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Maintenance Blues

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Most Embarrassing

Every morning I login to check the AH, level some battle pets and generally goof-off before the morning dog walk. Since we’re at the end of an expansion I’ve grown spoiled by rolling restarts. Imagine my utter horror this morning to find not only was there a maintenance but a long maintenance, it had already begun.

What will I do! Halp! Halp! You’re killing me! Okay … deep breaths … you’ll figure something out, just stay calm.

I know! I’ll review the expansion with my screen shot folder! A walk down memory lane! That’s the ticket!

It’s hard to believe that Cim wasn’t TRYING to look that bad early in MoP but … yup … she wasn’t. The leveling look … terrifying. Sorry Cim but I had to … you should be happy because it’s truly gruesome.

A few stood out …



I don’t know why but when Ragnaros gains feet he scares the bejeebers out of me. HE WALKS! Run for your lives! Yeah … your fears may vary but his feet are mine.



The Old Ladies’ Raiding Guild do not just vanquish their foes, they do it with style. No messy, random bodies for them. They leave the places they visit prettier than they found them. You’re welcome.


Biggest Goof-off

Lastly … no surprise here … Cat wins the biggest goof-off in the screen shot category hands down. I remember that … she sat there forever waiting for that Dwarf to give her a ride … and then he just walked off. Poor Cat, she probably went goat-kicking after that.

Oh! It’s time for the dog walk! Yay! It worked! Screen shot nostalgia for those times you just can’t login.

A Horse with No Name, a Post with No Words

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ticSo I’m in the mood where I delete posts I was going to publish. And no, it’s not a WoW mood. Totally IRL mood but I can never bear to delete the pictures, weird, I know. I’ll just leave them with a title. That one is. “Ticks Menacing Our House.”

frank“I know Frank, I totally understand. I’ll try to visit again later.”

greenone“HAHAHA! Makes 2250 gold so far!”

cimpretty“I feel pretty oh so pretty … NO CIM! NO! Come back to the dark side!”

burnings“That’s how it looks to me.”

View from Above and What the …

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neverwinterI’ll get the WTF out of the way first. Wave! Hi! That’s me! I don’t know what that guy’s problem is, the inhabitants of Neverwinter sure are touchy about having their picture taken. Geez, take a pill … calm down. Yeah, I actually faffed myself into another dimension. Not my fault though, comes from reading blogs. The fault is She Rides Dragons, in a recent post Nev mentioned Neverwinter, so it’s free, why not.

So I made a Control Wizard as that seemed the closest to Warlock. As is usual I didn’t bother actually reading anything so spent most of my early time trying to find an auto-run button. After I found it I spent more time trying to find out how or where to access keybindings, unsuccessfully so far. Maybe you have to pay to see them.

So anyway, I left our heroine in a rat instance. She’s level six and I think I should have done more leveling first. She’s stuck on the giant rat end boss. While she can kill him and has REPEATLY, his bevy of followers then do her in. I thought when I came back I’d just have to finish them off but nope, he’s back with his whole gang. Maybe this is supposed to be a group quest.

It’s been fun but I don’t know how long I can stand using “T” for autorun because my autorun is “H.” My stay here might be short because of the letter T.

EDIT: I found the keybinds! Apparently they aren’t visible while wearing glasses, they only magically appear when donning the Contacts of Greater Visibility! Right there in Options! Sigh …

So this is kind of eerie, it’s like we’re all psychically linked, muhahaha …

swharborOver the last week or so I’ve been taking screen shots while flying around. There’s so much in Azeroth and other zones that’s beautiful or interesting viewed from the air.

stormpeaksSo I visit Mr and Mrs WoW and what do I see? View from above! Cue up the creepy music! This just in, WoW bloggers found to be psychically linked! Or not, but still … kind of fun to think.

invasionpI don’t know if it’s because I know where they were taken, but it seems even if you don’t know the exact location you can pretty much tell what zone each one’s in.

firewingSo flying around faffing is not without its rewards. There are many more zones I need to fly over in search of beauty or the weird. Lots to do.

guildrepWhat I want to know is what the hell did Sasche do. What kind of crime could she have perpetrated to lose guild rep when she isn’t in a guild. Heinous I’m thinking. She’s not talking but does this mean if she joins one she’ll have to start out at -42999? Damn girl, just what did you do?

