OLRG and Blog Spammers and Scammers

cimcelebSaturday I was so happy the stars aligned and I made it to an Old Ladies’ Raid again. I had asked Cim to get screen shots. I assumed she knew I meant of the old ladies, but no. She took the opportunity to get a picture of herself with a celebrity. She ran over to Kalecgos and just took shots of them. Jeez, just like a Warlock, me, me, me. It’s all about me.

Oh! Those are lovely gloves! I must have them! They’re perfect for Cim! Oh! I got them! Yay! Yes, you noobhead, they’re so perfect for Cim in fact that she’s WEARING THEM. Sigh … a memory would be handy at times, nevertheless I got to raid with the old ladies, so all good.

Lately I’ve been missing the old days. Not of WoW but of this blog. I used to get so much entertainment from spam. Gone are the glory days of Norwegian Carrot Cake. Spammers today are … boring.

If they’re to be believed, I do now have a handle on who visits my blog. I’m sure the spammers scientifically target just the right blogs for the market they’re trying to reach.

So welcome my friends! To all you very rich (high quality diamond ads), recovering drug addicts (ritzy addiction recovery retreats) I bid you greetings! I did not know you all were interested in WoW.

I must add that I was also shocked to find out that while you’re all quite rich you still take time to find the very best deals. Quality diamonds are one thing but getting a good deal on a car is apparently a priority.

Good for you! I’ll have to check and see if there’s a Bubba’s Used Cars in our area. If Bubba’s deals are good enough for diamond-adorned, posh wow-playing people in recovery, then they’re good enough for me.

In other blog news I’ve been contacted by an Advertising Manager in a Anonymous Gaming Company! How do I know? Cause he said so in his anonymous gmail … not from a gaming company.

He wants to give me money for advertising! Yay! Yay! I find it a little odd that an ADVERTISING manager isn’t familiar with the fact that a free WordPress hosted website can’t advertise but no matter. I’m SURE he’s on the up and up … really.

How I long for those halcyon days of carrot cake … sniff … and I do feel kind of sorry for Bubba, somebody is really taking him for a … well … ride.

8 Responses to “OLRG and Blog Spammers and Scammers”

  1. Hmm, I had a similar email just a couple of days ago to advertise on my site. Never taken them up and don’t plan to any time soon. I do remember your carrot cake though.

  2. The last good spam I got was Squirrel Nuts Stirring Up Drama: it has been my motto ever since. I will say Blogger does a ‘better’ job of search terms that cracked me up. I can’t find any good ones on WordPress. I agree: we need more cake.

  3. I thought I was the “Queen of Being Distracted and Led Astray by Random Stuff on the Internet”. Now I will gleefully state “at least I don’t read my spam mail!” when My Crafting Buddy and Kidlet tease me about being so flighty.

    Never mind making a humungous cake recipe, … … I’m still gob-smacked to know that you read your spam!

    Who reads spam? Isn’t it just there to mass delete? Don’t you get sick computers from opening the messages? I’m afraid to even look at the titles too long on the off chance that some hacker has figured out a way to time my hovering cursor and get into my computer that way. I would never dream of actually clicking open a message and reading it!

    As an aside, since I moved our farm website to WordPress, my time spent dealing with spam has more than doubled! For half the size of website. Thankfully we’ll be taking it down soon and I won’t have to worry about having my computer invaded from that angle!

    • I used to read some of the interesting ones like carrot cake but now I just mass delete. My computer has so much protection it goes into Defcon 4 and starts shrieking if anything untoward tries to get through to save me from my dangerous curiosity.

      I too can lose hours getting distracting by the internet. It starts by watching a video about dogs trying to get sticks through a door and then … two hours later I come back to earth!

  4. I could live on carrot cake. I just might try your spammer recipe one of these days except I’ve only got one bowl and I just realized I don’t have a cake pan 😦

    Could I substitute white cat fur for the black dog fur? Got plenty of that around.

    • It really was a good carrot cake although much more trouble than, you know, buying one which is more like me. I’m pretty sure while car fur is a suitable substitute for black dog hair. I think I saw that in my cookbook!

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