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Day Late and a Dollar Short, but Jubling Will be Mine

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Kind of embarrassing. I seem to have run out of gas so close to the finish line. Less than two months left until Mists releases and I ran out of words. So lately I’ve been playing rather than writing about WoW, doing important things like fishing up Sea Ponies. Fortuitously, just as the Darkmoon Faire came to town I stumbled across a quest that’s more than likely been around for a long, long, time. It’s new to me so in case anyone else missed it too, Spawn of Jubjub, another companion pet to be had!

The reason I think the quest’s been around a long time is that it involves the use of Dark Iron Ale that can be purchased from Plugger Spazzring in the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths and more than likely you’ll find it on your AH too.

I had read that you only need two Dark Iron Ales but in my case it took a few more. The quest giver is Morja. She’s standing in the area of the Darkmoon Faire where you do the First Aide quest on the injured carnies.

She has no quest for you when you arrive, you have to lure Jubjub close to her for the question mark to appear. I put an ale down hoping that would be enough but no, I had to go into the forest behind her and find him. Once you find him, lure him to her by placing your ales down and he’ll follow you. Once he’s close, she gives you the quest and you can trade her a Dark Iron Ale for an egg. I’m now the proud owner of an Unhatched Jubling Egg and in about six days I will have my own Jubling! Yay! I love the smell of free pets in the morning!

So if you haven’t done it yet, go there, do that, and it will be yours too!

There are blogs that I follow but rarely comment on because I’m so starstruck I lose me words. Need More Rage is one of them and everyone knows Ratshag is such a master of words I become tongue-tied at the thought of speaking to the master. It’s always a little sad when someone you enjoy moves on. I always expect them to be there writing for ME ME ME but honestly, that’s very selfish of me.

So I was delighted when I caught a glimpse of Ratshag in retirement. It cheered me up, so if you miss him too it might help to know he’s having a fine time chilling … um … ambering and looks all set to have a lovely romantic pinic. Don’t know what his plans are for that little crocolisk, maybe Croc au vin for lunch?

In Search of Big Chickens and Art

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I got this bright idea that I’d been going about getting the Reins of the Raven Lord from Anzu all wrong. I needed to go in there with a talisman, personal rabbit’s foot, or something. That’s what’s missing! I just needed five more tickets for another Darkmoon Faire pet, so I went to do the games.

I really got the bejeezus scared out of me too. I hadn’t noticed that DBM had a world event module and I was doing the tonk game, which always makes me nervous anyway because all I want to do is get my 30 targets and all everyone else wants to do is blow me up, and a maniacal voices starts yelling.

Run away, little girl, run away! The Big Bad Wolf’s here! I finally realized what was doing it, thanks heaps for the help DBM. It got to be kind of entertaining, kept yelling about hogger which made it exciting. DBM had nothing to offer about the turtle game.

So I get launched out of the cannon which is not my best game anyway, and a lovely female voice does a countdown. Five … four … three … two … one! Oh goody! I have help! So I released like she said, and almost slammed into the pier. I figured it was my fault, and then listened to her two more times with the same result. Yeah, how stupid is that. But really, if you’d hear her, she sounds very authoritative and capable, so I just couldn’t help trusting her.

Anyway, I figure she has a deal with the Darkmoon carnies to make people miss so they sell more tickets, so learn from my mistakes. Don’t trust her.

I have 131 companion pets. I found that using the Darkmoon Zeppelin as a talisman only gets you a Boomstick. Good to know. Now I have 130 more good luck charms to test. Surely ONE of them must be the one that’ll get me that damn chicken.

OH! Another thing I like about DBM is that it will tell me how my friends are doing, I really like that. This morning (for me) it told me, “Navimie has defeated heroic Ultrazion!” Yay Navi! Yay Frosties! And I felt grateful too. Here they are, killing all the bad guys, so I can feel free to wander around spooky Gilneas looking for art as though I had not a care in the world. And not only that, she had time to write a wonderful story that my Undead loved. It’s a response to a post JD made on Amateur Azerothian.

Okay, got to go. I have too much rl work right now, have to get it done so I can get back to my search for good art, killing peoples, and leveling in a Lovely Black Dress!

What’s in a Name and Free Pets!

