OLRG: While the Cat’s Away the Mice Will … TURN HORDE

knivesWhile Matty might be back in time for the regular 4:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Eastern run, she thought it doubtful. I’ll be on and thought if everyone wants to we could do something as Horde until she returns … or not. Whatever you ladies want to do.

Really I just wanted to post about what a great day it was. Yes, see that Voidlord, he’s ecstatic. The Squirrels With Knives guild was born today.

I was complaining to Matty that I was simultaneously attacked by Mogu and guild invites. Since I have guild invites turned off I get the personal requests that require a polite response. Sasche’s rather rare as an unguilded 90 and sometimes the requester wants to argue my decline.

Within minutes Matty and friends saved me.  Between Matty and her guild mate Turk and OLRG raider Taik (I hope I have the shortened version of their name right or I’ll be humiliated) Sasche had a safe haven from guild invites and a bank!

icansignitThere’s Turk with his descriptive and helpful name because I WAS obsessing about, “but how will I know it’s the right person?”

I think Matty knows me really well, I probably would land in a coma if I had to approach four strangers to sign a charter. Annoying to be this way but you work with what you’ve got.

So I asked Matty to come up with a good name as I loved her ideas for guild names. So Squirrels With Knives was born. Thank you all so much!

squirrelYeah … embarrassing … my husband pointed out that … well, that’s not a squirrel. It’s a chipmunk. Geez. Thankfully I didn’t know that cause Squirrels With Knives is WAY scarier than Chipmunks With Knives. I really dodged a bullet there.

4 Responses to “OLRG: While the Cat’s Away the Mice Will … TURN HORDE”

  1. Love the guild name! hehe

  2. Oh no! I missed out on some horde hijinks? Grats on the new guild.

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