The Isle of It was Dead When I Got There

ky-leYesterday was one of those days. As Cim approached the Timeless Isle she saw this incredible piece of real estate. She got off her mount to inquire as to whether it might be for sale but Ky-Le took her inquiry the wrong way I guess and she ended up flagged … and forgot about it. Of course when she reached the Isle someone killed her while she was killing a turtle. Later on while doing AoE on a rare someone ran up and killed her. Someday she should really learn how to PvP.

voidlordSo yeah … she called for a taxi and the bird took the Voidlord instead … sigh. She finally gets up to the lake to camp Garnia, whew. I found she has a talent for logging in right after someone else kills Garnia.

Cim needs four more rares for the achievement and most reside up around the sanctuary. So after missing Garnia again she went to take a look and found Flintlord Gairan was standing there. She called out and called out and nope, nobody coming. Probably should have looked him up first. If I had I would have read, “don’t pull him from maximum range or he’ll charge you and probably one-shot you.”

No probably about it. Okay, this isn’t fun anymore. What else can I do?

Because MoP has had so much to do, I’m about to lose my membership in the Azerothian Altoholics Society. And I’ve been jealous of all those handsome Blood Elves people have so that’s it! Roll a Blood Elf male!

purloinThere he is! Salty Purloin the Rogue. I really should train fishing on him or he’ll look like a big poser. He was invited to a posh party and there he is dancing … wait a minute … what’s he staring at? OMG! Of all the nerve! If I were you Purloin I’d stop checking out that girl before her boyfriend sees you.

Hmm … we’ll see how this goes. This guy looks to be trouble to me.

20 Responses to “The Isle of It was Dead When I Got There”

  1. Most of the time when I’m on the Isle I feel like a Black Friday shopper who’s missed every single bargain. Starting to get a little tiresome…what’s that? There’s a slot for another alt? Oh, okay…I’ll go do that instead…

  2. We should hook up sometime and I’ll cover you while you go hunting. That way any Horde that pop in will have to deal with two of us.

    • HA! Thank you! That would be a big surprise for those pvpers! I have to learn to be more careful with aoe too, I guess they’re trying to collect the coins. At least there’s not a repair bill from it.

  3. Yes…camping Garnia *insert hysterical laughter* I finally pulled the plug on that one and bought it from the AH.
    I can finally pull my hunter from Ruby Lake where she’s been living since Timeless Isle went live.
    Yeah, the rep grind is horrible, the RNG drop rates are so low it’s not worth trying for anything so what’s left? Even a mouse running around a maze expects some cheese every once in a while…

    • I’ve only ever seen one on the AH, if I’d known how rare it would turn out I would have bought it. Next time I see it I’m snatching it up!

      The drop rates do seem horribly low cause I don’t see many for sale so it looks like it’s not just my bad luck.

      And no one wants to do the rep grind but the Warlock realized killing the Ordos was the only way to get cloth on the Isle so there’s still hope I’ll get that harmonious porcupette!

      • I was really lucky – someone who had the rep/coins gave me the Harmonious Porcupette πŸ˜€
        I’ve seen the on the AH so keep checking – as more people get the rep the prices will drop.
        Not sure about the PvP one – I hope that one can be caged and sold too!
        Grats on your new Rogue πŸ˜€

        • I’m hoping that too although I haven’t seen the pvp porcupette on the AH yet. The Warlocks a third of the way to revered so that one won’t be too bad.

          Thanks, I’m enjoying him so far but then he’s pretty similiar to feral so it’s not too different, he just LOOKS different, lol.

  4. That’s hilarious. I didn’t know they could pick up pets but I guess it makes sense. A male BE? All these people who play the other sex… I tried it once but it didn’t take.

    • It just started happening if the pet’s on defensive, was quite a giggle.

      I’ve tried playing the opposite sex a few times and they aren’t around anymore so we’ll see how this Rogue goes, might be the one!

  5. Oooh male belf!

    I have ONE male belf. I made him as dudebro as I could. He likes to stand around looking fabulous while doing the Cata JC dailies to level.

  6. That happens to me on the Isle all the time too. It’s either everything is dead. Or there’s something big and scary that even Seish can’t kill on his own… and nobody on his dead server wants to show up when I call out. Or there’s the third option which happens if you live on a pvp server (which Seish does) which is that you call it out and somebody from your own faction shows up with the Censer on and kills you for coins. πŸ˜›
    I fully admit to loving male blood elves far, far too much. My roster is full of ’em. Good luck and have fun with yours. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! He’s a lofty level 12 now, lol. I don’t think I could take trying to deal with people killing me while I try to do stuff every day. I do have one character on a pvp server but she’s just there to look for pets to capture and it’s pretty low population. And I’m terrible at pvp, I usually just stand there shocked that someone’s killing me instead of doing something … then I’m dead.

      • I’m terrible at pvp. Most of mine are on that pvp server cause that’s where all my friends where when I started playing the game. I tend to freeze up and just get killed too. Sometimes because I’m startled, sometimes because I just don’t feel like dealing with it. lol Sometimes though I’m spiteful. Seish has that dagger of kill yourself from one of the Isle of Thunder rares. So sometimes I just kill myself and laugh. No bloody coins for them XD

  7. That Island is MINE!!!! I kill that Horde Panda whenever I pass and take possession for a bit but he obviously likes being kicked in the face by a female Nightelf cos he always comes back. Although I go less and less now mostly because I hate the Timeless Isle mostly because everything I want is dead and I did a dodgy trade of a Moon Moon to acquire the one pet I really wanted from it (the Dandelion one).

    • OH! Maybe that’s why he acted that way cause you already had a contract on the property, lol!

      I’ve given up on Garnia but I’m still running around killing anything that drops pets but to no avail dammit!

  8. Oh I”m sorry, I laughed so hard when I realised what you meant by it taking Cim’s voidlord. That would have been so frustrating but hilarious at the same time, I want to take my warlock over and flag down taxi’s to see if I can get that to happen. What a rude pet though taking the ride and making you wait πŸ™‚

    • I know! Cim didn’t like that I posted the screen shot because now everyone knows her minions are aren’t very well trained, lol!

      So far it seems to only happen if it’s on defensive and gets off a hit before the bird picks her up.

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