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Half of a Solitary Cat and Orange Face

Posted in WoW Solo with tags , , , on April 25, 2013 by tomeoftheancient

catflightCat is truly a Feral Cat. She makes her solitary way through the world and she’s pretty happy that way. I’ve met people who only play in groups; a woman I met once said she’d have to “practice” playing alone because she wasn’t good at it. It seemed strange at first but I think she’s right, if you play one way exclusively you DO play differently. If you’re always alone you don’t have to worry about pulling aggro, you’ve already got it all. Cat used to get in trouble that way back a few expansions. Not a nice feeling when a boss turns around from the tank and says, “Hey you! Druid, com’ere!” Oops.

Cat loves to find a group for Galleon, I don’t know why she has it in for him. They are pretty hard to come by anymore but the other day a group was forming so she set out for The Valley of the Four Winds. On reaching Galleon they had assembled quite a large group, they were full. I noticed plaintive requests for an invite … repeatedly. I whispered the few people asking, telling them it was all good, just help during the fight, you’ll get a roll.

I got whispers back, “That won’t work, no heals.” I didn’t know what to say to that. It hadn’t even occurred to me. Really? They weren’t even going to try without heals?


I know what’s going on, every time I try to play the game as intended this happens. I don’t know why I do it, it makes me unhappy and then I hate the blog too. And then I delete everything. This time I left half of the post so you’d see I WAS making an effort but just … you know, who gives a shit.

So … orange face. I’ve become one. Years ago I worked with a very pretty young lady. Really, the first thing you’d notice was that she was exceptionally pretty. The second thing you’d notice was her orange face. Why? Why would such a pretty girl put so much makeup on that it would turn her face orange?

One day we were having lunch and she started talking about how self-conscience she was about her face. I didn’t know if I should acknowledge the  excessive use of makeup. She went on, she was talking about her acne scars. Acne scars? Huh. I’d never noticed. I’d only noticed the orange face. BACK TO THE FUTURE.

wcI have every skin condition there is, I am allergic to everything including the dogs. I have now been gifted with rosacea. It makes your face red and if you’re really lucky puts pits and stuff on your face and you’ll eventually look like this.

You know how when you look in a mirror you see who you think you are rather than what people see? And then sometimes when walking past a mirror or a window you’ll accidentally see yourself the way you are, I guess you take your brain by surprise and it can’t filter fast enough so anyway I saw my face.

I HAVE BECOME THE ORANGE FACE. In an effort to obscure the red I am now orange.

Well yeah … not that interesting but believe me it’s WAY more interesting than the rest of the post was. Trust me.

Yours Truly,

Orange Face


Wolfie McLonewolf’s Adventure Runs Amiss

Posted in WoW Solo with tags , , on January 23, 2012 by tomeoftheancient

I’m going to try to stay on topic here. I’ve started on my bucket list; I’m doing Wrath era dungeons that I’ve never seen before. It’s a great way to see dungeons really, as it’s pretty stress free. I can take my time to admire the content without the worry of being beaten to death.

I’m going to tell you about what happened when Jaina and I were trying to escape Arthas in the Halls of Reflection but first, I’ve got to ask. Is it just me or do you let your real life weather affect your virtual life? This morning I barely made it back from a dog walk. It snowed overnight and since then, has been sleeting. It’s freezing cold and the snow is covered with a sheet of ice. I logged in planning to continue my dungeon tour but instead ended up with my friend Winkey in Tanaris. I know it makes no sense but after lying in that hammock I really do feel warmer now.

Anyway, I went to Dalaran to do the Violet Hold. I’d never done it because it sounded a lot like The Black Morass which I don’t really like. Yep, it was. Probably just do it one more time on heroic.

Oh and if you’re a Wolfie McLonewolf by circumstance or choice and you’re wondering, I’m dual specced, kitty/bear, just wearing mediocre kitty gear of ilevel 360. I could probably do some of these as kitty, but in bear I can answer the phone or do something distracting without worrying about dying.

So after Violet Hold I see Apprentice Nelphi wandering around, and I did really have a vague memory that she started a quest chain to become attuned with the Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls and the Halls of Reflection but wasn’t really paying attention.

So Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, lots of fun, didn’t get lost too much. Finally managed to figure out I had to take down Krick to get to Scourgelord Tyrannus. All good.

So on to the Halls of Reflection. That stupid Arthas is there. Wow, what a jerk. Couldn’t we just kill him here Jaina? What? Oh, Wrath of the Lich King, sure, no problem, I can do that.

