Aiiieee! The Blizzard Watch Begins!


No not THAT Blizzard Watch, I mean the one where we’re waiting for two feet of snow to immobilize Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Yes … haha … go ahead you Minnesotans and Canadians, have a good laugh. There was an inch of snow last night and my friend told me about her four hour drive home.

Everyone’s racing around buying food. I don’t care if I have food. I care if I have power. I realized I can’t read anymore without a charged iPad. So anyway, thinking that I might not be able to say anything made me want to say something.

I went to Ulduar because it’s lovely and then I got lost and let Yogg-Saron kill me while I was running around in his head. JD was kind enough to come help me find the way, that Lio is one snappy dresser for sure. There we are standing in front of a puddle of yogg.

Oh yeah, I have a question. Since I don’t raid I don’t know stuff. I have to send most everyone every week to acquire Felblight from Kazzak … excuse me … SUPREME Lord Kazzak, jeez what an ego that guy has. My casters love him.

Not so much the melee. I spend most of my time running from the people who have, I forget the name, the purple circle of death thingy. They don’t ever move, they stand right there in a clump of melee. Are they expecting the healers to take care of everything? What’s that about anyway?


I am not a good one to critique WoD as my real life has taken a turn towards the Twilight Zone this last year so that might affect my opinion. What I did realize is there is no one I want to visit in WoD.

Cat regularly heads out to Halfhill to check on the farm and say hello to Farmer Yoon. Actually she visits most expacs to check in with old friends, I can’t think of anyone she’ll come back to WoD to visit. Maybe the Garrison. Maybe she’ll come back and stare in wonder at the place she imprisoned herself.

Yep … see … I really had nothing to say but had to say it nonetheless. Although I do really wonder about the healer thing. And I am a little upset Cat has made no lasting NPC friends in Draenor. She never even warmed up to Yrel.

Welp, better wrap this up and run willy-nilly to the store. Might need more wine if I’m going be snowed in here. Actually, no might about it.

12 Responses to “Aiiieee! The Blizzard Watch Begins!”

  1. Snow watch sounds exciting. Hope you managed to get enough grog from the store.

  2. Selfmanic Says:

    Stay warm, people are freaking out even here in SC over the vague threat of snow. I’m planning to hunker down and play skyrim since my internet is flaky on a good day right now.

  3. Have you survived?

    • Yes! As long as the power stays on for the water we’re good. The only drama was my elderly boy Mike decided to leave the area we had cleared for them to take off on his own.

      He plowed through the snow to get to the shed and then was stuck. I had to go down and shovel him out and shovel him a way back. It was pretty hilarious as for some reason I can’t seem to remain on my feet in that much snow. So between shoveling and me flopping around his path was clear and we got him back, lol.

  4. So Monday I go to work and discover folks had this weather concern. It was an event in Detroit, even missing the pre-release worries. The weather was very nice.

    Aldonza finds herself spending a lot of time in WOTLK Dalaran. It’s much quieter, but she knows her way around and there are multiple locations in the town she likes, including that fishing dock.

    • For once the weatherman was right. I’ve never seen that much snow at once so Detroit’s weather must have come here!

      Yes, I can picture her in Dalaran, it seems her kind of place but I am surprised that she likes the fishing dock. Some shady characters hang out around there.

  5. Hm. It clipped out my “Error – Event Not Found” in Detroit, leaving the exact opposite meaning

  6. Do you know what I thought when I first saw the title of this post – I was like OMG TOME IS GOING TO WRITE FOR BLIZZARD WATCH???

    But snow. You must think it’s weird that we get excited about you guys having snow but we don’t get snow here. It’s like some magical thing.

    • Wait, this post is 6 days old. Does that mean you’ve been snowed in for 6 days??

    • HAHAHA! Nope!

      I don’t think it’s weird at all, I remember praying for snow every winter and so often being disappointed. Then when we’d get 4 or 5 inches I’d be ecstatic but over 30 inches is a little too much for me.

      We are pretty much dug out. The weather helped out by going up into the 50s after the snow. The worst part was when my dog leaped off to the bottom of our yard and then got stuck, I had to shovel him out, lol!

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