Mine’s Smaller Than Yours


EDIT: I am really having a day. Somehow this morning I managed to not only forget to write half of the intended info, I also turned off comments. I don’t know how since I didn’t even know how to do it. It’s taken me hours to figure out how to turn them back on. And I’ll probably forget. I think I should back away from the computer now and go somewhere safe where I can’t DO ANYTHING ELSE or put anyone in danger.  Sorry, I just had to tell someone cause I was so excited I turned them back on. Yeah, I’ll leave now.


I couldn’t figure out why people thought I was mocking legendary cloak wearers on Twitter. Some of my best friends wear them so I wouldn’t want that. I see now that I should keep my posting until after 8:30 am. I omitted the information the punchline depended on. I do this to my husband all the time I’m told. I make no distinction between conversations in my head and those held out loud.

Anyway, when you get to the part about my realm being “special” it’s because the group was farming in The Blazing Way, the wading pool end … my end, NOT the Ordon Sanctuary. THIS is what tickled me.

Carry on.

Oh … Cat … honey, that won’t work. You’re not fooling anybody, they can just inspect you and see you’re not wearing a legendary cloak. Yes, inspect. You didn’t know? What? Oh, I’m sorry you feel violated, what? Yes, indeed. They can even see the little hearts on your undies. I’m sorry.

After playing WoW all these years I tend to think there are no surprises left but I was wrong. Running around the Timeless Isle I saw a group forming to rep grind. I thought, I should do that! I’m never going to get to exalted with Shaohao on my own by occasionally killing Ordos as I run through their area. I’ll ask for an … oh.

Luckily I saw the next message before I asked, sparing me the embarrassment of rejection.

This group is ONLY for people with the legendary cloak.

ROTFLMAO. Luckily Cat can enter stealth and wait safely while I go into fits … well, almost convulsions of uncontrollable laughter. I have no idea why that tickled me so much but it did. Yes, you caught me. Mine is much, much smaller than yours. I sometimes wonder if my realm is  “special” or if this is the norm. Humans, you gotta love us … sorta.

I certainly admire the dedication it took players to obtain that cloak. I think anyone who did all that for that kid Wrathion should’ve been handed a check for 50,000 gold too … at least. I got three sigils of whatchamacallit and then bailed. Yeah … the second dog is me … hitting the Wall of Three Sigils. Nuh uh … forget that.


I seem to get fixated on things and then MUST do them. I HAD to do the Insane because I was sure it was going away. I became fixated. It was ALL I did for three months. And as it turns out the joke was on me as it stayed in the game, changed but there. I was obsessed with Ironsally, I HAD to get her to 85.

Luckily I was okay with letting the legendary chain pass me by but now I’m worried. I feel the possibility that a fixation may be stalking me. I turned off tracking on the quest in the hope that it would help. It whispers to me though. I’m trying to ignore it … dammit Noodle Cart! Leave me alone.

I’ve been furtively reading accounts of players managing the chain solo. Unfortunately they’ve all been by either Hunters or Death Knights and then I tell myself to get a grip. Don’t listen to the whispers of the Noodle Cart. You don’t even need that food, you want to do that JUST so you can have your own Noodle Cart? That’s crazy talk, pull yourself together!

Why do you chase me, Noodle Cart? WHY?

16 Responses to “Mine’s Smaller Than Yours”

  1. I missed the whole twitter thing. That pic is so adorable.

    • They took me to task for mocking cloak rep groups which I wasn’t but after I reread the post I could see why they thought that. I totally left out the part about the group doing it in the lower area where I was.

      I thought it was so funny that this group didn’t seem know that the benefit of a cloak group was to grind in the sanctuary.

  2. I have managed to get the legendary cloak solo on my priest. It is a long grind, but was worth it in the end. They have made it a little easier now that the items drop from more bosses than before, but RNG is still evil.

    • Big congratulations! I can’t even imagine doing that grind. I wimped out at three sigils. I’m too chicken to do LFR alone and after three times the guild I was in kind of imploded and I lost my daytime running buddy. I’m okay with it though but I really think I have to have a noodle cart, lol!

  3. The noodle cart isn’t bad. But I also understand that I’m one of the crazy people who doesn’t mind running dungeon finder.

  4. I thought you turned off the comments because we all need a chance to get in touch with our inner voices. Wait, there are noodle carts in dungeons? Well hunting monsters does take a lot of carbo loading.

    • ROTFL! No, it was me accidentally hitting something at 4:30 in the morning and then taking 4 hours to figure out what in the hell I’d done. I personally can’t get my inner voices to shut the hell up, stupid little voices.

  5. My spouse, who has shown little interest in what I should accomplish in WoW, has expressed an interest in the noodle cart. At least, I think that voice whispering in my ear was my spouse.

  6. Roo the Hunter Says:

    wow, all the good comments are taken. well, that’s me… a day late and a noodle behind!

  7. All these little voices whispering in ears. Um… Jeanne d’Arc for the win?

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