me behave in a most unladylike manner.

So I haven’t had much time with Lessismora, but she did get to level 25. At level 20 she asked Ironsally for money to go shopping. Ironsally couldn’t figure out what she was going to buy, as she can’t wear anything. Boy, did we find out. She not only bought the Infallible Tikbalang Ward she bought a Black Diamond Ring. Ironsally went off on a rant about profligate spending but she finally gave in. She has a soft spot for undergeared Warlocks I think.

Poor Less had her first death at level 22, and it really wasn’t her fault. Drungeld Glowerglare respawned immediately after she killed him and he jumped her, while she was looting the first him for the quest item. Should have been doing green quests instead of yellow as she’s so much more squishy than Sally was.

After it happened I got worried about Ironstevo and checked his armory because unlike Less, he’s not allowed to die. Whew! He’s fine.

I’m having to do some actual work in real life at the moment, so I take occasional breaks, which is easy as I’m right here anyway. Read posts, check to see if there are any funny search terms. Cymre has a great post I want to save about blogs. My search terms are pretty dull but once again my spam has come through!

Oh no, you so did not link something with the words “plus size” to Ironsally’s post. Mr. FancyDressing I don’t think you have any idea what kind of danger you’re in. I think you’d better retract that. If my Warlock so much as sees that, your quality of life is going to take a nose dive, really. I’ve only just got her back under control, and it’s only because the Druid was nice and let her pick a pet, although she didn’t really deserve it after the whole “turning Druid’s head into a Felguard’s” episode. I hope I deleted that before she saw it. She’s touchy about her weight.

I’m ashamed to say this, but I only speak English and very poor Spanish. The Spanish is very rusty and you have to speak real slowly and it helps if you throw in appropriate gestures, and then I MAY get what you’re saying. But I can read that, you know. I’m not sure what language it is, but I can read that. I really wonder how these things are determined. I mean is it random, or does some spam entity really think people that read about big chickens and art are interested in sex parties with amateur chickens … sorry, I meant strippers. There seems to be a reoccurring chicken and egg theme on this blog. I blame Anzu. Hopefully it’ll stop when it drops. WHEN, not if.

Noblegarden, Blizzard’s Revenge

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When I realized Noblegarden was here my first reaction was … meh. I was shocked, I usually love holiday events and I couldn’t remember why Noblegarden got  that initial bleh reaction from me. Okay, now I do, it’s all coming back to me now. This is the holiday designed to bring all our nerd-ragginess to the forefront and it does it’s job well. I’m SO SURE this is Blizzard’s revenge for all the ungrateful ranting we do at them on the forums. I just know it.

I want the mount. It’s not very pretty, but damn, it’s a mount and I gotta have it. Pictured above is my Druid losing her mojo about half way through. That’s just the ONE bag of the wrong junk. I can not begin to explain the rage I felt each time another freakin’ Spring Rabbit’s Foot dropped instead of a chocolate, and what’s worse I deleted them all, didn’t pay attention I was so nerd raged, my alts might have liked them.

So yeah, you got the Druids that fly ahead of you to get the egg, you’ve got the campers, you’ve got the racy racy guys who use whatever means available to rush ahead of you and get the egg. Then you’ve got the ones on a giant drake mount flying around getting stuck in-between buildings. Then you have the ones that decide you stole an egg intended for them, so they follow you around for an hour trying to beat you to each egg … oh wait … that was me. My bad.

Now that I’m finished, because I didn’t want to tip them off before I was done, you have the Noblegarden Bunnies. Thank Elune for these guys, if it hadn’t been for them I’d still be out there. They kept rushing around missing almost all the eggs, I’d follow along picking up all the eggs they missed. Thank you guys, I couldn’t have done it without you. The only good thing I can remember is that some of the campers really did it with style. Set up a camp complete with Tol Barad Searchlight and Romantic Picnic Basket at that one place in Dolanaar where three eggs would spawn.

So yeah, it’s over. I got the mount. But I’m still having flashbacks today. Sorry alts, I can not do that again … just can’t. You win Blizzard, you turned me into a nerd-raging twit who still has a nervous twitch today, happy? No matter where in Azeroth I’ve been since then, I still see phantom eggs hiding in the bushes and have to stop myself from running off to pick them. So in an attempt to wash the memories of the gory egg battles from my mind my Hunter went to Netherstorm and tamed Nuramoc.

He’s been renamed Euphy, can’t imagine why … NO, no, Goblins are not food! Stop it! So that helped take my mind off eggs for a while.

And world traveler Navi is back! And you can imagine how jealous I was after I read that story! So anyway, while on her trip she posted pictures of many fine meals at posh places and I just couldn’t resist returning the favor as when I saw this, all I could think of was Navi’s lovely food pictures! Bon Appétit!

Kitties, a Year in Review, and What to Do

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Yeah … no. I got nothing. I was going to put Kitten Standard in the title but that would have been implying that I had some deep thoughts on the topic, which I don’t, so just kitties. I’ve been reading blogs and I see the points on both sides, just a sea of gray as usual. Not that I can’t still get passionate about issues. Show me a politician of ANY flavor and I’ll get out the pitchfork but I’m not sure what to think about this yet. On the one hand, if sanctioned gold selling stopped hackers from stealing accounts then I’m all for it. On the other hand, I hate free to play games and this is, to me, the first (maybe not first but first I couldn’t ignore) rumble of things to come. I know games have a limited shelf-life, but I don’t want to be reminded. What? Sticking my head in the sand? Well, yeah, lol. Why do you think I spend so much time in WoW, I come here to avoid rl issues. I don’t want any negativity here too. So anyway, I’ll keep reading what smarter minds have to say about it.

Speaking of free to play, I’ve been trying out Glitch. Well, I don’t think I’ve actually been in the world more than 20 minutes but I am training the hell out of all the skills. Every time I check email I see I’ve finished learning something so I learn something else. I know the expectation is that I’ll enter the world and do something, and then spend real money for a new outfit but the joke’s on them. I’m probably not going to, but I sure like learning all those skills. I’m getting a big sense of accomplishment for free. But you said you hate free to play! I do, on some level I must think that I’m getting back at them by signing up and then refusing to buy gold with real money. Take that, stupid little free to play game. Sheesh, I’ll calm down in a minute. It’s just that when I checked Facebook this morning I had all these requests to send friends all kinds of crap in games that I don’t play but I signed up for so they could have more “friends”, sigh … it’s okay, I’m alright now, don’t want to turn this into a rant.

I noticed that this blog is almost a year old. I remember the reason I started was because I just couldn’t wait for Cataclysm and I had no one to squee about it with, so I decided to subject all of you to my squeeing about WoW. I looked at some of the old posts, shudder, I was doing the Argent Tournament dailies this time last year. I was slowing going insane from it. It’s true, if you looked me up you’d see I’m officially branded insane, and not from what you think … it’s was the Argent Tournament that did it. Must have every pet, must have more heirlooms. Strangely, I opened up all of the Firelands vendors and then just quit. If I do dailies it’s Tol Barad dailies, must have mounts.

What to do now. I have abandoned projects. My male worgen experiment is sitting at level 18 and not very happy about it. I started a personal challenge, level a mage to 85. I now have a goblin mage at 17, but it’s not been much fun as it’s stupid easy leveling with heirlooms. I started a druid Ironman, she’s level 12 I think. I wanted to see if I could do it with a melee character, I’m just all over the place.

I think I remember Döra warning me about this. Alternative leveling is addictive and I just need to come up with the right one. Hmm, now there’s a job for Ironsally, research. I’ll get her on that, fire up the Google Sally.