Pet Battles … The Shocking Truth

dmfairetamer… is that I really have an addiction. This from someone who thought … yeah big whoop … about pet battles. I can’t wait to visit the Darkmoon Faire and thrill in the power that is my Lil’ Ragnaros every day. BY FIRE BE BURNED!!! I yell it along with him, works out fine when I’m alone but it’s becoming so ingrained that I hope I don’t start yelling it out on the phone with a client.

Which is another thing I love about pet battles, I can stop in the middle and take a call. No one dies, everything stops just where it was and they all wait for me! Perfect! I have frequently died in the past from phone calls which is fine by me but one reason I didn’t like to group, as I can’t let other people’s characters die for my job, that’s just wrong. So pet battles! Perfect for people who are supposed to be working but aren’t!

I even have a little black book. In it I keep notes on what pets could use an upgrade, who works well against who and a list of my teams because I got a little pet battle dyslexic there for a while. I am very fond of Axel my Clockwork Gnome. I love his ow! ow! ow! and ouch, I became so enamored of Axel that I kept mistaking him for humanoid because come on, he’s Axel my bud! And then he was Axel the dead bud. So now I keep detailed notes in my closely-guarded little black book.crowEvery Battle-Stone I receive is a thrill. It involves hours of study at and PetBattleArena making sure I upgrade a worthy pet. Do they have the stats I want? Could I use a better flying pet? Or would magic be better? So much to consider. Catwynn’s choice was made easy as the Battle-Stone was for flying. No contest, it’s the Crow. That Cat has no patience, so she figured that the odds of her camping a rare were about zero, so easy Rare Crow!

And that’s another thing, I wonder if anyone else does this. Cat is the pet battler. For some reason I must think that her months of experience at pet battling make her preferable to another character. I noticed the other day I had a character at the correct location but logged out and flew there so Cat could battle the tamer. You never know, best to play it safe.

When I first started pet battles I did it like everything else in-game, quickly. I must hurry to get him before he gets me, aaaahhhhhh! They died a lot. It was a eureka moment when I realized that I could take all the time in the world. I could calmly consider my next move. No one was going to jump me. I’ve done a lot better since. It’s like chess, no really.

I find it interesting that among so many fans of battle pets there are so many different interests. Some love hunting and capturing the rare ones. Some love PvP battles, some battling the tamers, others leveling all the pets.

waterspiritLook at that! She gave me bandages AND a Pandaren Water Spirit! And here I though she really didn’t like me that much! Who knew! We’re BFFs now!

I told Navi I had an addiction. She asked if I wanted an intervention and I yelled, okay typed, NO NO NO! NEVER!Β  There is a lot that I love about this expansion. I like the farmers at Halfhill, in fact I like them so much I pay all their debts because I can’t beat them up. I was so touched by Farmer Yoon’s excitement when I bought an “Earth-Slasher” Master Plow for the farm. That Pandaren was giddy with joy over the addition to the farm. I like the beauty of the zones, even the creepy ones are gorgeous.

But I LOVE pet battles. My goal is to level EVERYTHING! I will then have a stable of choices, I can pick and choose. I can try different combinations. Cata lasted Cat about two months and then she had to get creative. Old content, Ironman challenges, making money. This time is different. I HAVE THE PET BATTLES! SQUEEEEEEE! Sorry … and yes, I do actually SQUEE aloud every time I get a Battle-Stone. My husband even now knows to turn to me and inquire, “Battle-Stone squee?” Ah … life is good.

16 Responses to “Pet Battles … The Shocking Truth”

  1. I’ve managed to postpone my imminent addiction so far – I’m treating pet battles like chocolate – just 1 or 2 bites then back to the rest of the stuff! If I don’t then I’ll be sitting here at the start of the next expac thinking ‘where the heck did the last 2 years go?’

  2. It’s so hard not to get addicted to pet battling. I put my pets away to level my hunter a bit and the next thing ya know – BLAM – the pet battling starts again. le sigh, I guess there’s a lot worse things out there to get addicted to. :p

    Grats on your Pandaren Water Spirit!

    • Thanks Euph! I did at least yesterday force myself to do the Lorewalkers scrolls, it was hard at first. Was getting the shakes without my pets but enjoyed it. Addictive little things!

  3. And I STILL haven’t upgraded my pets yet with my stones. IT’S TOO HARD!! I thought those damned stones would make my life easier but no, they’ve just added a whole new layer of complication to my pet battles… oh the indecision!

    And I think I need an intervention too. I’m still not exalted with Anglers or Cloud serpents – because I’m too busy pet battling!

    • I know, I feel guilty about not helping out the Shado-Pan and I’ve neglected the Klaxxi too, all for those pets.

      They do cause a LOT of worrying those stones, who to pick, must be just the right pet to upgrade.

  4. Holy dog biscuits Tome: I could have written this; including little black book. I sh*t you not.

  5. Oh nice one!

    Well the stone I did get has been used and I’ve even put my used my justice points to good use. Need to get more flawless ones though.

  6. The little black book bit really made me laugh! I’ve been so addicted to pet battles that my hunter has been stuck at level 87 for some time now. Fortunately I didn’t buy MoP until the recent Black Friday promotion so I didn’t ‘waste’ any money πŸ™‚

    • I know! I did start battling before I got to 90 and then made myself quit for a while. I kept thinking once I hit 90 it’s all pet battling all the time, lol, and it pretty much has been.

  7. I hear Malibu Passages has a spot reserved for you already…

    • They probably have a whole wing reserved for us pet battlers!

      • I’m pretty sure that there is a bed with my name on in a psych ward womewhere (which I assume is what you are talking about) πŸ™‚ … and the addiction is only getting worse too. I had to tear myself away from Loch Modan this morning because I had better things to do than keep battling till I got a rare Ram πŸ˜€

        • LOL! We’ll all be meeting there! I’m so bad when I get a rare in a battle and know I have one of them I still check to see if the one I’m going to battle has better stats because I might want to upgrade my rare with a better rare!

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