Finally we’re at the part where I remembered WHY I do all this stuff alone. I found Jaina, there with stupidhead Arthas. I was auto running at the time I entered. The phone rang, I was waiting for a call from a client so minimized WoW so I could see their website on the screen. About half an hour later I came back to find that somehow I had managed to auto run off the side of the cliff by the ship and was dead. Yeah, welcome to my world.

It took forever to find my corpse BECAUSE I WAS LOOKING FOR IT OUTSIDE THE INSTANCE. Yeah, how stupid is that. Well it looked the same! Finally figured out why I couldn’t find it and resumed.

While my BFF Jaina and I were running from Arthas (this part is pretty scary) I kept thinking (to myself, I would never actually say this to Jaina) come on Jaina, hurry up and break through that thing, he’s getting closer and closer.

This happened a few times before I realized it was all up to me. Jaina somehow managed to break through just as I finished off the last bad guy before Arthas. OMG! We’re depending on me? Next barrier I pulled out Berserk and went to town on the bad guys with A LOT more alacrity and whew, we made it.

And I even got a new bag out of it, James Brown would be proud of me.

It was really a lot of fun, even alone. Is there a moral to the story? It’s more of a cautionary tale directed at me. If it’s going to take longer than a holiday boss, just say no. You don’t want the blood of innocent WoW players on your hands. You know you don’t deal well with guilt.

When WoW Imitates Life and Other Random Bits

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on October 14, 2011 by tomeoftheancient

First off, what I’ve been doing is stalling. When I have something to do that’s going to be a long, arduous, pita I stall. Stalling for me means spending hours doing what I think of as free association web browsing. What I’m trying to avoid right now is a switchover from one computer to another. On the one hand I’m absolutely overjoyed to have a shiny, new, fast, quieter, smaller-cased computer. On the other hand I am so not looking forward to locating my mish-mash of downloaded and boxed software, remembering to locate and copy all my FTP login info for the websites I maintain, oh geez, the list goes on and on so I stall. So pretty much all of this post is a result of my stalling.

I seem to have a new Ironman. I don’t know how far I’ll take her but meet Ferricat my little, very serious, druid entrant in the Ironman Challenge. I recently had to take her to the Barbershop to change her hair color. I had inadvertently made her hair the same as my level 85 main which was causing all kinds of trouble. I couldn’t seem to remember that she WAS NOT all powerful and needed to pick on things well below her level. Now she’s a black cat which helps me remember — four levels below her is who she needs to pick on.

So she was doing the quest (see shot above), The Dawning of a New Day and I was watching the Moonbrook Rally unfold and it just seemed a little eerie. Maybe it was because I had just watched the evening news but I felt like I was at an OCCUPY TOGETHER rally. WoW imitating life? And there had to be some sort of prescience involved on Blizzard’s part as Cata released well before these rallies started. I wonder if that’s a job requirement at Blizzard. Okay, and then I found this.

Diego Stocco – Music From A Dry Cleaner from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

I love this, I need this in my WoW playlist. This is just aaaaawwwsssome, don’t know what else to say.

After that I did my usual WoW blog browsing. I could subscribe and read these through Google Reader but I seem to have this visual thing that I HAVE to go to the actual blog to read it, I have to be there. So I frequently find a great post at a new (for me) blog and I think I’ve bookmarked it and then when I remember that I wanted to go back, I can’t find it. So Yay! I found it!

This post on self-consciousness in WoW at Tree Heals Go Woosh was so spot on for me. Ignorance was indeed bliss. Like Tzufit, when the realization hit me that I had a lot to learn I was determined to learn it. But unlike Tzufit I never got over the self-consciousness and performance anxiety so I became a solitary player. Only person to judge me here is me. Yeah … I know … go ahead. /chicken.

Alrighty now, enough rambling and stalling. It’s time to attack the software closet from hell. I mean I have a box with SCSI cables in there. I KNOW, why? It’s like a computer parts and software museum in there.  There’s a Jaz drive, I bet I’ll find floppies even. It’s like a wayback machine in that closet.

I don’t know, maybe I should wait ’til the weekend, yeah, I think this is a weekend job. I really don’t think I can lift this space hog of a computer by myself, I need help, yeah …

Okay then that’s settled. Lookout interwebs, here I come!

