I’m Dying Here …

Yeah … no not there, but since this is about worm problems I thought that shot perfectly displayed a freaking big WORM PROBLEM. I love my Druid, but really is Blizzard trying to MAKE me change my spec. Seriously, are there really worms that size? The damn thing stayed that size the entire time and this wasn’t the old style 5 minute Coren Direbrew, I think we were in there a half an hour.

As per usual, I can’t find his BUTT, where the HELL IS HIS BUTT? Should I get inside the Hunter’s pet assuming if he’s there it must be Coren’s butt? So anyway, I was flailing away trying to hit something and really ran out of energy AND patience.

So that was the end of queuing for Coren, I’ll catch him next year. So this should have alerted me. The warning signs were there but did I pay attention, NO. I merrily flew off to do my  Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies.

Yay! Some new quests! As you can imagine I’m thrilled to do whatever they ask of me so I excitedly accepted two new quests. Pooped and Sweet as Honey. Picking up poop is just an extension of real life, I do that every day when I walk the dogs so I’m more than happy to do it for the Cloud Serpent people. Off I go and … OMG! OMG!

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! GEEZ! I’m dead. Was it the Shao-Tien Behemoth? Was it Cracklefang? Oh hell no, it was WORMS! I was attacked by little worms while trying to gather honey. They are deadly those stupid little worms. So yeah, pick up your poop first, then except Sweet as Honey after you turn in your poop. I want my death to have meaning; at least it can save someone else. Pandaria’s a strange world, you can single-handedly knock off elites but a gang of worms … deadly. And elites, there seems to be quite a range there. Are they ELITE elites? Or the other kind, kind of wimpy elites. Really no way to know without giving them a go and if they are ELITE hoping someone else shows up.

So after all that drama and dying and worms, fishing was in order, it’s very calming. So you can see I’ve broken down and transmogged Cat’s cloak. I bought the Apexis Cloak thinking it might come in handy some time. Now I can stand to fish, she looks acceptable from the back. I know it’s really selfish to have no regard for her front. Other people have to look at the horror, I mean she’s wearing Baradin’s Wardens Tabard in case she wants to go home quick, she’s wearing all kinds of clashy things but I just don’t care at this point. I have worm fatigue. I don’t know the cure … maybe plant some vegetables … yeah, that’s the ticket.

14 Responses to “I’m Dying Here …”

  1. Yep, fishing (and drinking) are definitely in order!

  2. Eva Marie Says:

    After dinging last night I did a handful of the Cloud Serpent dailies. Died four times by worms. 😦

    • Oh no! You too! Those horrible worms! I thought you were just being quiet but I see the same thing has happened with your emailed posts as happened to Cyrme’s, I’m not gettting them. I must get to the bottom of this, what is going on with WordPress.

  3. Oh dear, that does sound deadly. I wouldn’t want to go AFK with a lot of the tiny caterpillars in Townlong Steppes or bugs in Valley of the Four Winds, etc

  4. Something tells me the size of that worm is not going to last…

    I mean, HOLY MOLY! He takes up half the room!

  5. Don’t knock the Giant Worm (TM) He is one of my Stampede favourites FOR A REASON 😀

  6. I did that quest for the first time yestserday too! And all these bees and bugs came and I was terrified and I thought how do I get away? So I ran away and ended up pulling more mobs… it was terrible and I was ashamed to tell people that I died, but I feel like I can tell you that without too much scorn 🙂
    You actually don’t need to do much fishing, I’ve found! Doing those dailies gets you all levelled up very fast without trying very hard. And I was a bit sad because I do so love fishing.

    • I know, it was awful, I did that stupid Shao-Tien Behemoth because no one else was around and I get taken out by worms!!! How embarrassing!!

      I had already leveled fishing when I got these, but it’s helping with Archeology too which is nice.

  7. It has been the hornets and swarms for me. They need to equip us with some damn bug spray!

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