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Too Much PvP Preparation?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on April 13, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

So yeah, my little Undead Warlock is taking this whole PvP thing very seriously. She’s trying to read all the things PvP by all the PvP masters. MY problem as usual, is an unwillingness to barge into things without knowing what’s going on, ruining it for others by being a noob. And my other big problem is I don’t really learn well by reading, it helps but I have to see and do.

I’ve been browsing Gnomeaggedon and Cynwise and following links and found Psynister’s Warsong Gulch 101 post. I even learned some of the dastardly deeds those Gnomes are capable of, squeezing through places where others can’t follow, oh the evil! Psynister mentions that one of Blizzard’s failings is giving no information on Battlegrounds, I so agree. It would be so helpful to at least have a trial “walk around” in the area without an actual battle going on. But I can’t, so I study.

And that’s the problem. I think I may be studying too much. I think I may be over thinking this whole thing, because last night I apparently tried to kill my husband in my sleep.

This morning when I got up my husband asked whether I was awake in the night when I tried to kill him, because there have been other incidents. Thank heavens he AT LEAST knows I might have been asleep. I at times sleepwalk. And I’ll talk to you and everything which must be incredibly creepy.

Anyway, what apparently happened was, I at some point in the night snuggled up close, that part’s alright. Then I whipped his pillow out from under his head and proceeded to try to smother him with it! I KNOW! It’s awful. He managed to get his pillow back and inquired as to whether I was awake. I apparently (I mean why would he make this shit up unless he wants me to make spaghetti tonight and he thinks guilt would be a great motivator) answered that I’d stay right here, whatever that means. The asleep me rarely makes sense.

I don’t know if he got any sleep after that or whether he just watched me to make sure I was “staying right there.” I really like my husband. I would never try to kill him if awake, but then I’d never try to impale my face on a metal curtain tieback while awake either, and I’ve done that while sleepwalking so I’m sure he knows it wasn’t awake me.

Too much PvP preparation do you think? Should I back off a little on the studying? I can’t even remember what blog told me the “whip out pillow and smother your opponent to death.” Probably those sneaky Gnomes.

So anyway I think all is forgiven. He did leave rather early today for work. But it’s Friday, maybe he’s in a hurry to get it started so it will end and he can get home. To me. OR NOT.

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

Posted in General WoW with tags , , on April 5, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Oh hi. That’s my Undead kinda losing it. The stress of trying to farm enough Embersilk Cloth to max her tailoring is starting to get to her. Yesterday I had to take measures and find her some grinding music. It was amazing what a difference a playlist with a lot of Deadmau5 made. But she was also practicing on the mobs, I’ve decided on what I want to be when I grow up in WoW. But I’ll get to that.

I feel kinda stressed too. I’ve been hiding from Beta mentions on all the blogs I read because I just haven’t decided whether I want to know. I’m also trying not to see the outfits of the entrants for round three of Mog Madness. I don’t want to get used to seeing some of them and then go, Oh Shiny!, when the last ones come in and are new to me. So geez, lots of stress. And it got even worse. This morning I got a Beta invite, with me still not decided yet whether I want to see it. I knew this was coming as I had signed up for the year contract thingy, just didn’t know when.

Just perfect, the story of my life. I get an invite and Blizzard takes the website down. I’m sure in 2020 or so Anzu will drop the Reins of the Raven Lord for me and there’ll be a note that says:

Sorry, temporarily OUT OF STOCK. Here have a Snowy Gryphon for your trouble.

So I’m feeling all kinds of conflicted here. My problem with everything is that I can abstain from eating potato chips, but I CAN NOT eat a ladylike amount, if I decide to have some I’ll eat the whole damn bag. Once started, abstemious I’m not. So I’m not sure I want to see the Beta, and wear the whole thing out before Mists arrives. I’ll have to consult with the dogs when we walk, although they’re so agreeable I doubt they’ll have much insight to share.

