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Revenge of the Rares

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 3, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

willypathThere’s no doubt that Cimmeria is a cold-hearted bitch Warlock but this first one was my fault. I take the blame. Cim was checking the BMAH and on leaving I saw Willy Wilder scurrying down the path.

Quick Cim! Get him! I know he drops SOMETHING, I just don’t remember what. Quick, he’s going to get away!

She dispatched young Willy on that lonely path. She riffled through his pockets and only found a Blood-Soaked Invitation. Oh … maybe someone needs one, I can give it … oh, it’s BoP. So poor Willy Wilder met his end on a dark morning for an item that vendored for 5 gold. I know, I’m ashamed I had a hand in it.

Cim continues on to the Vale and sees Yorik Sharpeye sitting down there in his once beautiful spot.

No! Cim no! Leave him alone! He’s been through enough! Why on earth do you need to kill him?

I have two Sha Crystal Fragments, I need a third for a Sha Crystal. So Yorik died for a fragment. I had no hand in that. That’s all on you Cim. No good will come from this wanton killing, mark my words. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA was her response … yeah Warlocks.

Cim then heads off to the Timeless Isle. No one has even had a glimpse of Garnia yet, Cim plans on being the first. She catches a ride on an albatross and Garnia’s there! Right in the middle of that lake! I told her to tell the Isle in case anyone else was waiting for Garnia and then to wait a bit.

I thought we’d wait about five minutes to give anyone wanting a go at Garnia time to catch a ride up. Garnia was still swimming around in the middle. I left Cim for a minute to check on something over here and when I got back Cim was fighting for her life.

That sneaky Garnia had come over to the side and ambushed Cim. By the time I got there she was nearly dead, her minion was dead. She summoned another and barely made it out alive. Of course no pet dropped.

Well you nearly bought it there, serves you right for poor Yorik.

Oh yeah? What about Willy, whose fault was that?

Alright, alright …

OH! Neverending Spritewood!

Click … ring ring … ring ring.

I had to answer it, I was waiting for a call.

Yeah … when I got back Cim was taking a dirt nap. Not only that I saw she had an audience … staring down at her dead body … laughing. Geez, is she going to be livid … maybe I should just leave … no.

She had a lot to say when she revived, I can’t even repeat it. When she calmed down I told her we might give some thought in the future before indiscriminately killing EVERY rare we saw because apparently there’s a rare grapevine out there and they saw us coming.

They were probably all shouting REVENGE FOR WILLY AND YORIK WILL BE OURS!

Yeah … be careful out there … or just don’t answer the phone.

My Favorite Rare Spawn — TLPD

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , on June 8, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

Euphyley of WoW Rare Spawns is having a contest to celebrate her Blog’s first anniversary. Euphyley asks:

I want to know what your favorite rare spawn is – or the one that you will never forget finding in game, and why.

I don’t remember the patch, but I had just read about the Time-Lost Proto Drake being added to the game. I was excited, I thought I’d go check out the area he was reported to spawn in. This was another early morning, no contacts in check, as I just wanted to become familiar with his flight path and I wasn’t planning on looking for him. I had just a few minutes before I had to log off.

I flew to the area around the abandoned camp and alt-tabbed to read the information on him at Wowhead. A little later I came back to find wings flapping on my head, he was on top of me. There was a nearby ledge, we were alone, we fought, the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake were mine.

Nothing that stupid easy had ever happened before and probably will never happen again. I am now armed with addons and helpers and I’ve still never seen King Krush. So my absolute favorite rare spawn is and will always be the Time-Lost Proto Drake. How could I not love him best. No camping, no hours of waiting only to have someone kill them when they spawned.

I wasn’t even looking for him and yet, he came to me. You gotta love that in a rare spawn. I feed him extra drake biscuits every chance I get.