Alliance Rides to Frostfire Ridge … sorta

shamanstoneSo Cim the Warlock is really taking this garrison stable thing seriously. She had two quests given her and they both involved going to Frostfire Ridge. Hmm … must be a way. She was determined to get there one way or another.

Not being the patient sort she decided to head to Skysea Point in Gorgrond and jump off a cliff and try to ride there. I wish she hadn’t been in such a hurry and had noted the coordinates but she didn’t.

So if you jump down and ride, ride, ride … ride, ride, and ride along the steep coast of Frostfire Ridge you will eventually come upon a Shamanstone. Ride up behind it and you’re there!

frstfirefightSuccess! She completed the two quests and picked up some flight paths. She’ll have to go back and look around for the land version because I’m sure she’ll have more work to do over there.

Cim’s been very busy although her motivation is suspect. She suddenly kicked it into high gear for a while but that was only after learning she’d needed to be level 94 to get her fishing shack started. Not sure if all the frenzied activity will continue.

squiggyAnd then there’s Cat … yeah. I don’t know. She’s usually the first one to reach level cap but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen this time. She seems content to hang around the garrison looking for Pepe the garrison bird and petting Squiggy, sigh.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, maybe all those Pandaren telling her to slow down finally took. Maybe I should tell her that Cim has her very own fishing shack. Yeah, a little peer pressure might do the trick!

15 Responses to “Alliance Rides to Frostfire Ridge … sorta”

  1. Gratz on your ton of toys, too.

    Kallixta has been plodding, not exactly racing, through content. It’s an experiment where others like Aldonza must idle until she’s hit 100 or it might never happen.

    While leveling is supposed to be the priority, She did manage to find time for things like beating up Ashlei’s plushie.

  2. Poor Fnor and Kaldor are taking the slow route through this expansion – big burly hunters tend to get lost with all of this land traveling and we won’t talk about some of the deadly shortcuts they have taken. The embarrassing thing is losing your corpse and be out there searching for it only to realize that you’ve explored new areas of the map that you’ve never seen before.

    Really reminds me of how it was when I first started playing and would “die” – always took me forever to find my corpse.

  3. Yeah, I’m slowing down too 😀
    I took the Stables in the Beta and they are awesome! It’s fun catching your own mounts and you don’t get the daze/dismount effects.
    I was all excited to get the Pet Battle area at the garrison, but first I have to upgrade my Town Hall and it takes 2000 resources – I’ve got 600 so boo!
    I should have built a Lumber Yard…

  4. I have had many moments of “I believe I can fly” and jump off cliffs for ‘shortcuts.’ Maybe I better just stay put and pet Squiggy, too. Once again Cat is the smartest one out there!

    • I should probably let Cim forge ahead and Cat piddle around. Not much fun when they were both doing the same quests. Maybe I’ll just let Cat run around getting leather and petting the garrison creatures!

  5. Kallixta finished the Shimmer Moor Bonus Objective and thought, “I only need to travel this little bit to explore ‘Darktide Roost’ and I bet I’ll finish Exploring all of Shadowmoon Valley”.

    Watch out! That last step to the water is a doozy!

  6. For what it’s worth, I eventually received a few flight paths to Silvermoon (as Horde). I’m not sure what level (95 maybe?), but they do show up. I imagine you get the same thing on the Alliance side, it’s just a patience thing. 😀

    • Patience! What is this thing called patience, lol. That Warlock doesn’t have it. Must tame mounts this instant! She is being pretty good about holding on to one in Nagrand and finishing up more stuff for the birdmen.

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