Finally, I Have Arrived

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After complaining that I couldn’t get into the beta for more than a few seconds, it resolved. The announcement was then made about Dragonflight launching November 28 and I never went back. I got so busy trying to get Synthe-superfived! for making 25 protoform creatures in Zereth Mortis and making as many pets as I could. The grinding caught up to me so it was off to making an Evoker.

I’m having fun with my Evoker, that is if I don’t get tired of dying. I do nothing but soar, soar, soar, glide, glide, glide. SMACK. Oops into the ground once again. This will take some practice.

I’m thinking of making another Evoker. I have so much fun making them I don’t have much time for playing them. I think I’ll go for a green look next time. Or one of each color in both Male and Female! I’ll have to check my space on this server.

Anyway, between making Evokers and Cat fighting the big bads in the Badlands we’re having fun. I am really looking forward to the 28th and no more grinding pet parts for a while!

Just found out only one Evoker per server so Dragonblight here we come!

Okay, okay, sheesh! I’m leaving. I’M LEAVING!

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I’m really glad I had a lot of fun making this guy. Must have taken me an hour or so. But then alas, the fun was over. I got booted right out of the Dragonflight beta. Again and again and again. And again. I was so excited a couple of weeks ago I think the beta showed up on Yay! Finally! Nope.

I have done everything. Reloaded and deleted and everything I could find and nope. I was really upset. I thought, hey maybe if I try something other than an Evoker I might get somewhere.

Didn’t matter. I could login but then I was booted out. It varied between about 5 and 40 seconds. I was sooooo upset but felt better after seeing the launch date was November 28th. I did login after writing this and was able to stay logged in long enough to jump off a ledge and float down. It was something.

I’ll login now and see how far I get today. Oh yeah. Whose got their pre-order in?

Finally, the Mount of Cat’s Dreams

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Cats been wanting to get the Astral Cloud Serpent for at least a decade I think. For a while it was just too hard to solo. Finally, finally she was able to one man Mogu’shan Vaults but as the years passed Cat and I were beginning to think it was, sadly just a myth.

When we looted the, um, corpse of Elegon we stood there for the longest time starring at it. Must be a mistake. Must be something else. Must be … yeah we couldn’t believe it and still can’t.

Cat rarely uses flying mounts as flight form is quick and easy but now? She is on that transparent mount ALL the time, showoff!

Unfortunately though this means back to the grind for Genesis Motes for crafting the mounts and pets in Zereth Mortis. Its okay though as when Cat is tired of it Cim and Sasche take over and those Warlocks accumulate them fast. They are so nice to Cat. I don’t know if either of them are into mounts and pets but they help. Whoever said Warlocks aren’t nice guys, sheesh.

Anyway, back to the grind and visits to old content and one day Cat will reach 400 mounts, got my fingers crossed for her!

Over a Year? What?

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I pass by here every once in a while to look up something. I haven’t posted for a while as I thought I was just doing stuff that no one would want to know. Then I realized, hey, I would! This is what I’ve been doing for a year. Above is my Vulpera, a Rogue. I forgot that I forgot how to BE a Rogue. She’s dead most of the time poor thing.

Here’s my Kul Tiran poor girl, I don’t know how to Warrior either but thought I’d try. She’s getting tired of sitting around town.

Then I was SO upset I had to spend some time finding Blanchy so there was that.

I spend most of the year chasing pets or mounts and just goofing off. It was great.

Yeah no. I can’t find him. I can’t figure out who he is. Wow, how things have changed. It’s like I remember when people stopped caring about holidays in Wow. Didn’t pay them any attention. I remember thinking WHAT? I would never do that! Welp, here we are folks, I ignore holidays now.

And here’s my Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat who’s name I actually remember! I like him cause he’s tiny and gets into tight spaces.

Other than that I spend my time going to places that I especially love for the beauty of them and the music and in other cases for the story. Or memories of good times. Or, yes really. I visit NPCs. It’s great when I can go somewhere every week to do a dungeon or raid for a mount and there’s an old friend.

Mogu’shan Vaults for example. I love Lorewalker Cho. Every week I go there for the Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent I meet up with him and we talk and laugh in between killing stuff. I never get tired of joking him about how it sounds like he’s saying, “these halls have not seen footballs for many years.” I laugh every time. If I ever were to have the mount drop I’d be a little sad. I guess I could still visit though.

Anyway, that’s my story. Looking for mounts and pets and visiting. Not a bad way to spend the last days of an expansion We will see what the next one brings!

My Kingdom for a Um, Horse?

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I hope Cat’s having a good time with her mount. She spend a lot of time saving up for it. I have not left WoW but I did change from a 6 month subscription to monthly and thought I’d see how things go. I’m afraid they will just do the “let’s just hunker down and see if things calm down and we can ignore it” method of dealing with their internal problems.

What I didn’t see coming is that every time I logged in I sat there staring at the screen either mad or sad. I couldn’t play the game. I think the employees need a union but then I always think that as I worked for one for years and actually, really believed in it.