When There’s Nothing to Say …

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Take screen shots! So that’s what I’ve been doing. Absolutely none of my characters seem in the mood to do anything other than faff. And thank you Godmother for that fine addition to my vocabulary, I’ve been confounding my dog on walks. The walks are supposed to be for exercise but he treats them as a smell sniffing adventure and he can get stuck on one blade of grass for five minutes. He’s totally confused by my command to stop faffing about. He’s a quick study though, so he’ll get it soon.

Anyway, Sasche seems to be the worst offender right now. She logs in, remembers she should do the Molten Front dailies, and then displays a shocking lack of commitment by heading to the Gallywix Pleasure Palace instead. She said it was research because of something she read at Ironyca Stood in the Fire but that doesn’t look like research to me.

And what’s this? The Goblin Mage is on the move again? Anything to do with 10 to 85? Could be, time will tell. Leveling her is kind of like doing an Ironman Challenge for me, so that makes it interesting. The quest To the Rescue is still bugged so it’s off to Hillsbrad to dig up heads and visit Johnny Awesome for her.

I think Cat’s mounting frustration with those ogres stems from the fact that she has all those Apexis Crystals and nothing to spend them on. She likes to shop. She was a little happier when she saw that cloak so she bought it in case she ever needs a nice gold-trimmed cloak for an outfit. That ought to get a few more dailies out of her.

Cat’s other pursuits right now include money-making schemes. She doesn’t like grinding mats much unless I put on VERY loud Rammstein and Deadmau5. It has to be loud enough to vibrate the keyboard. Oh, and then she has to be supplied with Potions of Treasure Finding and finally she’ll do it. Very high maintenance cat.

It’s always interesting to see what I’ve got in my screen shot folder. I’m not sure why I thought taking a shot of Cat’s behind underwater would be the thing to do, but I must have. It’s like a lucky dip, just open it up and hope for a great prize! Doesn’t always work though.

So she gets back to town to mail off what she’d gathered to the appropriate recipients. There was a well dressed Worgen standing there and I sneezed over here and then said excuse me. Out loud. In this world. Does anyone else do that? I also noticed if someone whispers me I turn down the volume if I have music on. I mean I KNOW they can’t hear stuff over here, but on some level it just seems rude not to do it.

Well, I guess that’s it. Nothing but more cat butts left. Neuroteca the Mage is very excited about meeting Johnny Awesome, so she’ll probably take endless shots of him. That’s fine, I just draw the line at infested bears, I mean it Mage, do not go there.

Only the Lonely by Cenarion Embassador Thunk

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Thankfully my husband doesn’t read this blog, this is the kind of thing that makes him worry about my grip on reality sometimes, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him but I know you’ll understand. He thinks I over-empathize with fictional characters but that’s ridiculous. I was doing some heavy traveling this weekend because of the Fire Festival, there are some beautiful shots by fellow traveler Erinys at The Harpy’s Nest too, but what struck me was that I’m worried about the isolation some of these NPCs have to deal with.

Sylvanaar looks lovely but I remember even in BC that place was dead. I made a stop and even bought some worthless food and drink, just because you could tell they were so happy for company. I felt really bad, can’t Blizzard rotate these guys out to duty in Darnassus or someplace once in a while?

Cosmowrench, not quite as bad as it used to be. At least the flight master has a little company now but still, how much business do you think this barber shop does? I’m pretty sure those hair products haven’t changed since the last time I visited and I feel bad for the proprietor. I mean look at the lovely array of wigs they have and um, horns. And I’m sure you’d get a better deal than in those snooty shops in Orgrimmar and Stormwind and yet no one visits. Druid changed her hair and then changed it back again just to keep the barber in practice.

