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When WoW Imitates Life and Other Random Bits

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 14, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

First off, what I’ve been doing is stalling. When I have something to do that’s going to be a long, arduous, pita I stall. Stalling for me means spending hours doing what I think of as free association web browsing. What I’m trying to avoid right now is a switchover from one computer to another. On the one hand I’m absolutely overjoyed to have a shiny, new, fast, quieter, smaller-cased computer. On the other hand I am so not looking forward to locating my mish-mash of downloaded and boxed software, remembering to locate and copy all my FTP login info for the websites I maintain, oh geez, the list goes on and on so I stall. So pretty much all of this post is a result of my stalling.

I seem to have a new Ironman. I don’t know how far I’ll take her but meet Ferricat my little, very serious, druid entrant in the Ironman Challenge. I recently had to take her to the Barbershop to change her hair color. I had inadvertently made her hair the same as my level 85 main which was causing all kinds of trouble. I couldn’t seem to remember that she WAS NOT all powerful and needed to pick on things well below her level. Now she’s a black cat which helps me remember — four levels below her is who she needs to pick on.

So she was doing the quest (see shot above), The Dawning of a New Day and I was watching the Moonbrook Rally unfold and it just seemed a little eerie. Maybe it was because I had just watched the evening news but I felt like I was at an OCCUPY TOGETHER rally. WoW imitating life? And there had to be some sort of prescience involved on Blizzard’s part as Cata released well before these rallies started. I wonder if that’s a job requirement at Blizzard. Okay, and then I found this.

Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

I love this, I need this in my WoW playlist. This is just aaaaawwwsssome, don’t know what else to say.

After that I did my usual WoW blog browsing. I could subscribe and read these through Google Reader but I seem to have this visual thing that I HAVE to go to the actual blog to read it, I have to be there. So I frequently find a great post at a new (for me) blog and I think I’ve bookmarked it and then when I remember that I wanted to go back, I can’t find it. So Yay! I found it!

This post on self-consciousness in WoW at Tree Heals Go Woosh was so spot on for me. Ignorance was indeed bliss. Like Tzufit, when the realization hit me that I had a lot to learn I was determined to learn it. But unlike Tzufit I never got over the self-consciousness and performance anxiety so I became a solitary player. Only person to judge me here is me. Yeah … I know … go ahead. /chicken.

Alrighty now, enough rambling and stalling. It’s time to attack the software closet from hell. I mean I have a box with SCSI cables in there. I KNOW, why? It’s like a computer parts and software museum in there.  There’s a Jaz drive, I bet I’ll find floppies even. It’s like a wayback machine in that closet.

I don’t know, maybe I should wait ’til the weekend, yeah, I think this is a weekend job. I really don’t think I can lift this space hog of a computer by myself, I need help, yeah …

Okay then that’s settled. Lookout interwebs, here I come!

Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, New Players and Puppy Dog Tails

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , , on July 3, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

Hungry for news about Döra’s new guild I managed to find Paranoid’s new website. Geez, I feel like a stalker but I was so interested in finding out how they were doing. I had social anxiety back when it was called being shy, hanging on my mother’s leg, crying and sobbing, “They’re looking at me!” Yup, that was me and I can’t say I’ve changed that much. If you’re lucky enough to be able to roll on an EU server and any of the below sounds familiar I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.

  • Would never think of talking in Trade
  • Would never think of talking in Vent
  • Fear of pugging
  • Fear of poor performance

I pretty much suffer from all of those. I remember when I wanted to get a certification in ColdFusion from a nearby university I had to take the LPAT to be able to enroll. I studied relentlessly and when the day came to take it, I looked at it and nothing made any sense. I thought I was taking the wrong exam, I didn’t recognize anything, it was as though it was written in a foreign language. I flunked. I retook it, the second time I tried to calm down and look through the questions until I found one that made sense. I finally did find one. When I went back to the first question miraculously they were now written in my tongue, I was able to continue and passed.

This is how WoW is for me. I get flustered by a group of strangers, I worry that I’ll cause, Oh God, a wipe. I don’t mind wiping but the terror of doing that to other people sometimes unhinges me to the point that I find I’ve become THAT Druid who is just mindlessly spamming mangle. Have you done the new fireland dailies? The one where you get your whole little group of NPC’s to kill bad guys? I do fine with those guys, I never devolve into mindless mangling with them. Is it because they don’t judge? NO, it’s cause they aren’t REAL people. I wish Paranoid had a sister guild on US side.

Anyway, I was kind of saddened when I saw that my backwater server was so low-pop that it was now designated for New Players. But that has changed. My beautiful home town of Darnassus is now alive again! There are low levels running around everywhere, I love it. I’m having a great time inspecting people and then mailing the neediest 20 gold. You get extra if you’re a Warrior wearing spirit gear.

I’ve also been trying to give away stuff but so far no success. When I saw all these new people I decided to dust off my experiment, a low level male worgen. The experiment was to see if my playstyle would be changed in any way by changing to a male character. I’d have to say it might. I was standing in Darkshore using the general channel to try to give away free scopes. I have NEVER used the general channel, I only whisper, ever. But HE was just belting it out over general trying to give stuff away. I know he looks a little grumpy but he’s not too thrilled about the purple robe I bought him.

No takers. Maybe they don’t know what a scope is for yet. Maybe they also have a little social anxiety. Whatever, I’m going to do it again today. Maybe I’ll explain what a scope is first, ON THE GENERAL CHANNEL. I mean that’s big for me, I love you, you new people you.