Tales of the Weird

I just sneaked in here to to try to write this post. My husband is off for the week so I may get busted. We’re doing the kind of stuff you need two people for, kind of a tag team. He takes his bike in for brakes and inspection. I pick him up. The neighbors went on a camping trip and I now have four big goofy dogs to take care of rather than two, soooo, not much WoW time.  BUT!!! I will make time for this tale of the weird, perhaps you know what it means.

Yes, it’s another one of my weird self portraits of one body part. In this I needed a chin in a certain position, so the chin is mine. Anyway…

This morning I went to Uldum with my hunter to get some Volatile Life for my scribe. A character, same faction as me started to follow me around doing the whole dancing around the node thing while I tried to pick it. Now this is usually done by the opposite faction while flagged so I couldn’t figure out what they were doing. They didn’t try to pick the flower either.

I inquired as to whether they needed/wanted something. In response they said, “u r 1 baf goat”. Okay, I admit that my typing can be less than stellar on occasion so I thought they were trying to respond and it was some kind of a typo.

Early on in my WoW career my Hunter found herself in a guild where she could not understand ANYTHING her guildies were saying. In an effort to communicate with the younger generation I became a frequent browser of the Urban Dictionary frantically looking up unfamiliar words in the vain hope that I would be able to figure out a response. So, I’m just saying I do now have some familiarity with leet speak and interweb memes but seriously, u r 1 baf goat I have never encountered before.

This continued for quite some time. I’d make an attempt at communication and they’d continue following me calling me a baf goat, so I assumed it wasn’t a typo.

So I know about pop tart cats and bases that belong to them, but goats? Is this a new WoW meme, was he trying to author a new WoW meme? Am I launching a new memer’s career by writing about it? I don’t know why I can’t let this go but it was kind of spooky, I finally just hearthed out after it became clear this child of the damned wasn’t going to tire of following me.

HaHaHaHaHa! I think I’m going to get done with this post without being detected. I guess I’m just 1 baf goat!!!

8 Responses to “Tales of the Weird”

  1. Are you a draenei? I think they are now often referred to as goats.

    Baf. Not going to repeat it here because its nasty:

    So it was not a very nice person you had hassling you there I’m afraid 😦 Total idiot trying to grief you.

    People like this need reporting. I’m glad you saw the funny side.
    I didn’t know what it meant until I asked in guild either.
    In this day and age It’s often better not knowing. Makes me angry. 😦

  2. No, my hunter’s a Night Elf, it would have made a little more sense had it been my shaman who is a Draenei. It’s pretty sad that at least on my server we take so much abuse that in this instance it was just funny.

    Now that I think about it I have become very thick-skinned about griefing. I’ve had people come to where I’m fishing and tell me to leave as they are fishing by sound, lol!

    And why is it that the people who really are the most annoying are always your own faction.

  3. Your Hunter’s a night elf? Now that is pretty weird! lol.

    The person is obviously two pennies short of a shilling as we say in the UK. I’m glad you have become thick skinned about stuff like this. Can’t say I have suffered much abuse in game myself – most of mine comes from comments on my vids or forum posts, where you kind-of expect them – so I guess I’ve been lucky up to now.

    Think I got so angry on your behalf because I had just logged off game after listening to one the most appalling cases of griefing I have ever heard, previously suffered by one of our guild members, and it upset me. Then came here and saw this. Like you that was from the same faction too.

    My guess is that you can’t understand what the other faction is saying, so it’s pretty hard to grief someone verbally unless it’s your own faction. Very sad people who do stuff like this.

  4. Oh my goodness – I just read your comment over on Psynister’s blog. Go for it!

    I will be routing for you every step of the way – you’ll have fun! 🙂

  5. Never heard of “baf” myself… I still don’t understand what they were trying to say… that you were a bored goat? What does that make them if not even more bored if they are bothered to flap around telling someone else they are bored…. it makes no sense!!!

    *brain explosion*

    • I know, sometimes you have encounters in WoW that are just surreal. Are they just learning English? Are they really a bad typist? Are they ah … smoking something? Ah, the joys of Fenris!

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