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The End Is Nigh … Who Will Fight for You?

Posted in General WoW with tags , , , , on July 20, 2013 by tomeoftheancient


Zombie Apocalypse. Alien Invasion. The fight of your life, the fight FOR life is here. This is it, who will fight it for you?

Which of your characters? Which of the classes you play are most suited to fight at the end of the world? I know rl me isn’t up to it so it’s got to be one of them.

I know, I know, I watch too many post apocalyptic movies and read too many post apocalyptic books but still … I remember talking to a client who had a security business, I mean serious stuff like tactical knife fighting. He said he worried as his wife didn’t have the awareness in situations he’d like. She didn’t assess everyone she encountered for possible risk.

Well yeah … those of us lucky enough to be raised in a safe environment don’t. We’d have to be trained. The closest I get to threat assessment irl is assessing the traffic around me for potential jackassery and lane changing. So I’m not prepared. I don’t live at the level of awareness called for to deal with an influx in the Zombie population, but I know people who do!

Who makes their way daily through dangerous territory constantly knowing attack could be imminent? My WoW characters!

I immediately narrowed my choice down to two characters, Druid and Warlock.

Druid being a Night Elf is doubly stealthy; Shadowmeld and Prowl would enable her to sneak around, possibly avoiding detection until she struck. And she can turn into a freaking big bear! That’s a definite plus. On the downside … aliens … who knows what powers they have, they may be able to see right through stealth, sneaky aliens. And Cat is a little too … nice. She sits and chats with elites instead of killing them. I’m not sure she’s tough enough for the end of the world as we know it.

Warlock … she has a seemingly endless supply of minions to do her bidding. She is surprisingly hardy for someone wearing a party dress and … well … she’s just plain mean. I mean really, really mean. How mean? When she does the quest Money Matters she threatens EVERYONE not just that Spicemaster, she even threatens that sweet little Trader Jambeezi. I know! That’s damn mean!

It’s settled then, I’m prepared for whatever may come. Bring it on you stupid aliens! Zombies? She’ll laugh in your face! She’s even got a meteor strike in the ocean covered! 1,000 foot high tsunami? Unending Breath! Muhaha!

Um … yeah, sorry. Got carried away. Maybe I should find some alternate summer reading material.