Here we are at the back end of beyond, Blasted Lands at the Tainted Scar. Don’t you think most people are wholeheartedly tired of Blasted Lands and never even get back here before they leave? I mean I know they’re demons and all but still, here they are waiting with their piles of skulls for something to happen, ANYTHING at all. I felt bad so I killed a bunch to relief the monotony for them.

And Desolace, need I say more, I know lots of people never even step foot in it. Druid stealthed into Thunder Axe Fortress to see if they at least took a break when no one’s around, and no, they totally don’t. He’s not resting when you’re not around and holding that pose for eternity must be a bitch hard. I KNOW these are bad guys but come on, a little sympathy here.

And what in the world has Cenarion Embassador Thunk done wrong to pull this duty is what I want to know. He seems a likeable guy and I can’t imagine what kind of Cenarion faux pas he could have made to get stuck in Desolace, had to be something serious. We chatted a while but I didn’t have the heart to ask.

And this last one just breaks my heart. After you complete the quest to save these guys in Uldum they don’t disappear but you lose the ability to save them after the quest. So there you are grinding for volatiles and you have to keep stepping over their out-stretched arms like they didn’t exist. Blizzard, you did a bloody GREAT DEAL of phasing in Uldum and you just left these cat men here. I don’t know, I think that stinks, I think you should rectify this immediately. I can’t be the only one who’s being caused pain by this. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, don’t go there if it bothers you. I’m grinding mats for my Vial of the Sands so it’s not like I have a choice, geez.

I’m too choked up to write anymore so take it away Embassador Thunk, Only the Lonely.

Things to Do in Azeroth When You’re Dead

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Yeah, that title has nothing to do with anything but I was trying to think of old movies I’d like to see again and I remembered Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead so I just stole it because I wanted to, so there Christopher Walken and Andy García, wanna make something of it, huh, do ya. I thought not. Anyway, my Forsaken thought she’d login to look for her leveling buddy Aygaren, but no luck. So then I decided to see what I could do in the fifteen minutes or so I had. When I have just tiny bits of time I sometimes feel it’s like a WoW buffet or I’m selecting WoW Dim sum.

Oh Druid! Really, that’s not very druidy of you. You’re going to feel bad about that later I just know it. Apparently she didn’t feel too bad cause she gleefully blasted every goat out of Fuselight into high orbit. I hope The Guardians of Cenarius don’t get wind of what she’s been up to.

Yeah, this just never gets old, taking that big, stupidhead, loudmouth, all walking around scaring everyone Fel Reaver out. I’ve heard enough out of you.

And the same thing goes for your stupid cousin. Pass the word to your family, I’m not taking it anymore, all y’all can consider this fair warning. Enough with the intimidation of level 58s. I don’t really think I need to be a bear to do this but it makes me feel all powerful and kickass so bear it is. Although I think I might have to find someone else to pick on soon or fight unarmed. But I can’t help it, I must still have unresolved Fel Reaver issues from the times he squashed me in BC. Still have time, I’ll stop by Nagrand and pick up a Bulging Sack of Gems.

The Darkmoon Faire is in town! I think I can just fit a ride in. I’m not sure about that whole “great abs in 15 minutes” thing but I got pretty good WoW in 15 minutes.

The One That Didn’t Start It All

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Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief has a new screen shot challenge, The One That Started It All:

Show us your very first screenshot from the game. Tell us about it, including the date, what you remember about the photo and who was in it with you. Do they still play?

With the exception of this computer, all my other upgrades were disaster upgrades because the then current computer went up in flames taking most everything with it. I started playing WoW in November 2006 and the shot above was taken July 4, 2008, so this is my oldest existing screen shot, not really where it all started. It’s of a young feral Druid enjoying the fireworks in Booty Bay. Earlier screen shots would have been my Hunter displaying each new pet.

