The WoW Bird of Happiness

navibirdThis morning I’m doing the Tiller dailies and wondering why it’s taking Cat about five minutes to down a single Hozen … oh … Safari Hat again. Navi whispers that she just got a Flawless Battle-stone! Yay! I said it had been quite a while since I’d seen one, need one to drop for my Minfernal. Navi said come to Dath’Remar! Right now!

I had a character there, so logged in. Navi gave her the Battle-stone for her common Minfernal! How wonderful is that! She’s like one beautiful bird of WoW happiness! Sorry he singed your feathers! Thank you so much Navi!

I hurried to tell Cat as she’s the pet enthusiast, that Warlock only wanted to turn him into one of her minions.

minandcatAs expected Cat was thrilled and so grateful. She showed him off to all her friends at Halfhill. Best not to mention her clothes, she’s kind of touchy about that. She’s not in a good look place right now.

micookYeah … I’m not sure. She’s showing him the kitchen? Do Minfernals cook? Maybe she’s just showing him around the cottage to make him feel at home.

So how do I repay Navi? I think she’d want me to try to make someone else happy. Wait a minute. There’s going to be a server reset? Where’s Matty, let’s try one more time to go to the magical land of Drak’Tharon. Last time we tried we got booted to Pve, lets give it a try!

mattyYAY! YAY! It worked this time, we stayed on Drak’Tharon the magical battle pet server! Matty’s finally captured her Scourged Whelpling! The WoW bird of happiness passed it on! YAY! You’ve been scourged!

10 Responses to “The WoW Bird of Happiness”

  1. Grats. It’s a shame that the minfernal can’t deal with the duller side of dailies, like killing vermling and pulling up disobedient crops.

  2. Gosh your picture turned out nice! Mine looks horrible. You know, I would have thought minfernal would be hot rocks to cook on, kind of like how ragnaros is a cooking fire.
    Oh yay to matty for getting a scourged whelpling let me wander over to her and congratulate her in person.

  3. I could have sworn I posted my thank you comment here – where are my manners?! Thank you again dear Tome, and I know you know where the story is…

  4. Gratz to everyone!! Is Drak’Tharon not cross-realmed?

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