Information Packed Posts …

sadly never happen here. Yeah … I know, it bothers me too. So it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing, so I decided to REALLY think hard. I must know SOMETHING helpful … no, nothing so far … then I found Joanna! Yay! I can do this! You can do THIS! Let’s all PRANCE!

Yeah … the hair … I can’t do that. Maybe a ponytail would be appropriate … yeah … I can definitely do a great ponytail. Okay, the pants I’m NOT doing. I don’t think it will hurt anything if I wear jeans do you? Those pants … no … just … cannot.

So while I was prancing, I FINALLY thought of some great information to share. It might come in handy if you have allergies or sinus problems like I do. These problems can cause mouth breathing. One of the reasons I never want to talk on vent or mumble but never mind that, on to the helpful information!

When cleaning your toilet, take a deep breath BEFORE using the toilet brush. Now hold that breath while strenuously scrubbing the toilet bowl. If needed, stop brushing, back away. Release your breath. Take another deep breath. Repeat scrubbing. Continue to repeat the steps until toilet bowl is clean.

Failure to close mouth while cleaning can result in splashes of water hitting your face. This can result in screaming and dare I say, a lot of prancing around while screaming. Really, I you could end up using an ENTIRE bottle of mouthwash trying to disinfect your mouth.

Not to worry, when certain people in my house forget to put the toilet seat down, our dogs on occasion have had a sip of toilet water. They’re still here … so whew …

Yay! There’s my helpful, informational post! I love this being helpful stuff, I feel like a freaking Mother Teresa of Azeroth now, although technically I don’t think we have to scrub toilet bowls there. Maybe they’ll make a daily for it. Anyway, remember to prance and keep your mouth closed while doing hazardous tasks! And have a great weekend, my work here is done!

24 Responses to “Information Packed Posts …”

  1. Why am I still watching this!? πŸ˜€

  2. I simply can’t take something that looks that silly seriously.

    • So far I haven’t been able to try it as I keep giggling which makes it hard. Maybe later in the basement where no one but the dogs will see me I’ll prance!

      • The cynic in me says that they’d get a lot more interest if they got women in swimsuits to do it. Then again, something that actually makes pole dancing look like highbrow exercise probably isn’t that helpful.

  3. Okay, after snorting coffee through my nose – the pants, definitely the pants have got to go – the pearl choker and the hair, well, maybe not the hair. Why did I have visions in my mind of the Monty Python crew chasing her around with a straight jacket? LOL, thanks for the laughs there.

  4. Oh my gosh Tome – great minds and all – I damn near posted the same thing this morning! Thank you for taking up the helm and sharing with readers this fantastic new exercise. I’m down!

  5. How the hell did you find that? I couldn’t watch the whole thing πŸ˜›

  6. can you introduce me to her? She’s hot!!!

    oh wait, this isn’t where I think it is. Never mind….


  7. I can’t decide if I like the fierce pink jacket + pearl combo or the rockin’ moves more!!

    Sadly I must admit that I do sometimes walk down the street like this.

  8. I am still laughing at don’t clean with your mouth open. It’s like don’t open your mouth when changing a nappy lol

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