Reviewing the Troops

ztrikeLook buddy I don’t care WHAT KIND of gas mileage that thing gets, mine’s better! Imagine my surprise on logging in and finding Phanta riding a Zhevra. I really wanted one so I’m doing RAF with Kamalia … so yeah … where did this come from? I mean she IS a Goblin Rogue, I hope she wasn’t up to no good.

I have a second account that I started for dual-boxing, I sucked at dual-boxing. I got tired of having to go back and find the follower. She almost ALWAYS got herself drowned, enough of that. I would fire up the second account every once in a while to invite myself to my guild when I made a new alt. At some point I must have RAFed myself … I guess.

See? Big plus having a crappy memory. You can totally surprise yourself! Now I’m faced with having to figure out what I want next. The Zhevra was easy … going to have some thinking to do. Pet or mount? Pet or mount?

eternalbondYeah … um … about that eternal bond. Geez Liwu, don’t tell them! Yeah, Liwu found she didn’t have Cloud Serpent Riding and remembered how much those babies sell for. Cha-ching! She’s been hanging out with that Goblin too much.

imagirlYeah, Lokkan my Draenei Shaman’s still reaping the benefits of girlhood. Hearing the odds were 50/50 that she was a guy did scare off this one’s advances. She usually has two or three buffs going from passing Priests, Paladins and Druids. One day a lovely Druid followed her around for about a half and hour and healed her while she bonked pink birdies on the head. What? Tell them what?

Oh, she wants me to tell you she’s graduated to crabs and snakes. I still can’t figure this out. This didn’t happen when she was an Enhancement Shaman but that was back when Fenris was just Fenris. I can only conclude the influx of players from Dragonblight caused an increase in chivalrous behavior.

One other thing. I get that Cat prefers turtles, snakes and crabs while on the Isle. She’s a skinner.Ā  I get that the Warlocks who are both tailors prefer Burning Beserkers because they drop cloth. New arrivals to the Isle kinda stick to the pink birds and little yaks but what is up with Liwu?

Liwu really has it in for those Gulp Frogs and I really have no idea why. I can see the logic behind the rest’s choices but I can’t even begin to figure out this. Must be some Pandaren thing. Like her insistence on doing NOTHING until she made her Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley’s Station yesterday so she could use it. Now she’s just waiting for server maintenance to be over to get her last one. Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan, how did she miss that?

Places to go, things to do. Four hours and counting …

16 Responses to “Reviewing the Troops”

  1. Haha, nice. Not sure if I’ll ever get any of those pets and mounts but I’ll be busy levelling a new profession for a bit. Ooh, DMF easy 5pts at least šŸ˜›

    • Did you pick up engineering? So fun! Yeah, I think two RAF mounts or pets will be it for me. I’m thankful I have a little time to make up my mind on the second one cause it’s hard to choose.

  2. I have yet to get a bunch of my characters to the Isle. Here’s hoping they have as much fun as yours – those damned pink flamingos are vicious and sent my hunter screaming like a little girl off the place.

    • What’s really funny about me and the Isle is that I will get sick of it but when a new character gets there it’s like it’s all brand new and fun again. I really have to wonder about myself sometimes, lol.

  3. I have six 90s I need to get out there and I keep having a severe case of procrastination – yep, I said it – could it be denial? I’ll get there, yes I will, however, I’ll be stealthy with it. I won’t tell them where they are going when they hop on the flight path.

  4. This tickled me pink whispers! I swear your shammy is throwing out some kind of pheromone though because mine are not being treated this nicely…too damn funny

  5. Grats on your Zhevra! I still get an Emerald Hippogryph out of our swap — have you decided yet what you will choose instead of the Zhevra?

    I don’t blame Liwu for wanting to get her missing transporter devices completed right away. With a full set of the things, being an Engineer is just as good as being a Mage for getting around between continents quickly.

    • Thanks! It was quite a surprise, lol. No, I can’t decide what I want and I’ll probably change my mind many times before I really must decide. I know, I love the transporters especially when they malfunction!

  6. I would still love that mount. I did the RaF with myself during the Christmas sale and folded for the purple tiger pet. Don’t think I can afford to keep up 3 accounts so I’ll probably have it go inactive once the time is used up.

    Yeah, I found the dual boxing/follow thing more trouble than it was worth, so my RaF leveling bonus expired before I got to level 20 šŸ˜›

    • I’m happy I got the Zhevra but it’s kinda scary I don’t remember doing it, lol. The next one should be a mount but the little pets call to me. Yep, these two are going to be it for me, Blizzard has enough of my money already!

  7. Gotta love that Kam šŸ˜€ she’s is great for the RAF thing, right Kam? šŸ˜€

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