Proudmoore Pot Luck or Dangerous High

What? You didn’t know Jaina and I are such BFFs that she gave me her secret family recipe? Don’t believe me? You’d be right, it’s the only wowish P word I could think of, so no recipe here. I exhausted all my cooking skills on that spammer’s Carrot Cake so if you were all excited about getting a recipe you’ll have to visit Gamer’s Fridge.

I’m kinda scrounging around through my bits of paper that I write thought fragments on. I’ve been looking for the next “swtor speeder.” Yes, I’m guilty, I long for the return of that heady moment of bliss when I unwittingly mentioned speeders and got the highest page views I’d ever had. I was also cheered by the fact that speeders got more interest than even my repetitive use of the words naked and nude. See, gamers are not all about the pr0n, they are after the facts, the cold hard facts. Steely eyed gamers after the facts. I got nothing.

I don’t know, I think that ship might have sailed for WoW. I was browsing and found an old list of secret places that included locations like Ironforge Airport and Dancing Troll Village, yeah, not so secret anymore. Try as I might, I cannot find anything that you don’t already know.

I know this is very, very, weak but it’s all I got. A flying bug. You can see my terror-stricken Forsaken above. Actually she was pretty calm about the whole thing but I was surprised by MY reaction to it. I was the one panicking. I’ve looked for mention of this bug and didn’t find any but then I didn’t look THAT hard because I wanted something, a revelation, something ALL NEW and it’d be kinda ruined if I actually found mention of it, so yeah, I didn’t look that hard.

Anyway, flying back to Nordrassil after completing a dangerous mission my Forsaken noticed she’d lost control of her Wyvern. She had been caught in an updraft. I might as well talk in the first person here as it was me that panicked not her. On approaching Nordrassil I lost all control and started ascending and ascending. The poor Wyvern started making that pained squawking sound mounts make when you’re flying too high. Kind of an altitude warning. NOTHING I did was stopping the ascent. I started madly hammering at my keyboard, WAIT, what? What key was that, oh, I found that by holding my X key it stopped the ascent, I could take a breath, which was hard at that altitude but I managed. The X key is the Soulshatter key. Now I know it was probably just some weird fluke that is was this key, but really, altitude WAS the enemy and I really needed some threat reduction and IT WORKED.

After a while I got tired of holding the key down. If I took my finger off it the ascent resumed. Finally, while holding the X key I decided my only option was to logout. And yes, on logging back in all was again right with the World of Warcraft. THAT IS MY BIG REVEAL FOLKS! “Nordrassil flying bug” Get ready for it! WordPress can you handle this, they’ll be coming any minute, GIRD THE SERVERS OR THE LOINS, WHATEVER! ARGH, INCOMING!!!!! Or not, we’ll see.

11 Responses to “Proudmoore Pot Luck or Dangerous High”

  1. Tome–

    Keep in mind:

    Matty + Noob = Any information or fun you want to share is good information

    Those who think they know “everything” in WoW tend towards the smug, annoying types. Those who share information, whether they think relevant or not, tend to be the awesome, ‘we love you and want to be in your fan club’ types. Exhibit: Tome.

    I need to read this again, but was it just you hit a “Truman Show” pixel ceiling in the game? (That’s what I call those areas where I’m flying along and then bam! Hit my horns on the Draenei girl version of a glass ceiling?)

    And now — I’m going to see if I can spy on some trolls dancing.

    • Thank Matty, I always forget everyone hasn’t been around the same length of time and somethings might be new to them.

      I should have just gone with the flow to see what happened but I think I would have gotten the “fatigue” warning and just died. The funny part is I reacted like I was really going to die, lol.

      Back in the day I really wanted to get to those trolls I’d see dancing when flying from Moonglade to Rut’theran Village, nowadays you can, but you’re there to kill them and it’s really worth it as it’s part of the chain that gets you the companion pet, Withers.

  2. Who the hell knows everything in WoW? I certainly don’t. Look at Goldshire on Moonguard. Been there for years and I didn’t know about it. And the Mad max thing I did? How many people told me how can you not know that – but I didn’t! So maybe I’m just getting old and everything old is new again, but I still like to read all the secret things you guys want to share with me 🙂

    So this village? Where are these dancing trolls?

    There is a pet chain for withers? I thought you just go up to the dude and buy it… I think that’s how I got it…

    • OMG! Really, you can just buy Withers on the Horde side? Oh, Oh! Horde Favoritism!!!

      Yeah but you’re braver than me, I knew about Moonguard but I’m sure not brave enough to visit the Inn on a fact finding mission like you were!

      Although I really did have a bug where I kept going straight up with no control, I think I was really thinking about how Blizzard gives us what we want like flying everywhere and then we are disappointed when we’ve flown everywhere and there are no more hidden, inaccessible places to discover. I feel a little sorry for them. They give me what I wanted and now I’m sad that I CAN visit those places, they just can’t win!

    • JD Kenada Says:

      You didn’t know?

      Not going to lie, I rolled a toon on there just for the train wreck effect (so nasty, still need to see it for myself). Now, I’ve since kept the Worgen DK and she’s quite the model, but she stays away from pr0nshire.

      I’m genuinely still amazed…and that’s after someone on MG was amazed that I went and checked it out and didn’t take part.

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a secret or not or if it’s something new. If it’s new to you, then that should be what matters. Heck, even now I think I should go back to The Whispering Forest again just because, or Bashal’Aran with another toon just to get that Feat of Strength because I can…

  4. Oh, I thought that bug only happened to me because my keyboard was crappy. 🙂

    I’ve found the way to get out of it was to hit the W or spacebar key once again, which seems to knock some sense into the gryphon.

    • I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just me! I worried also that it was my keyboard or mouse. If something happens to this keyboard I’d have to relearn how to play as they don’t make it anymore 😦

      If it happens again I’ll try the W or spacebar!

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