So anyway, my life long dream … okay I exaggerate, since 2006 I’ve wanted to PvP. Attempts have always ended in failure. The only time I dueled anyone, it was because this level 8 kept pestering me and throwing down that thing at me until I got annoyed. I was a level 8 too, so I finally accepted and beat the crap out of him. I felt so much remorse I had to logout. I kept thinking that maybe he was level 8 in real life and I had just damaged his young psyche irreparably. I was ashamed.

But no more. My Undead has decided to become a PvP killing machine. It suits her much better than my Druid. A blogger who grew up on a PvP server is going to help me. I’m not sure he knows what a challenge this will be. She refuses to be anything other than Demonology because she likes to run around as a purple demon. I’m not sure he knows about her annoying habit of only casting spells that “look cool” rather than “are effective.” She also has to get out of the habit of just lazily standing in one spot while casting. Yesterday she got 53 embersilk cloth while running around like a maniac in Demon Form while casting Hellfire because Hellfire is just that damn cool.

So she’s going to read Cynwise and Gnomeaggedon, she’s going to get enough embersilk to make some appropriate clothes. Since she’s going to be entering BGs with absolutely no skill or knowledge, I think she should at least show up with some resilience.

So if you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’m somewhere covered in the blood of my enemies, ripping out their souls and all. In Demon Form.  Emoting /chicken. Casting cool looking stuff. Or more likely … dead.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on November 21, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

RAMBLE ALERT! Okay, you’ve been warned. This usually happens on Mondays. I spend the weekend circulating among the “normals” irl and think all these WoW related thoughts that can’t get out and then on Monday I spew them forth here, sorry. Oh, wow, I did get busted yesterday. My daughter saw the new interview Ironsally is preparing that I’m helping with and my daughter declared me the ultimate queen of dorks over that. It takes the heat off my son-in-law who used to hold the title so in a small way I’ve done some good.

Anyway, early morning when I first log in, I have to find things to do that I can do without being able to see. I check the auction house and then my Druid goes to Tol Barad Peninsula to do dailies, she has one more mount to buy. These aren’t very dangerous as she knows the location of every mob by now she’s been doing them so long. She views what quests are available and spends some time deciding which ones she feels like doing, it’s kind of like browsing a box of chocolates for the soft centers. If she only likes two of them, that’s all she’ll do, she takes the long view.

Sooooo … wanting to get in the holiday spirit she checked to see what she still needed to complete, to get the Pilgrim achievement. Only two more, Pilgrim’s Peril and OMG no, Turkey Lurkey. As a Druid, Pilgrim’s Peril isn’t going to be difficult. It’s just going to wound my pride a little when I get killed by people who know how to PVP, but nothing a little ice cream can’t repair. But Turkey Lurkey, ugh, I’m never going to complete that. This brings me to the title of this post. Whenever I think of rogues this song, AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap starts playing in my head and continues to loop until I stop thinking about rogues.

Thinking about rogues and PVP got me to the topic I really wanted to talk about. Last week I read a post at Imraith! about a new guild on Durotan, Punt This. This sounded like the absolute best thing ever. I could learn to PVP! I got so excited I jumped on Durotan and leveled up a Lilli to level 6 before I came to my senses and realized nothing had changed, probably no one but me would be on weekdays between 10:00am and 4:00pm. The upside is for once I was able to get the exact name I wanted, Lillibitti. So for anyone who like me, thinks an army of clone level 24 Lillis would be incredibly fun, check them out!

I signed up for a Twitter account to participate in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event. I’m now happy I did. I admit at first I didn’t know what was going on, all these #FFs and #RTs. Oh no, someone was thanking people for them. Oh no, I’ve already made a social faux pas! I think I got some of those and didn’t thank anyone. I started googling hysterically, (trust me, I can google hysterically) what ARE #FFs and #RTs? Oh, relief, whew, I found #tagdef and was able to look up the meaning of the hashtags! Yay! I’m getting the hang of this. Okay, my productivity has taken a little hit but worth it, so many lovely bloggers encouraging this shy introvert that I feel positively extroverted today! Entry in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event is open until the 26th so go check it out, it’s been a lot of fun, and there will be prizes, yes, prizes! Do eeet!