Through Your Interface — Profession of Choice

This is Day Eleven of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge, your favorite profession. Have you ever had one of those days. Yesterday was one of those days. It started when I was doing The Protectors of Hyjal. I didn’t notice that Searris was wandering by when I swiped at a Seething Pyrelord’s spawns. I was soon dead and when flying back to reclaim my body must have lost my sense of direction because I thunked down to the ground, I’d strayed into Ashenvale. I gave up and let the Spirit Healer rez me and logged out for a phone call from real life.

A client had poked around changing things in his website and completely fubared it. It was now just throwing errors instead of selling things, not good. After a quick look I decided to call support at his host and beg them for a rollback to better days. I’m still talking to support 24 hours later and each time it’s a different person so I have to start ALL over. Then the cable went out. No TV no problem. No phone not a big deal. No internet connection, aaarrrrgggghhh!!!

So at 9:09 Eastern Time this morning when cable came back what did I do? Fish. I went to one of my favorite fishing spots and fished. I find it helps with issues in rl and Azerothian ones. I fish here for Deepsea Sagefish which I make into Delicious Sagefish Tail in my quest to single-handedly make 5,0000 Cataclysm recipes for the Broiled Dragon Feast Recipe.  I’m at 1,837 cooked, go team go!

I put on the Otis Taylor-Recapturing The Banjo CD and fished. You know what? I got so relaxed I didn’t even care anymore that my client’s website isn’t selling anything right now. I’m not sure he feels the same. Maybe I should suggest he take up fishing rather than mucking about in his website.

3 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Profession of Choice”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just love your taste in music 😀 I’ve discovered a love of the banjo because of you – lol. Perfect fishing music!

  2. Hmm – just been accused of blogging anoymously on Ironyca’s blog – came back here to check out my comment on your blog, and found I had accidentally posted anonymously here too! Sorry about that. This time the comment form has remembered my details, so hopefully it won’t happen again – lol. Yes – the comment above was from me 😀

    • Lol, I was pretty sure it was you because I remembered that you said you’d liked Banjo Thing.

      I know, generally I’m not a particular fan of banjo music but I really like him, just the thing for fishing!

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