The Week of Eating Dangerously

cateatingMy husband was on vacation last week. His idea of being on vacation is going out to eat AT LEAST one meal a day. It seems all we did was eat. I see it even spilled over into Azeroth as I think that’s something like Cat’s seventh order of Pandarian hot pot.

So yeah, not much headway done on things to do before THE PATCH. I can’t really concentrate when any moment someone will run into the room yelling LET’S GO CHECK OUT THE NEW FROZEN YOGHURT PLACE!

Okay, let’s see where we are.

Cim? You were supposed to be trying to get to level 7 of the Brawler’s Guild, how’s that going?

You didn’t? Okay then I guess you spent your time running The Stonecore and Eye of Eternity for the mounts, right?

You were getting keys from the Mogu for Golden Lotus reputation? What the hell for? What’s going on here?

Cat, how’s The Seeker of Knowledge thing coming? No? Why not?

Will someone tell me what’s going on!

phantafriendWHAT! Who boosted Phanta? What? Me?

I know boosting should be anathema to altoholics because we’re all about the journey but I felt so sorry for Sasche and Ironrose not having support staff so just this one more boost. Just this one and I’ll stop. I hope.

Okay … probably not such a good idea to boost a Rogue, Ironrose is a Feral Druid so I already knew how to play her but Phanta and the Timeless Isle? Really, really painful. I think the worst part is finally finding a pink flamingo and sneaking up to have … once again … a caster toast that bird as I’m just about to attack. The life of a Rogue poor thing.

Anyway we’ve been having so much fun trying to get her jewelcrafting and alchemy going and getting her some clothes and APPARENTLY Cim’s been getting her reputation that we all kind of just forgot about “things to do before the patch.”

Sasche ran around picking flowers for Phanta’s alchemy. Cat’s graciously agreed that Phanta can take over the Celestial Tournament for the Timeless Coins as long as she sends her the Filet Mignon of Pet Leveling.

I guess they’ve all been enjoying this. Phanta even got her Cloud Serpent Riding Yeah I know. She did it to sell the mount for 750 gold but what can you expect, she’s a Goblin.

battlestonesCat did find something odd, she’s been getting Flawless Battlestones at a shocking drop rate. She’s convinced that they’ve changed the drop rate. I don’t know if it’s true or she’s just had a run of exceptional luck.

End of expansions are dangerous times where I sometimes forget what I like to do and I get swept up in the tide of other people’s enthusiasm.

NOTHING would make me forget that I don’t want to do the Legendary Cloak Questline but I did make myself miserable doing things I’d forgotten I don’t enjoy.

Thanks to that little greedy Goblin I think I’m back on track … well … in Azeroth anyway. IRL I’m looking at a week of eating twigs and spinach leaves to make up for the week of eating dangerously but man, it was fun while it lasted.



7 Responses to “The Week of Eating Dangerously”

  1. That does sound like fun and yummy.

  2. Did someone say FROZEN YOGHURT! OMG A NEW PLACE?? MUST GO TRY NOW! Way more important than that Brawler’s guild place. Or reading about Garrisons.

  3. […]  Tome, Tome, where were you?! We missed you so much! Elay informed us at about 4:15 Pacific that in about  45 minutes she needed to go to participate in the 2014 RUNNING OF THE GNOMES for breast cancer awareness– What? What is this? All of us decided to leave Dragon Soul on ice for a bit and participate! Helke, Taikuutta, me, and others went to Scarlet Crusade, make pink-haired gnomes, and ran our little legs off from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay – I did it! […]

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