But back to mounts. I was trying to think of places to go on my WoW vacation and I remembered I had tried Final Fantasy a few years back. Yike! I first registered in 2013, I didn’t think it was THAT far back. All I could remember was I liked it but got tired of getting hopelessly lost all the time.

Yeah, so, things haven’t changed much. I wanted a mount so bad. I read that you got the quest around level 20. Level 20, no quest. Level 21, 22, nope, 23, 24, 25, AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH! I consulted the encyclopedia of Google again. Ohhhhhhhh. Don’t ignore your storyline. I think I had a quest for it and it was too high a level for me at the time and I went on my merry way. Forgetting about it. Don’t do that if you want your mount around level 20.

So, ta dah! I am the proud owner of not one but two mounts now! Thanks to Belghast’s Tweet about an in-game event!

I had thought I read you didn’t need to do dungeons in Final Fantasy. Wow, not true if you want to do you story line. Eeeeuuuuuwwww. Not for me. I don’t want ugly spoiling my play. But I wanted to advance my story so I thought I’d give it ONE TRY.

I have now completed 5 dungeons with a group of strangers and the extent of chat uglyness was, gg ty. The only problem at all is that I assumed there was something in those treasure chests to roll on but only the fifth tank waited around long enough for people to click on it. THAT WAS THE ONLY NEGATIVE! Okay, I’m in.

I’m having fun but I’m still lost most of the time. And melding materia??? And even change to amount of things to buy at the market. I think I played WoW so long I didn’t remember having to learn stuff. Never mind, it’s good for me.

I will continue to check in on how things are going at Activision, well, until my husband comes up to see why I’m screaming obscenities.

Well Crap

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I think I said I wasn’t going to do anymore whining or complaining. Yet here I am about to whine. In all fairness to me I wouldn’t have time to whine if maintenance wasn’t lasting until at least 6:00pm. So yeah, there’s that.

I’m not going to complain about anima. I’m not going to complain about my Hunter wasting so much time on the Kyrian Covenant. I don’t know how long it was but it was a while before I found out to complete Campaign Chapters I’d have to do a dungeon. That’s on me. I should have researched that. What was I thinking, jeeeez.

I’m not going to complain about world quests that are so agonizing I no longer do them.

I’m going to complain about one of my very favorite World Quests. Flight School: Falling With Style. I love that quest. I love falling for 2 minutes and floating over beautiful Bastion, it’s so scenic and peaceful. Until yesterday. WTF. I get shot up about 2 miles as always and I reach the top and start to descend. Wait. What. This can’t beeeeee HELP HELP where are my wings?!

Help! Help! Nothing, nada. All these angelic beings hanging around and not one would help me. I think I heard snickering. The ride down was horrifying. I should have closed my eyes but no, I watched my demise speed towards me with horror. Dead. Dead. Dead. I lost my glasses on the way down too. The whole thing was very suspicious. I think the Kyrian on duty at that temple were bored and joking around at my expense.

I’m still recovering. I think I need a patch to cheer me up.

Don’t Say Anything

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“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” So yeah. I guess I really took those words to heart. I think the last post was in November. I am not feeling Shadowlands at all. It is, as always, beautiful. But anima? Really? I can’t take it.

I downloaded Blade and Soul to try but haven’t looked at it yet. Cat is at iLevel 201 or something and that is about as high as she can go right now without participating in group content. I REALLY don’t want to do that. I was not confident about my prowess before and now I know I’m a mess. I kept waiting for my computer to die to replace it and it would not die. The guys who made it for me kinda shot themselves in the foot. Being so good.

But when Windows 7 was no longer supported for like a year and still no failure, and I think they made it in 2008, I finally got a new computer. That’s not a problem, the keyboard is the problem. I had a weird Wolf King keyboard that looked like that. Perfect for left handers.

No matter how hard I tried Windows 10 and that ancient keyboard won’t communicate. So my skill using a normal keyboard is zip, zilch and none.

Cat is STILL constantly fighty fighting to no avail and then I realize I’m hitting a heal key instead of scratching his eyes out. I know, pathetic.

Then, because I changed computers and refuse to pay Adobe monthly fees, I feel lost without Photoshop and Illustrator. So I’m trying to learn Affinity and it’s slow as I just want it to work like Photoshop cause I’m lazy and I can’t not have the pictures, just can’t, so there’s that.

So here we are. Cat is of course one with the Night Fae. There she is in her blue kitty form. I tried to make the excitement last about her new form but no. I was totally bummed when I saw how much anima to get all the outfits she wanted and mounts I wanted. Seriously, are they trying to get rid of me?

Cim who’s one with the Necrolords is showing off her Battle-Bound Warhound. The excitement lasted only so far. But when she thought of anima, blarg.

So. you might have guessed what I did. The first image is my Void Elf, Rap, she’s a Rogue. What expansion is nearest to our hearts? Yep, Wrath. I so loved that expac. Yeah, my old computer was new when it came out. It doesn’t seem that long ago. I am having a great time there. Aside from the occasional sniffles when the music and an area trigger memories, this is a fine way to combat anima. Oh yeah, and the horrible Maw.

So ha, ha, Shadowlands. You and the Maw WILL NOT DEFEAT ME! I will be here for the next expac! I will just live somewhere else. Stupidhead anima, jeeeezz.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Let Go of my Hair!