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One of the things I love about WoW is even early in the morning when I insist on playing without being able to see, there’s always something to do. Children’s Week! Free pets! Aside from getting the pets I’m pretty much done. I’ll go kick King Ymiron’s butt once my contacts are in but that’s it for me. I am not doing School of Hard Knocks regardless of what I’m offered. There will be no Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake for me.

Cat has the four BC pets, and the two Northrend pets but she must have really been distracted by something as I found that she didn’t have even one of the vanilla pets, what a slacker! I’ll have to remember to have the alts get the other three this week so that when Mists of Pandaria releases she’ll have them all.

I was looking at some of the screen shots I took at JD’s going away party. It really was like a fancy masquerade party. We all have so many WoW related names. (Look at that darn chicken, hey, you’re with me, get over here!) Some people I recognized right away, like the famous fashion queen Navimie, some I didn’t. It was kind of fun guessing who might be who.

For example, I have a real name that if you use, I will cast a look that will turn you to stone. Yeah, don’t like it much. Then there’s the WoW me list.

I answer to Tome or Ancient because of the blog. Tome of the Ancient is long and I’m lazy so I type TotA and will answer to that too.

On twitter I’m Ancient8 because someone had the audacity to have already taken Ancient, I’ll answer to that too.

I’m Cat, Sasche, Ironsally, Shamimi, Lessismora, Zor, the list goes on. Soon I’ll be a battletag too.

So you might know someone from Twitter, but not their blog, or the other way around. Or you only know their Horde character, geez, get’s confusing.

I don’t know, are we going to have to start coming up with callsigns like fighter pilots that display under our character’s name. In a cross-server group you’ll see something like Gloria the Kingslayer and then under that it’ll say “Wombat” and then we’ll know who they are. Be great if it could be used across all the games you play, kind of a universal gaming identifier!

Yeah, I know probably not going to happen but I can dream. Poor Bolvar, sorry man. Well I know it’s never going to happen but I’m going to go browse callsigns. It looks like you don’t get to pick your own irl, but this is Azeroth so I’m going to have a really cool one ready just in case.

Mechanical Chicken, a Tale of Desire and Obsession

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This is a tale of desire and obsession. It spans more than a year. I have been on a mission that nearly ended in madness. While you all were off killing Deathwing and everything I’ve been in pursuit of the famed, elusive, Mechanical Chicken. Try to top that … yeah, speechless aren’t you. It wasn’t an easy job, but someone had to do it, no matter the risk to my sanity.

As is to be expected with a prized beast such as this, many tales and myths abound. While having an ale in a seedy bar in Stormwind I overheard talk that by completing the quests found within OOX-09/HL Distress Beacon in The Hinterlands, OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon in Tanaris and the OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon in Feralas you would be offered a final quest, An OOX of Your Own, the prize for this, the Mechanical Chicken!

Seems simple enough but as I endlessly slaughtered beasts with no beacon in sight, I started to wonder if I’d completed these, or one of them or two. I can’t remember which characters have done what anymore. This has been going on for over a year, surely something would have dropped by now. I was beginning to give thought to calling Blizzard support and yelling, “Nevermind attending to those hacked accounts, WHERE ARE MY BEACONS? I MUST HAVE BEACONS NOW!”

Thankfully a commenter on Wowhead posted this method for finding out whether you’d completed any of the quests. According to it I had only completed the quest in Tanaris. I had killed a couple thousand Noxious Whelps in Feralas hoping for either the beacon or a Tiny Emerald Whelpling and nothing. And they are exceedingly noxious those whelps, look at what those little bastar … those whelps drop. AND that’s a rich one, some only carry copper.

Not knowing whether I had deleted a beacon in the past, whether another would drop if I had, I continued on my road to madness, endlessly killing low level mobs, it’s worse than fishing. Finally, FINALLY, the Feralas beacon dropped. I moved on to The Hinterlands and killed anything that moved there … for days on end. Yesterday the final beacon dropped.

I headed to Booty Bay to turn my quest in! Finally you will be mine chicken! All mine! I turned in the quest. I was told “You don’t meet the requirements for that quest.” WHAT! I will turn this town into a smoking heap of ashes if I do not get my chicken!! I AM SO NOT KIDDING HERE GNOME! Intimidation apparently worked as on my second attempt at turning in the quest he saw things differently and gave me my chicken. Yeah Gnome, you’re feeling me aren’t you, don’t play that game with me.

