My Beautiful, Beautiful, Warlock (work with me here)

Yes, yes, another Warlock outfit. Didn’t you just do that? Yes, but this is in the interest of keeping the peace. It’s hard enough keeping the peace cross-faction, but I’ve got cross-faction Warlock envy now and you KNOW something like that could get out of hand quickly, wouldn’t be pretty. I think I’ve listed this blog as PG so having blood and gore and souless kittens flying about would just not do.

So. My Forsaken was really put out with me about Ironsally’s outfit. She wanted equal billing. She wanted to look pretty, so here’s her “out on the town” outfit. Doesn’t she look lovely? Pssst!! I said doesn’t she look lovely? Come on, help me out a little here, please, just for the sake of harmony, someone tell her she’s pretty. Pay no attention to the small, skittery sound of her fingers clacking together. Look at her, she’s a vision of loveliness. What? Okay, Undead loveliness.

I told her the outfit accented her lovely alabaster skin and it does. And she saw the goggles and just had to have them because since, well … um … the accident she’s missed having her … eyes. So she was quite excited and said it was almost like having them back.

Anyway, hopefully showing off her new outfit should put an end to more character squabbling, which really can get so tiresome because all I ever do is referee these things, sheesh, I hardly ever get anything done.

Some of you may be thinking, oh, come on TotA, that’s so last month. But this is new to me and I stole it from Rolly McEyeballs who stole it from someone else. I keep watching it over and over and and I’m now convinced those aren’t misheard lyrics, THEY ARE REALLY saying that. Truly. Genuinely.

To a background of singing lawnmowers I bid you adieu. It is my cue to sadly leave my computer and get to work … outside. With calling birds, a lovely breeze and the smell of Spring. Thank the gods the Warlocks aren’t here, they hate that kind of crap.

25 Responses to “My Beautiful, Beautiful, Warlock (work with me here)”

  1. euphyley Says:

    Love it!!! I’ve never seen those shoulders before, where on earth can i get me some of those?

  2. That’s a great night out ensamble, quite stunning! I’m sure she’ll turn a few heads 🙂

  3. I think you have mixed elegance with just the right amount of power and shiny. Your warlock should be quite satisfied and if she continues to complain… tell her you’ll make her banish her pet.

  4. She *does* look awesome. Really! In fact, she looks *fabulous*!

    I love the combination of the Green Tinted Goggles with those shoulders, and the belt and gloves are perfect touches to tie it all together with the robe. Bravo!

    • Thanks Kamalia! When she hears all these nice things about how she looks it will go a long way to keeping the peace! One of these days I’m going to try to come up with an outfit I could actually acquire for her. I keep watching the AH and I’ve never yet seen the Silver-Thread Robe for sale.

  5. What a lovely outfit! I am surprised how well the Ruthless Gladiator gear goes with the black robes!

    Also, thank you for the O Fortuna video — I had not seen it and have probably watched it at least three times in a row now. Too funny, and I now cannot unhear! 😛

    • Thank you Ninevi! I have a lot of fun in MogIt but I’m going to have to try to come up with something I can actually get her, she may be ruthless but she’s not much of a Gladiator yet, ruthless PvP noob more like!

      Isn’t that great, first time I saw that I ran and got my husband and made him watch it too. Now I want to watch it again, lol.

  6. I showed this post to Frank, and I think he was smitten. At least, he gave an approving nod and gazed at the image for several minutes. Also, there was a bit of a spring in his step later as he watered the mushrooms.

    However, Frank prefers the original lyrics to O Fortuna. (And really, it does express some Forsaken or Warlock-ish sentiments.)

    O Fortune,
    just like the moon
    thou art variable,
    always dost thou
    wax and wane.
    Detestable life,
    first dost thou mistreat us,
    and then, whimsically,
    thou heedest our desires.
    As the sun melts the ice,
    so dost thou dissolve
    both poverty and power.

    and empty fate,
    thou, turning wheel,
    art mean,
    good health at thy will.
    in obscurity,
    thou dost attack
    me also.
    To thy cruel pleasure
    I bare my back.

    Thou dost withdraw
    my health and virtue;
    thou dost threaten
    my emotion
    and weakness
    with torture.
    At this hour,
    therefore, let us
    pluck the strings without
    Let us mourn together,
    for fate crushes the brave.

    (English translation from Wikipedia.)

    • Oh! I really think that’s what she was hoping for, that Frank would see her in her finery! She’ll be so pleased!

      Oh wow, so they really weren’t singing gopher tuna, I was so sure. Thanks for the lyrics, they really are suitable for a Warlock post too. I really like both versions.

      • The choir that I’ve been singing with the last two years is singing Carmina Burana (which is where O Fortuna is from) next season. My biggest regret about moving to another state is that I won’t get to sing it with them.

        • Now that is impressive. I think if I could have one wish it would be to be able to sing. I always loved O Fortuna I can’t imagine being able to sing it. Nobody would be able to shut me up!

          I hope you find a choir where you’re moving.

  7. Your forsaken warlock looks really good, her choice of the goggles really bring it home. Her hair matches the shoulders as well.

    • Thanks Ironyca! I really will have to work on putting something practical together than I can actually get for her next. I think she looks very nice for a Undead girl who has a bones problem!

  8. That set really brings out her eyes 😛

    OK, since you linked that video it made me think of this one I found last year… if you haven’t seen it before… YOU’RE WELCOME! 😛

  9. And does she look lovely! It works very well with her being a Forsaken. I’ve been trying to get my hands on that black dress for a while now.

    We studied the Carmina Burana in Latin for a couple of semesters, it was fun to see the misheard lyrics. On what Cym said, our class performed Benny Lava at the end of our senior year – I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrased xD!

    • I can’t believe it’s never on the AH, all the other silver-thread pieces come up but never that one.

      LOL! Now that would be something to see! I hope you got it on video. With the Benny Lava video I have a hard time remembering to look at the lyrics as I get carried away watching the video.

  10. She’s an undead warlock wearing a silver-thread gown. What’s not to love? 😉

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