Illusion and Loss

Okay, really Druid, I know it’s you. I can see your weapon AND you’re standing right next to that Human male. So we all pretty much figured out who you are, you’re not fooling anyone. Not quite the look you were hoping for, huh. Apparently it takes skills to use Potion of Illusion properly. She was probably going for a sexy Draenei look and the whole thing backfired on her. It’s okay though, she sees him every day after her daily appointment with Anzu. Better luck next time.

Yesterday pretty much sucked. I had to spend what seemed like hours on the phone with the billing department of a hosting company I’m trying to extricate myself from because once they were good, they were bought out, and now they’re really, really, awful. I thought I got it all worked out but I see this morning I have an invoice for the hosting I cancelled.

Then I made my check of Döra’s Log to see if she might have returned. Döra participated in what I call the Psyn/Vry Ironman Challenge last year. She was a great alternate leveler. One of her characters, an incredibly frugal Dwarf, Thriftee, leveled to 85 without spending one copper. I loved reading about Döra the level 1 Explorer and Thriftee and her Ironman. She stopped posting last year in October. I worried something was wrong, although I knew it was more than likely she had just moved on to another game.

Blog has been removed.

Yesterday that’s what I saw when I checked Döra’s Log. I hate being all emotional and weepy but that made me all emotional and weepy. I was pretty shocked at how bad I felt, I just wasn’t aware that it would upset me that much, but it did. She was not coming back. Other bloggers I read have left, but they’ve usually given a warning, had good reason, and their blog’s still there so they aren’t really gone.

I logged in to avoid more telephone calls to billing departments for a while. It occurred to me if you could see what character I’m playing you could pretty much tell what kind of mood I’m in. Characters like Lessismora or dual-boxing mean I’m in a bad/sad mood or I’ve had to deal with lots of human contact irl and need to be alone. Druid means I’m not, I’d never realized that before. She’s like the “social me.”

I hope Döra’s sitting in a Cantina somewhere like Tatooine, knocking back a few. That’s what I’m going to think anyway. There are days when I think, oh shut up, no one wants to read the crap you write. I just wanted to say if other bloggers feel that way at times, I DO want to read what you write. I very much do. In fact I’m apparently counting on a post being there.

I decided to cheer myself up by putting a rat on Navi’s shoulder. It’s OKAY. She said she likes them.

26 Responses to “Illusion and Loss”

  1. Döra being gone is really concerning. I checked her blog in pure disbelief, but you’re right. Her blog was a free blog on Blogspot, so I assume she deleted it herself. Doing that without saying goodbye is really strange… If it was me who had a blog like hers that detailed all of my creative leveling challenges, I would never delete it, even though I left WoW, I don’t understand why anyone would do that…
    OR, maybe someone knows about this? Do Blogspot (and maybe WordPress too) suspend old inactive blogs, but if the author logs back in one day, the blog is viewable again? I might have to go and research that right now…

    • It looks like Blogspot does not delete or remove inactive blogs. My best guess is that Döra did this herself 😦

      • Remembered her YouTube channel, it’s gone too but at least the videos are still there to see if you search Thriftee.

      • Also her Youtube channel… o-kay. Döra was a machinima fanatic. It’s as if she’s “putting it all behind her” or something.
        I wish I had her email.

      • I just went to Döra’s realm and spoke to one of her guildmates, who sadly didn’t seem to know Döra personally. She asked around and the last Döra had said, was that she wanted to play less and on another character.
        I might try and get hold of Mer on another day.
        (please excuse my stalker tendencies)

    • I found something that said blogs that haven’t been active since 2007 would be considered inactive but her last post was 2011.

      I couldn’t figure out if that meant they could be reclaimed. I was so disappointed and then checked for her other character in Paranoid, Ernee, and he’s the same level he was last year.

      I will miss her a lot, always hoped she’d be back.

    • Time, I completely understand.

    • Before you found your answer I was going to sadly report that I have had inactive blogspot blogs for years, and they are still waiting for me like old friends. 😦

  2. If you have her blog in a google feed reader you can see all the posts there, but the blog is gone 😦

  3. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. If you were on my server I would bake you some chocolate cookies (they make you feel a little better), but I guess the thought will have to do.

    The internet is great because you get to meet so many new and interesting people. But the internet sucks because people sometimes just disappear and you never know what happened to them. It’s sad. 😦

    • Thank you, I think the cookie feeling made it through the interwebs! I know, and me being a worrier, I always worry something bad happened irl. Döra was such a sweetheart, every post was like a friend coming over.

  4. Man, that’s really disappointing to hear about Dora. I always enjoyed reading about her adventures 😦 Even when bloggers give notice, I can’t help but feel sad when they close shop, but disappearing without a word is even more of a lonely feeling.

    Friendly hugs and cookies for your social druid~~

    • Thanks for those cookies! I got upset when Mortigan quit too, but his posts are still there and I see him sometimes on twitter, so it was sad to see him go and I admit I was being selfish because he just cracked me up so much.

      I just remembered her YouTube channel, I’ll have to go and check to see if her videos are still there at least.

  5. Oh, now I am sad, too, that Dora has left the blogosphere.

    But the rat on Navi’s shoulder is awesome. It would be so cool if companion pets like rats, parrots, monkeys, and such could sit on your character’s shoulder!

  6. OMG I have to copy that pic! I was going to make one myself but you did it for me!!!
    And oh that’s sad about Dora. She was the ONLY person who had a picture of Negatron 😦

    • I’m glad you like the rat on the shoulder pic! People will wonder how that well dressed Tauren manages to have to have a Felhound AND two companion pets!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        It took me a moment to recognize the picture. Otherwise I was thinking your lovely Forsaken ALSO drank a Potion of Illusion. Heh.

  7. JD Kenada Says:

    I’m like you, I like reading what everyone else has to say. I check my blogroll daily (I wish wordpress had the RSS set up for a blog so I just knew when people updated) looking for new thoughts and comments. THIS INCLUDES YOURS. 😉

    Also, if it’s anything like in Canada, major communications/hosting companies suck. They turn the volume up in their customer service department as well. This is a key reason I don’t have a cell phone, to say nothing of cable or satellite (though I just also find both of those to be completely not necessary in the modern media).

    • OH! I think you’re the only other person I know who doesn’t have a cell phone. I had one briefly and the service was so bad I just refuse to pay for “crackle, crackle, buzz, buzz” although everyone looks at me in horror when I say I don’t have one.

      I get notified by email when a new post is up but I just use it to let me know to go to their blog, don’t want to miss any pics!

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