Of Furbolg and (Iron)Men


One of my favorite things about WoW is that no matter how small the bit of time you have to play there’s something to do. I had a half hour this morning before an appointment. I decided to visit blogs and when browsing Bubbles of Mischief, Cyrme had this post. I did not know that. I had The Defender of the Timbermaw but knew nothing of the Stave of Fur and Claw. 20 more minutes, plenty of time to pick one of those up. I even had time to spare to menace the children of Stormwind, and visit Ithurian Whitespire, dancing about as a Furbolg for him hoping to cheer him. He was downsized and he’s been a little melancholy since then.


Speaking of melancholy my little Ferricat has been moping about Ashenvale with a sullen expression on her face. I waited forever to take this screen shot, hoping for a smile or at least a Night Elf jiggle, nothing. Fine, is it something I said? What’s wrong? She’s a very solemn Night Elf to begin with, nothing like my other Druid. What gives here? I mean you’re still alive and all.

OH. That got a reaction. No thanks to you she said. WHAT! What have I done? She told me to look at my quest log. Oops. They were all yellow. She was mad because I’d been making her do yellow quests and then complaining about her being “squishy” as opposed to my Warlock Ironman. Last night she kept having to run for the hills and I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. Duh. Silly me. I think there’s some ill will between the Warlock and Druid, I’d better watch what I say from now on. Don’t want to start any drama among them.

She may also have been annoyed that I insisted we go to Northern Barrens and hang out until we found at least one Takk’s Nest. Selling companion pets enabled Ironsally to buy her fast flying mount so it’s never too early to start saving. She’ll thank me later.

I’m dying to login, she’s almost level 24 and then she’ll finally be able to train Faerie Fire (Feral) which should make a difference. I can’t right now. Death and Taxes. While Ferricat is going to try to cheat death I’ve found no way to get around taxes. This is the last stretch and by later today, Ashenvale lookout, kitty’s coming for you!

5 Responses to “Of Furbolg and (Iron)Men”

  1. I did it Ancient! I made a toon on Zangarmarsh and I friended you. So you will be witness to my first pathetic attempt at alt levelling. Iron style.

  2. You’re a braver folk than I! I’m too scared for Ironman…

    • The no-death one is really scary but the Ironman with deaths allowed was a lot of fun. It’s really funny, I even prepare the room before I log into the no-death character. Make sure nothing’s about to fall on the keyboard and cause her to run toward a group of mobs, lol.

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