After a year searching, I’d found my chicken at last. But as happy as I was I had other problems concerning me. Every time I turned in a quest I noticed reputation dropping with my good friends the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Was our relationship completely destroyed? Nothing for it but to go see.

Thank Elune, I was still welcome. I wasn’t an honored guest anymore but they still greeted me warmly. Good, we’re still BFFs. I stayed a while to chat but the way Good-Boy Bruce was starring at my chicken was totally freaking me out. So that’s 121, who’s next? I guess it’s back to Feralas to make my fortune a few crumby coppers at a time off those obnoxious Noxious Whelps. Maybe my luck has changed, maybe they’re ready to hand over that Tiny Emerald Whelpling to keep me from stealing their savings. There’s no harm in dreaming.

Grindgear Gorilla Manufacturers Recall

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I felt kind of guilty; my header was implying that I would be talking about one game. NP, it’s fixed. Now I won’t feel bad if I talk about SWTOR too, you’ve been warned. And yes, I do mean talk. I don’t consider this writing; I’m talking with my fingers. Writing, on the other hand implies well thought out posts, countless edits, grammar, all that kind of stuff. So yeah, I don’t do that.

Today? Oh hell yes this is a WoW day. The Darkmoon Faire is back in town and I need a monkey. I mean a REAL monkey, not that half-assed Grindgear Gorilla. Do I sound bitter? Okay, could be. I killed that giant yeti I don’t know how many times and all I ever got was more Grindgear Gorillas, I have like a year’s supply. I mean he’s cute and all but he only sticks around for about 30 seconds or so. I’m really fed up with Smokywood Pastures inferior products and I think they should recall the Grindgear Gorilla. And really, I’m thinking of notifying D.E.H.T.A. about Smokywood’s inability to keep track of their reindeer. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to risk life and limb retrieving Metzen the Reindeer to find once again, they’ve let him get out of his reindeer pen or barn or wherever they keep him.  I don’t think they truly understand just how disgruntled customers who’ve been denied a Lump of Coal can get.

So anyway I went to see my homies at the Darkmoon Faire and they came through for me. Now this is a REAL monkey with a hat and everything. Take that Smokywood Pastures, I’m taking my business elsewhere from now on.

And oh, this is kinda SWTOR related. SWTOR, SWTOR, SWTOR. What am I doing? Well I generally don’t get a lot of traffic around here. I mean I know it’s probably because there’s a serious dearth of well … useful information about anything. My bad, I know. But since I’ve started talking about SWTOR, my traffic had tripled so forgive me if I insert a random SWTOR here and there throughout the post. I’m really enjoying seeing where all the traffic is coming from. Hi there Hungarians! Thanks for visiting!

Okay anyway, I keep asking my daughter for my son-in-law’s SWTOR server. She said it’s something with a K and has two words. I looked it up and that’s a PVP server, odd. So I then asked her if he rolled on a PVP server. O M G! My daughter has the ability to detach her eyeballs from whatever moorings eyeballs have and roll them expressively around … at me and probably her husband because we’re both big dorks, her words not mine. The expression “rolled on a PVP server” is what got her going. But all the eye-rolling aside I’m beginning to think he’s avoiding me. Maybe he doesn’t want to play with a terrible player. I am probably terrible, but hey I can be a lot of fun while I’m playing terribly, really. On the other hand he may not want to have anything to do with me because I have characters on the Empire side and HE IS a Jedi Knight so there might be some sort of moral conflict going on there, I don’t know.

Anyway, you know who you are and I WILL FIND YOU, muhahaha!!!!!!!! I’ve got big dork radar!

Pet Hunting and Old Hillsbrad

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Holiday preparations are getting in the way of WoW time lately. I steal quick bits here and there. I thought I’d consult my armory page and see what state my pet collection was in. Seemed like something I could do with my little bits of stolen time. Sheesh, I still needed eleven to get to 125. Ah, I see Ravasaur Hatchling is a 100% drop from a Ravasaur Matriarch’s Nest in Un’Goro Crater, perfect! I used these coordinates, 62 – 72, 62 – 65, 63 – 63, 69 – 67, 69 – 61 and there it was! I even had time left. Only ten more to go.