Reader Mail, sort of and WoW Challenges

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A while back I read a post at Zombie Chimp about a post they’d read on another blog. I thought it was pretty interesting so I decided to check out what search terms had brought people to this blog. I was hoping for some scandalously interesting terms like Chimp had, but I seem to just get serious WoW terms from people who are endlessly stuck in Uldum, (I hope I helped) or want to know how to get the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake. Here’s a small sample.

orphaned mammoth calf
reins of the phosphorescent stone drake
no quests in uldum
uldum quests stuck
panther cub pet wow
restraint boots
aeonaxx routes
do you get achievement for getting brazie’s
fozzilized raptor
camel figurine mount
stuck in harrison jones quest
where is ricket in wow
wow ironman challenge
how do you find deathwing

For a few of these I’m pretty sure I was of some help. But wait … what? What are restraint boots? Hey, that sounds like it might be scandalously interesting doesn’t it. Okay, I just googled that and I’m not including the link. You can google it if you want. Sheesh, no wonder they were sent here, my post about The Boots of Canine Restraint was the third link. I am confident that I was of no help at all to them, lol.

Occasionally I’ll see search terms and I feel bad, I dropped the ball. I knew what they wanted to know but it wasn’t in the post. Hey, wait! Come back, I know that! I guess if I required an email address I could email them the answer. Oh well. Oh, and yes, how the heck do you find Deathwing. If you find that out I wish you’d let me know.

And I’ve been trying to come up with another WoW Challenge to do. I was checking Ironyca’s post about unconventional ways to level and Döra’s post on crazy ways to level to see if any looked like something I’d like to do. It’s interesting that I’ve exhausted Cataclysm and I’m working hard to find ways to stay interested, and in Azeroth. Blizzard must love people like us. Anyway …

Die Hard Leveling sounds like a possibility, I might try that but it would kill me (well yeah, but I mean irl) to get in the 70s or so and fall off a cliff or Life Tap myself to death, both of which I have done … times too numerous to mention.

I thought of another possible challenge, I don’t know if it’s been done or whether it would indeed be challenging but it’s interesting. My warlock WoW Ironman Challenger has done as well as she has for one reason. Her voidwalker pet, Mak. I wonder what it would be like to level a pet class like hunter or warlock without using a pet, ever.

They could spec, use performance enhancing drugs, whatever. Just no pet. I asked my Hunter what she thought and of course she was confident a Hunter could do it. She said she could do it in spirit gear, no problem. Um, what, why does she even have spirit gear, I hope she didn’t roll on … oh whatever. Don’t tell her I said this but I’d take that with a grain of salt, I mean she is a Hunter … ah … you know how they are.

Kara for One Please

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Now I really love Ironsally, don’t get me wrong, I really do. My Ironman Challenger is dear to my heart but on getting her to level 83 and a bit, her handler needed a break, big time.  My self esteem needed a pick me up. I’m tired of being so squishy. Hmmm, what would be fun and boost my lagging spirits? I KNOW, I’ll go beat the crap out of some low level bosses. Just the thing! I thought I’d try Karazhan, whether or not I could complete it, I wanted to at least SEE it.

One of my big wishes was recently granted. I just can’t ask some unknown person to form a raid with me, I just can’t for the same reason I’d be in Paranoid if I could be on an EU server. With the advent of WoW’s starter edition that changed. I created a starter account and leveled a character to 10. I checked, and the key was no longer needed for entry so I was ready to go. I formed a raid with my new friend and headed to Karazhan.

I really need help, I’m in a raid with ME and I’m getting anxious butterflies, geez. On entering The Livery Stable I thought I’d get an idea about how well this was going to go from Attumen the Huntsman. You have to clear all the trash first or they’ll join the fight. No problem. Great, let’s see if I can find anyone else. My biggest challenge will probably be finding my way, it usually is.

I must say that Medivh really knew how to live. Lots of art, beautiful ballrooms. I think I killed every single trash mob in there trying to find my way to Moroes but I finally found him. I won’t bore you with blow-by-blow encounter descriptions. With one exception they were all extremely easy.

From the little bit I read I think I was lucky that on The Opera Event I got Romulo and Julianne. No problem if you kill them at the same rate so that they’ll die within a few seconds of each other. Hey, that’s me! I’m doing my badass bear dance.

I continued to get lost and encountered a room with a giant dragon. I need to lrn2 read. I just lumbered in there without taking the time to look up Netherspite. A big mistake. I noticed all these beams of light and the fact that no matter what I did this dragon was not going down. Hmm, perhaps this bear should have prepared a little. The door was locked and Shadowmeld didn’t work so Netherspite got me.

I was not thrilled about the repair bill so this time I looked up Netherspite before continuing. I found a great video that showed me how to approach Netherspite. Although Netherspite’s optional, I wanted payback. Here’s my pokey little video of the end, I can’t help playing with FRAPS but I should take the time (once again) to read about it first.

Ha Ha Ha! I just noticed that I’m by myself and I still roll greed, pathetic. But anyway, take that you dragon.

Next up, The Chess Event.

Can you do the Chess Event solo? Yup, if I managed it, anyone can. I think it took about 6 tries, just try to use your King to do most of the work.

