Through Your Interface — Your Character’s Hometown

This is Day Nine of World of Saz 15 Days of Screen Shots challenge. I grew up in beautiful Darnassus. My parents had a shop in Tradesmen’s Terrace.  They were trying to capitalize on a niche market and opened a shop called Pretty Pally carrying lovely pastel plate armor. I’m not sure where they came up with their business plan and really, it might have been successful had it been located somewhere other than Darnassus. The few female Paladins that came through town and were interested soon lost interest when they found out the exorbitant rates the Goblins charge for air freight to the Eastern Kingdoms. Luckily my father was quite a fisherman so he supplemented our income by selling his catch.

We didn’t have much but it was a happy childhood and I visit as often as I can and my father and I fish by the Temple of the Moon. They finally closed the Pretty Pally and the last time I visited, my father was working on a new business plan revolving around wolf-themed gear, this time I think he might be onto something.

6 Responses to “Through Your Interface — Your Character’s Hometown”

  1. This is a really nice shot of downtown!

  2. Lovely shot and an adorable retelling of your childhood! I hear those shaman and hunter types often fancy wolf-themed gear, by the way. He may indeed be onto something, and I wish him all the luck!

  3. sparrowgal Says:

    Great pic! LOL my only experience of Darnassus is running through it and hiding in the water for various Faction leader kills and exploring and various world events. I wish I had time to stop and look at the beautiful scenery.

    • Thanks sparrowgal! I remember when they added Blood Elf/Draenei I made a Blood Elf (well, I made one of each) just because I couldn’t wait to see Silvermoon City.

      Lol, so that was you down there in the water!

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