I Got your Moose Right Here

pepeflightCat wanted to talk about how delighted she was to find that Pepe DID ride with her when she flew … but then word of Patch 6.2.3 broke and she didn’t feel like talking anymore. Cat’s used to being kicked in her non-existent nuts but this was the last straw for her.

Like most patches this one means squat all to her because we don’t play the way you’re “supposed” to. That’s fine … our fault, she’s used to that. What sent her over the edge, I mean REALLY over the edge was that the moose would be unattainable for her.

To Cat THE MOOSE is the quintessence of druidness, it is THE Druid mount. She’d hoped it would be obtained by a really annoying, endless grind. But no … out of reach. She has never cared about all the mounts she’ll never have because she doesn’t raid until this … the moose.

She snapped. It’s the only explanation. She’s always been level-headed and somewhat frugal. This pushed her over the edge apparently.


I didn’t get to the AH in time. The deed was done when I ran up to Golothas.

Gol, why didn’t you call me and let me know what was up?

I didn’t dare, she was snarling in Cat Form.

Cat had decided she would declare a NEW epitome of druidhood. Sweet baby Elune, you paid WHAT for that chicken … sorry … Druid Rooster?!!!! Aw Cat … we were saving that, jeez.

CAT! What are you doing anyway? It’s the what? The /rude … um … rooster?

Okay … I’m just going to back away and let her enjoy her Druid … ah … Rooster.

13 Responses to “I Got your Moose Right Here”

  1. I was thinking of you when the news broke. People are already talking of mount carries but I don’t see myself doing that.

    • I’d been checking the AH since early in the year when I passed on a magic rooster egg and then regretted not buying it. One was on the AH last night and I thought, save for a carry or buy the egg? The egg won!

  2. TeriShelly Says:

    I feel sort of clueless about this – had missed all the original news about the moose and wouldn’t have understood the significance even if I had heard it. But I feel your pain – to be looking forward to something & then find out it’s going to be effectively unobtainable because of the requirment is not good. Enjoy the rooster 🙂

    • I usually don’t mind missing out but the Grove Warden looked so great and druidy I really wanted it. My Druid seems content now with her rooster running around Tanaan making chicken noises, lol.

  3. That egg is great! And I’m sorry that the moose mount isn’t obtainable for you… I think it’s out of reach for a lot of people.

  4. That rooster looks like Colonel Sanders’ worst nightmare come to life.

  5. I forgot to say that I did not notice you talking about Pepe… I only just noticed her on my druid!

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