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What is up with these Kyrian. Enough of the dragging me here and there by my hair. Bastion is incredibly beautiful but the Kyrian so far are not my favorite people. Pretty pompous actually. Cat was ready to turn feral on them a time or two.

Where was everybody? I expected lag and horrible competition for kills and nope. In fact I see very few people around. That was handled well except the phasing that was used seems to have made forming groups harder.

I enjoyed the Wrath event, I got addicted to hunting rares with Cat, my Hunter and Sasche and Cimmeria the Warlocks. Turns out it was a good thing as they upped their iLevel enough to survive the Maw. I loved a reason to hang around one of my favorite expacs.

So yeah, I’m girding my loins so to speak to return to Bastion and endure those sanctimonious Kyrian. I DO NOT see ANY of my guys wanting to join forces with them, we’ll see if that changes. I’m positive Cat is going to join up with the Night Fae Covenant not because of abilities but the nature thing is definitely Cat.

Cat’s first few days in Shadowlands has been great, except for the hair thing. She wants to work on skinning and leatherworking but the animals in Bastion are too cute. Honestly, not surprising for a Druid who stealths around because she doesn’t believe in needless killing. Between you and me she’s so funny sometimes. She was so happy to find a beautiful fishing spot so at least she could start on that.

Okay, I’m going to go see if I can figure out how much longer I have to hang around with these overbearing Kyrian ninnys, jeeezzz.

Is it just me?

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Hi Hi Hi! I have to get away from the TV and Twitter for a bit today before I explode. Thought I’d see if anyone else does these things in WoW.

I tend to go to beautiful locations and, well, do nothing for long periods of time. Depending on the expac and location I might also get all sniffly and emotional if it’s Wrath or Pandaria.

Oh hi Farmer Fung, how are things? So good to see you again!

Kind of the same thing but I fly around looking for music I like and then stop and Cat just hangs around for five or ten minutes. You know, grooving. Hahahahahaha, you go girl.

I know that my latency lately has been driving some of this. It spiked the other day around 1400 ms. Not a lot you can do with that kind of latency.

I looked up finding what’s causing your latency and they gave a lot of reasons. Which one? I don’t know enough to figure it out. It started around when the pre-patch came out. Is my computer too old? If I turn off the computer and then reboot the router it will go down from 3 days to a few hours, don’t know what that means.

I even did a this thingy:

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 3 ms 3 ms 3 ms
2 13 ms 12 ms 882 ms
3 13 ms 12 ms 1215 ms []
4 * 13 ms 13 ms
5 2512 ms 16 ms 14 ms
6 205 ms 15 ms 12 ms []
7 1225 ms 16 ms 1089 ms []
8 2822 ms 274 ms 18 ms []
9 430 ms 228 ms 56 ms
10 1761 ms 74 ms 72 ms []
11 * * * Request timed out.
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 1492 ms 230 ms 74 ms []
14 71 ms 71 ms 71 ms

Trace complete.

Aha! Just as I suspected, it’s Comcast’s fault! Figures. Yeah, I don’t know what any of that means.

I’ve been trying to complete Pandaria Raiding with Leases which works with lag but just takes a while. I got back to Boralus one day after doing Heart of Fear and sold all the stuff I’d acquired that wasn’t a pet. Logged out.

Next morning logged in and looked to see what I might be able to upgrade and found my iLevel had fallen 4 points. I had SOMEHOW equipped a pair of iLevel 40 gloves the day before and sold the good ones. Is it just me that’s this ditzy? No, don’t answer. I think I know.

That’s about it. Have to figure out something else now to keep me off Twitter. Wash the stinky dog? EAT? EAT SOMEMORE? Maybe some cookies?

Last Days of BfA

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While I haven’t been able to play much this year because of real life, I WAS all about Classic. Then I got a beta invite and I was all about the beta. Then the announcement of Shadowlands coming in late October and BAM we were back to BfA to finish up things left undone.

Yes, Cat and I have very short attention spans.

There’s my Alliance Warlock Cim. For reference you can see what she looked like here. I always thought she looked too much like a soccer mom and not an evil Warlock. In person she’s really, um, kind of bitchy and it was just not coming across. So here she is looking more like herself thanks to the patch!

I must never, ever say I’m not lucky ever again. Sure I don’t have a Big Love Rocket but I now have Mollie. I was flying around Vol’dun to dig sites and saw people fighting a big bad so we stopped to help. Did not know about Mollie. How lucky is that, I love her.

I DID know about this Lil’ Donkey and we’ve been killing Overseer Krix for what seems like forever and finally it paid off. I think it’s the only time Cat was killing him alone. Yes!

Other things Cat wanted to do were make sure everyone loved her. She really likes to get exalted with whoever she can. Can’t help it. And Archaeology leveled, not yet but close!

And this. I found Cat just standing by the road in Stormsong Valley doing nothing. I asked her what was up and she said she was waiting for Humphrey’s timer to be up as she didn’t want to leave the zone while he’d been so kind as to help protect her … yeah, see what I mean about wanting everyone to love her!