Finally, Prince Malchezaar next for the achievement! He was a little anti-climatic, no problem. Karazhan done!

My druid is wearing iLevel 360 dps gear. She is dual specced feral, so does have a tank spec but considering the ease of the raid at 85, I don’t think you need one. So if you aren’t a raider from back in the day and want to see it, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. I know poor Attumen the Huntsman will be seeing me on a weekly basic for the chance at Fiery Warhorse’s Reins!

There is your way and there is my way. There is no wrong way.

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I have a habit that I need to break. When the blogs that I follow aren’t talking and I start browsing their blogrolls I tend to skip over names that appear to be about something I don’t do, like healing or raiding. The other day I saw this Game Priorities – Please Mind Your Business, Not Mine on a blogroll which led me to Heavy Wool Bandage.

It is such a great feeling to read a post that says what you’d like to say only better. I used to wonder why WoW players displayed such aberrant behavior but I’ve come to believe it has nothing to do with being a WoW player it’s just people without the constraints of real life. I don’t get it, but it’s the only answer I can come up with.

Back towards the end of BC I was doing Children’s Week and got on a boat at Darkshore. Boarding with me was a person in one of the top raiding guilds at the time. They began an unsolicited critique of my gear, not whispered, to the whole contingent on board. They said something like “… not a bad attempt but you’re weapon’s completely wrong and …”.  I tried to imagine a real life parallel. Would they walk up to me on the street and say “nice try, but to pull off those boots you’re wearing you need to lose ten pounds”? I mean it’s the same thing.

Again back in BC I wanted an enchant for my wrong weapon, my “correct weapon” dropped in a raid where I couldn’t get it so I thought I’d make my wrong weapon as good as it could be. This was back in the old days before enchants could be purchased on the AH and you had to deal with an actual person. Now I’m free to just enchant my weapons in whatever willy-nilly fashion I desire but it wasn’t true back then. I was so happy one Saturday I logged in and there was an enchanter in Shatt so I whispered to see if he had the enchant, he did and the price was set but when he saw the weapon he said it’s the wrong weapon. I said I know, I don’t raid, it’s the best I’m probably going to get. It’s the wrong weapon. Yes, I know but … after much back and forthing he decided he just couldn’t enchant that weapon, just couldn’t do it.

The end of BC is when I started going truly feral. As in strange loner solo player. It became more and more evident that the thing that was ruining my enjoyment of the game was, well, people, the wrong kind of people.

When I started playing WoW I joined a guild, ran instances with them, I wasn’t the life of the party but I conducted my WoW life in a fairly normal fashion. I didn’t worry about my dps, I just played to have fun. The more people told me what was wrong with everything I did the less fun it became and I finally did the equivalent of sticking my fingers in my ears and yelling, nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you. I created a guild of one. It’s very peaceful here, all the characters are free to pursue whatever ridiculous missions they care to. Whatever floats your boat, have at it. If the most important thing to you is catching the The Tauren Chieftains perform no one will say a thing.

Obsession: Guardian of Cenarius

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Hello guys, remember me … I’m back and I’m not level 70 anymore, muahahaha. This is a tale of obsession and the lengths some of us will go to to obtain the unobtainable. Way, way back when I was a young druid I knew I just had to get the Guardian of Cenarius title. I mean what self-respecting druid wouldn’t want to wear that title.

Getting exalted with Cenarion Circle wasn’t difficult, just lots of grinding Encrypted Twilight Text in Silithus which was fine as I always liked the zone. The problem was getting exalted with Cenarion Expedition you could only go so far with turn-ins and quests, after that you needed to run dungeons or turn in Coilfang Armaments and to get the quest to be able to turn in Coilfang Armaments you had to run Steam Vaults until it dropped. Wasn’t looking good for me.

I went ahead and got exalted with Cenarion Circle hoping I’d think of something when the info on the upcoming patch came out. I don’t remember which one it was but I was thrilled, I saw that Entangling Roots was going to be usable INDOORS!!! An answer to my problems, yes! The patch came out and I headed to Steam Vaults to start my looonnnnnngggg grind to exalted. Now that I could keep one of those two at the door off of me while I took care of the other one I did my (I think it’s five an hour) two guys and then reset, repeat. I don’t remember how many days of doing that it took to get the quest Orders from Lady Vashj but it finally dropped. I continued going to Steam Vaults and slowly getting Armaments to turn-in but after a few months realized that my time would be better spent making money and buying the rest so I did cheat there at the end.

I wore that title forever, that is until I got The Insane title which seems appropriate considering. I just wish I could channel that wow determination into real life sometimes, lol!