Finally, I Have Arrived

After complaining that I couldn’t get into the beta for more than a few seconds, it resolved. The announcement was then made about Dragonflight launching November 28 and I never went back. I got so busy trying to get Synthe-superfived! for making 25 protoform creatures in Zereth Mortis and making as many pets as I could. The grinding caught up to me so it was off to making an Evoker.

I’m having fun with my Evoker, that is if I don’t get tired of dying. I do nothing but soar, soar, soar, glide, glide, glide. SMACK. Oops into the ground once again. This will take some practice.

I’m thinking of making another Evoker. I have so much fun making them I don’t have much time for playing them. I think I’ll go for a green look next time. Or one of each color in both Male and Female! I’ll have to check my space on this server.

Anyway, between making Evokers and Cat fighting the big bads in the Badlands we’re having fun. I am really looking forward to the 28th and no more grinding pet parts for a while!

Just found out only one Evoker per server so Dragonblight here we come!


6 Responses to “Finally, I Have Arrived”

  1. I like the look you’ve chosen for your Evoker!
    I haven’t gotten around to creating my Evoker quite yet — I want to get my Mains fully kitted out with the pre-launch catch-up gear first — but there will definitely be a post when I do!

    • I tried to make another and was told only one per server so Dragonblight here we come, lol.

      I know I wasn’t going to make one as I wanted to finish up everything I wanted there but I caved in!

  2. Yay, you’re back! (Again)

    But I hear you about doing stuff and dying. I am having trouble switching between toons and doing things that I was doing on one toon and then accidentally trying to do on the other.

    Or just being a real dummy.

    Like tonight, when my questing buddy asked me for a hand over in Nagrand, I ported over to Shattrath on Deuce, took a bird to Telaar, mounted on my horse, and….

    Rode right off the platform.

    I cursed as I plummeted to earth, and she laughed her ass off.

  3. I still enjoy reading your semi regular updates!

    I have finally returned to WoW, tho I feel my blogging about it days are long behind me now lol

    Hope you, Cat and the others are all having a lot of fun in the expansion!

    • I’m afraid the posts are pretty scarce lately and thank you for reading what there is.

      I hope you enjoy Dragonflight. My problem seems to be any time I get time to do wow related stuff I play rather than write.

      So far Cat’s been hogging all the playtime!

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