Another pastime that can be done in short bits is finishing off old reputations. I only do the ones that I don’t consider painful. I saw that I didn’t need much to get the Keepers of Time to really, really, love me. Just have to do Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass a few times. Okay, just have to do Old Hillsbrad a few more times. Even on easy, easy, mode I found out I still hate Black Morass.

I like Old Hillsbrad. Who doesn’t want to help out a young Thrall. It’s not dark and dreary, I don’t get lost and what’s even better, look who I found.

It’s things like this that I love about WoW. Apparently Optimistic Benj was added in 4.3. A younger version of the rare Cranky Benj. Down on the docks you can find a young Zixil starting on his journey to Merchant Supreme.

And look! For those Alliance who miss the old Southshore it’s still here, lovely as ever. Now if they’d just add a timeline with a version of pre-cata Darkshore my world would be complete. Which reminds me, next stolen bit of time I get, I’d better get over to Theramore and get some screen shots before it’s only a fond memory too.

Pocket Lint Post

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Usually on Mondays or Tuesdays I make a rambling post that’s usually all over the place. I’ve been trying to come up with a category title that will warn viewers ahead of time, you know, kind of like the warning on lawnmowers. ” WARNING: Not to be used as a hedge trimmer.” So I think pocket lint sums it up perfectly. Following is the pocket lint I’ve accumulated over the weekend.

First, I KNOW! I owe an apology to my scribe. I was thinking of sending her for treatment for her abuse of Mysterious Fortune Cards and then this happens! The funny thing is I didn’t flip it for the longest time. I kept thinking I would flip it and I’d get a message like: Congratulations! Psych! SUCKER! There is no 5,000 gold card! You fell for an Azerothian Myth! I finally worked up the nerve and did indeed get 5,000 gold. Well done, Scribe!

Then it was off to the new Darkmoon Faire! I love it, I hope I don’t wear it out too soon. First order of the day was to fish up the Sea Pony and I finally did. My Druid was concerned that it didn’t have enough water in that bubble so she took it underwater to replenish its water supply. Yeah, seeing her in aquatic form probably scared the bejeezus out of the poor thing.

While we’re on the topic of scary, who are these people? Matty mentioned that she thinks most of those carnies have done some time and I think she’s right. Poking around the forest I came across this tree.

I’m now feeling a little queasy. I got the Fairegoer’s Feast achievement while there, I’m now worried that the Forest Strider Drumstick may not have been made from … um … an actual Forest Strider. Who ARE these people. What do we really know about them. After finding that tree, I sat down to settle my stomach and watched the pit fighters until it was time for the Tauren Chieftain’s performance.

After returning to civilization, I once again got out my accumulated, possible transmog gear. I can’t commit yet. I’ve had to make so many compromises that I’m not sure if it’s what I want. I am tired of bonking low levels in Deadmines for the legs I wanted. Mostly though I’m depressed that I can’t transmog a staff to a polearm. I really, really, wanted to use Terestian’s Stranglestaff but I can’t, just have to save it for later maybe.

Whew, well, that’s all my pocket lint cleared out. Now I just have to wait a few hours to call Blizzard’s customer support and see how that goes. I’m in an embarrassing fix and I’m hoping they’ll be able to help me out. If all goes well maybe I’ll tell you about it … or not.

Tol Barad’s Fox Kit

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I heard about the Fox Kit pet that drops from Baradin Foxes in Tol Barad Peninsula fairly recently. I didn’t know how rare they were but I thought, hey, I’m there anyway I might as well try for another pet as I’m at 105 of 125 for the achievement Menagerie.

Upon seeing the foxes I was a little reluctant to kill them. They’re, well, cute.  I thought well, at least I can skin them so I managed to justify the wanton killing of cute furry foxes to myself. Pretty easily I’m sad to say. My precious! Oh my precious little fox kit, come to me. Yes, the madness of pet collecting overtook me and turned me into an evil fox-killing Gollum of a cat.

For the last, I’d say month or so every time I do the dailies I kill all the foxes I see. I don’t go out of the way to get every spawn I just kill the ones I see and make a bit off of selling the leather. It pretty much got to the point that I had forgotten why I was killing them.

