Hallow’s End Cheer, and Slàinte!

Yup, my Paladin is full of holiday cheer, she’s got her mount AND a Sinister Squashling but I’m talking about the lack of holiday cheer. I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience but I’ve noticed it on all the holiday bosses. My experience has been that in the first few days a holiday boss is available, when you queue you’ll get a group that is very well geared, you get more greetings, and the whole instance takes about 3 seconds.

As the two weeks wear on this sort of just devolves into chaos. I can’t figure out why. I’m still trying to get that darn horse, did all the well geared people get it in the first two or three days? How’d they manage that? You know something’s up when my level 84 warlock in quest greens is the top dps. She doesn’t really care though as she has the horse, it’s my poor druid that’s still trying for it.

Yesterday my druid once again queued for the horseman hoping to find the reins in her pumpkin. If you don’t have a character high enough to have done the headless horseman let’s just say this is a very easy boss, I don’t think it’s possible to actually die here, you’d really have to work at it. Almost immediately I realized all was not well. My kitty seemed to have become the tank. I felt bad that I had pulled aggro, I thought that was supposed to be a thing of the past but hey, I’m sure it’s my fault. I decided I’d just change to bear when it looked necessary. I noticed no one was getting healed either, then I noticed the tank wasn’t even on the boss, he seemed to be doing some willy-nilly running about as far away as possible.

As it turned out I never needed to go to bear form and we completed the fight with a kitty tank. Everyone lived, all good. Well, apparently not.

Our initial tank seemed to be upset by the lack of healing so I guess that’s why he took a little break. I dispensed with my usually cheery “Thanks All” and just left before it got really ugly. Do people’s moods get nastier and nastier as days go by without the drop they’re after or what. I did notice that the non-healing healer was with a guildmate who rolled need on the drop so maybe he was trying to lessen the competition for him, lol. My druid’s feeling conflicted today, one more possible chance at that horse, worth the nastiness, she’s not sure.

Other than trying to get that horse I’ve been leveling my Paladin. I don’t know why this time the pally’s made it this far. Maybe the race/class combination. My husband thinks I’m overdoing it. I’ve started answering him with “aye” and told him I had to run to the store for “me” carton of milk. I also have an almost uncontrollable urge to see Riverdance when I play her. I think there’s a chance that she’ll be queuing for the Headless Horseman next year!

4 Responses to “Hallow’s End Cheer, and Slàinte!”

  1. My groups have been really mixed but you know something is horribly wrong when you (as a healer) aren’t the bottom of the dps. I think people get angry when it’s not as smooth as they expect. The worse group I had, a rogue ended up tanking because the paladin tank and the ret paladin were having some ego competition and swearing at each other. Neither of them contributed any dps at all after the first ten seconds.

    • Hi Erinys!

      You know now that you mention it I did notice a few times lately that the healer was not the bottom on dps.

      I don’t know if it has anything to do with the time of day I queue. Maybe doing it in the daytime I’m getting mean kids who are skipping school, lol.

      Maybe I was just lucky the first few days!

  2. I have totally zoned out on the Hallows Holiday. I don’t even know if they changed the stats on the available loot.

    I do know that Zaren, Zarenus, Popezaren, and Zap (my mage) already have loot from the last two years.

    I really should try to pay attention to the holiday achievements too, I guess.

    • Lol, well you were busy with more exciting stuff like BlizzCon. I’m happy, my warlock was able to get a nice ilevel 365 ring so she’ll have something new to wear when she hits 85!

      No luck on the mount for my druid though.

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