I’m adding a shot of my Enhancement Shaman, it’s from July 22 2008. She’s inquiring as to what is my problem. She’s pretty cheeky though and it’s more likely she said something like, “Vat te Vuk?” She was my second main. She’s still around, she forgave me and still makes jewelry for me. In a way, although for her this was an end, it was also kind of the one that started it all because I was telling her sorry, the Druid’s getting top spot now.

Oh and yeah … alone in both. Little Miss Plays Well with Herself.

Confronting My WoW Demons

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Over the long weekend my husband brought work home from the death camp where he works. It was nice to have company but it limits what you can do in game. If he starts in on a diatribe about his place of employment it’s only polite to turn to him and give him my undivided attention and throw in an occasional, “Hell yeah!” and “Those $%#@ers!” And they really are. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So I thought about all I could manage without risk to me or others was sightseeing. I decided to visit places that had scared the bejesus out of me back when I was starting my WoW career. I thought I’d see if they had the same power to frighten now that I was a big tough level 85.

Yeah, that first one doesn’t look all that scary does it. The Ban’ethil Barrow Den. If you were a Night Elf you have to know that one. The inhabitants aren’t particularly intimidating, it’s the fact that I’ve never successfully found my way out of a Barrow … any of them … ever. And yes, after taking the screen shot I had to finally hearth out because I still can’t find my way out of one.

I remember being asked while in Desolace to go to the Valley of Bones and clean up the undead ravager infestation. There was just something creepy about this place. Okay maybe I was just jumpy from spending all that time in Desolace but boy, was I ever happy to leave the Valley of Bones. Oddly I moved on to Mannoroc Coven where the Demons didn’t seem to bother me at all.

The Dragonmurk, back before the patch 2.3 overhaul of Dustwallow Marsh. A dreary, lonely place full of whelps and crocolisks, ugh. Not my favorite place. After patch 2.3, later characters enjoyed the zone, but my early characters … not so much.

The Noxious Lair. I have always loved Tanaris, but I really have a problem with spidery things. I don’t care if you call them silithid, they are still just big damn spiders to me. I hate them. I hate going into barrowy places where I’ll get lost … with spiders.

Say what? You want me to go in that thing. You want me to do a Noxious Lair Investigation? You can keep your 50 silver buddy, I’m so not going in there. I’m sorry about the water pools but you’re going to have to find some other brave adventurer for that one.

Okay, Eastern Plaguelands. THE WHOLE ZONE scared the crap out of me. I mean really, really. The first time I stumbled into it I was not the correct level and I was immediately massacred by Plaguehounds. I leveled up and went back, saw Corin’s Crossing and decided I’d skip it. Later characters spent more time there, and it’s a kinder, gentler Plaguelands now but still creeps me out. I think I have a problem with undead. Except my own undead who’s really rather nice.

Were they still creepy? Well, I still can’t find my way out of a barrow. In the case of most of the other locations, while I could remember how frightening they’d been the first time through, they no longer held the same level of terror for me. The only one that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up was the Valley of Bones. I kept looking over my shoulder, there’s something not quite right about that place.

Non-WoW but Scary

While I was visiting these creepy places, my husband told me a story that seemed to fit in with the general theme. So if you’re a WoW purist this part isn’t for you. The firm my husband works for publishes an employee roster daily. Yes, it’s updated daily, the turnover is that high. My husband noticed someone that he’d talked to the day before was no longer listed. Working there seems to be like living in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers because if you go to the desk of the missing person there’ll always be someone there, working away as if they’d always been thus seated.

He thought it strange that she hadn’t mentioned leaving the day before so he sought out information from those in the know. When told she’d been “let go” he said she seemed fine at lunch. Oh no, that’s not how they do it, he was told. They call you in at the end of the day and tell you to pack up and get out. In this case after four years of employment she was told, “You don’t really fit in here, it’s best that you leave.”

I guess they’d grown the next pod person to replace her, scary place, almost as bad as Desolace.

I really shouldn’t mention this one, if you’re a Tweeter this one will be too horrifying to contemplate. No cell phones allowed in the building … at all. No computers have internet access except the one that’s closely monitored in the library, muhahaha, how scary is that!