Shared Topic — My Main the NPC

This week’s shared topic at Blog Azeroth, proposed by Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief asks:
If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

That’s an easy one, I’d be the DOG VENDOR, Yes Blizzard, us dog lovers want more Dog Companions!  We’ve got the crazy cat lady in Elwynn Forest. Dogs need equal representation. How about a demented dog lady in Winterspring. I volunteer.

There’s a little house over by Starfall Village that would be perfect. I’ll set up shop there. Dogs of course are so special that you can’t just run off willy-nilly as a low level character to procure one. You will have to level to the suitably lofty height of at least 50 to be safe, ensuring you’re experienced enough for dog ownership.

Okay, really Blizzard, you don’t have to put my main in the game but some dogs would be nice you know. I appreciate the pugs and the mastiffs and my Worg has been filling in as my dog all these years but how about just one more model, or two. Here, here’s some help, the AKC has a list of the most popular breeds. And I’d be happy with any but I personally like BIG dogs. Little accessory dogs are fine too, but I PERSONALLY like big sloppy dogs … just saying.

So there you have it, I stand ready to set up shop in Winterspring and handle the trafficking of canines for you Blizzard, if you need help. If you don’t need my help, fine but please, I love all the glittery mounts and thank you, but some of us just want a dog. Pretty please.

26 Responses to “Shared Topic — My Main the NPC”

  1. That’s a good idea, I hope someone at Blizz is liste…err reading 🙂

  2. euphyley Says:

    OMG, that would be fantastic! I would definitely visit you as a vendor with money ready to spend! 😀

  3. clumsygrrrl Says:

    THIS. I want to have a border collie. Mwahahah. It’s animation could be randomly wandering off to herd sheep.

  4. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. WoW needs more dogs. I’m sure I spotted a MoP achievement for a heroic which requires all of you to kill something with a pet dog out so I’m hopefully they’re adding some new ones but I’d love the same variety we get with cats.

    I’d love a spaniel. It could chase things including it’s own tail but especially small critters like mice and occasionally retrieve something.

    Also my Gnome rogue would love a big dog, something like a Rhodesian Ridgeback ( perhaps.

    • Now that’s what I’m talking, Rhodesian Ridgeback would do nicely! I know a lot of people would love dogs, what is the problem, is everyone at Blizzard a cat person?

      They have the core hound pup doing a lot of great dog animations already, just need more dogs!

  5. I find that pug disgusting, with his glandular issues. He really needs to see a vet. However, the thought of having more dogs is fantastic! I still miss my Australian Shepherd, Sammie, more than I can say. And Heidi, the Great Dane Who Wasn’t So Great? (Welll, she was, she was magnificant!) The lack of canines in Azeroth upsets me, too, which is why I believe Luperci only uses her worgen pup, and my hunter has a predicliction for wolves and bears. Great post, Tome!

    • That butt scooting pug is one of the few things that makes my husband stop and take a look at the screen when he walks by, lol. But you’re right, poor guy needs to see a vet about that.

      The only pet Druid had for ages was the worg too, if she kinda squints he looks like a dog.

      Thanks Matty, more dogs, more dogs!

  6. I have a secret: big dogs scare the crap out of me. Whenever I see one bounding at me, even if its friendly, that whole fight or flight thing kicks in … only I fail at that, because I just freeze up and go OMG GOING TO DIE.

    • I kind of know what you mean but the first thing I worry about is it’s human. Do they have any sense? Is that dog trained? Are they riding that bike with an untrained dog who’s not on a leash, who’s going to come over here and break bad with my dog?

      Sheesh, the dangers of dog walking!

  7. Hell, there’s even a cockroach vendor, but the only dog vendor in WoW is a Tauren in Thunder Bluff. And you have to really hunt for the guy, too, because he’s near a cliff edge behind a tent.

  8. Redbeard you meanie! It’s a PRAIRIE dog vendor!

    I remember you saying this in your interview and do you know, when I saw this topic I thought – she’s gonna be a dog vendor!

    There is a trinket that summons a dog… I think a mastiff? … And I know its not the same thing but it might tide you over till Mists!

    I find it interesting you chose Catwynn, she seems more a cat lady. I bet you didn’t tell Ironsally. She will be cranky as at least she has a (fel)hound as a pet.

    • Surprisingly Cat is a dog lover Elf! Oh no! It’s a prairie dog vendor! See we still need a dog vendor then.

      See, you know me well! I think it was my Hunter who had the Dog Whistle to call a tracking hound but she used up her three whistles a long time ago.

      I really hate to let the Warlocks have companion pets, they say they lose them but I’m not buying it, I think they sacrifice them for another of their evil spells.

  9. I love big dogs too!
    Admittedly, I am mostly a (crazy) Cat Lady, but my dream pets-family would definitely include a big, black, friendly Newfoundland… to me, they’re the epitome of Dogness. ❤

    • Oh I’d love to have a Newfoundland, and at least one cat too, but one of our dogs thinks cats are for eating I’m afraid. Our female is not as tolerant of others as our male, so at least the neighbor’s cat comes around to be petted so I get to borrow her when the coast is clear!

  10. Oh, that would be perfect for you! And I would so come around to see what you’ve got for sale 🙂

    Agree that there need to be more dog models in the game, though. What about a spotty Dalamatian? Or a husky-type?

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