Yesterday I was down to only 4 more dailies left and thought about skipping Tol Barad but decided to go before I logged and right where she’s standing in front of Wellson Shipyard the fox kit dropped. So, if you’re after it, don’t give up. Just get in that crazed pet collector mode where you go on killing sprees with no memory of why you’re doing what you’re doing and sooner or later it will drop. And Elune be praised, I can now stop killing those foxes.

Elemental Bonds and Free Balloons!

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I felt a certain responsibility since in my last post I had a link to the new 4.2 quests. I’m sure for most my warning’s too late or in a lot of cases you already knew this  but I didn’t. It appears that disabling auto targeting doesn’t really work.

I wanted to do the Elemental Bonds quest chain immediately after the servers came up. I told myself it would be a bad idea but then I thought nah, my server is practically empty, it’s now displaying as “New Players” on the server list, it’ll be fine.

It was crowded but fine up until Elemental Bonds: Doubt. I’m on a PvE server so you guys on PvP servers have a good laugh, yes I’m a sissy, not used to being ganked. I was horrified to see nothing but a mass of flagged bodies and once in a while a glimpse of what I was supposed to be killing.

I thought, this can’t be good but I’m not leaving. I’ll just turn off auto targeting, be sure I don’t use Swipe and it’ll be fine. It was so NOT fine. I think I was flagged within a few seconds.

I was having bad lag spikes, I don’t know if that contributed in any way but I immediately had some hunters pet beating the crap out of me. I thought I’d ignore it as maybe it was accidental but hey there’s only so much crap-beating I can take so I killed his pet.

The hunter, apparently driven insane by the loss of his trusty companion who did manage a speedy recovery, proceeded to ignore the quest and hunt me down. Fine, I’m sorry, I REALLY didn’t want to kill your pet so if it makes you feel better kill me. Get it out of your system. There, all better?

Nooooo, he was not all better. Dude, seriously, just kill me once, that’s more than enough payback, really. Not so, I finally went and hid until my five minutes were up. Stop making chicken sounds at me. Look, if I were good at PvP, I’d be out there kicking all y’alls butts but in truth I really suck so I hid.

I continued to get flagged through the rest of the quests, patiently waiting for someone to kill me so I could get on with the quest, geez … so just wanted to give you a heads up, if you haven’t done it yet put your dancing shoes on.

Returning to Stormwind badly beaten BUT with a nice new cloak, I found something to cheer me up after my pathetic PvP showing, yeah, I only managed to kill … one pet. Nevermind, moving on, what did I find?

Yay!  A free pet quest! Just go to Cathedral Square and look for Vin, she’s kind of in the lower right corner and she’ll give you Blown Away. You’ll get a balloon pet on completion and you’ll up your companion pet count. It might even ease your bruised ego if like me you just got the crap beat out of you. Oh, and go buy yourself a Strawberry Ice Cream, it helps … a little, sniff.

Patch 4.1 Panther Cub

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I’ve been leveling my horde warlock and apparently not paying attention. Patch 4.1 came out and I kind of noticed but as the Zul’Gurub Quest Line wasn’t going to be in her near future I didn’t really pay attention. Over the weekend I logged into my druid who is the collector/doer of achievements. I noticed that she had over 90 companions so I thought maybe I’d try for 100.

I was near the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind and noticed it had something for me, The Zandalar Representative. I thought great, I’ll make some quick money and get a little lore at the same time. Imagine my surprise when further along the quest chain, Some Good Will Come I got a free Panther Cub, actually not just free, I got paid to get it, what’s not to like there!

If you continue on the with chain, here’s a heads-up on Defend the Rebel Camp. Don’t be like me, if you’re alone and not a well-geared tanky type be careful. I am ashamed to say I proceeded to prove Albert Einstein’s theory about insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results =  insane. His theory doesn’t mention the cost in repairs either. After getting a couple of beat-downs I changed to bear and got back next to a hill and stopped defending so spiritedly and finally got a different result, I lived to complete the quest.

I visited Winterspring and bought the Winterspring Cub, went to Dalaran to see if Breanni had anything I’d missed and then did a little archeology and got a Voodoo Figurine. I think I need two more now, I’m holding off on just buying them, want to see if I can get lucky and get the Pterrordax Hatchling from archeology.

So if you weren’t paying attention either there’s a quick free pet out there to add to your collection.