Have Gun … er, Freaking Giant Two-hander, Will Travel


Oops, oops, oops. Wrong Paladin. Yep, Luz had been 100 for a couple of days now and she sure did travel fast. Hang on a second, let me see if I’ve got something … ah, yes here we go.


Like I said, she travels fast. I remember during the flying kerfuffle people against flying said it breaks their … yep … immersion. I remember thinking why don’t they just not fly then.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha … cough … I’m sorry … I see now.

I’m always saying, it’s the journey not the destination. Yada yada yada blah blah blah.

So what did I do just because I could? Loaded old Luz up with 10 heirlooms to 60 and 7 up to 90. And then waiting for her at 91 were three crafted 5/6 pieces of gear. She got whiplash the levels went so fast, and throughout she was an unstoppable superhero.

The true test would be hitting Tanaan in 640 iLevel. Well, she’s no longer a superhero but I like her just fine in fact I think she’s overtaken at least two other characters in the hierarchy of mains, sub-mains and so forth. I don’t know why I had such trouble with Paladins before. I think it was a personality thing, I  guess Luz and I just get along.

I’m sad to admit I didn’t have faith. I didn’t bother getting any professions for her as I doubted she’d make it. There is some cussing going on right about now because it looks like her time waiting for Legion will be spent, not making the world a safer place but picking up ore.

I told her it’s all good, she just hit 225 mining. She wasn’t amused.

So now what?

Get to 2000 pet battles for the monument? Archaeology?

Maybe try the impossible.

My first attempt at Mage ended with her retirement before hitting 60 back in Vanilla.

Warrior, Paladin and Mage, can’t seem to get them.

Pettifog? Pettifog? You still out there? Want to give this a try?


7 Responses to “Have Gun … er, Freaking Giant Two-hander, Will Travel”

  1. Way to go Luz! Congrats!

    Now just go mine in your garrison mine every day, and you’ll have your mining maxed out in no time — faster if you have a level 3 mine so you have more nodes to dig up each day.

  2. I think the fact that you got a mage up as high as “before hitting 60” is pretty awesome. Mine was retired before hitting 6. 😛 My husband loves his, his is lvl 100. He just has an affinity for it that I don’t, and likewise, he’s not much into plate-wearers and I have three (warrior, paladin, DK) aside from my main hunter.

    Picture this: I’m attempting to play this human mage, trying to collect crops of grapes and beat up the defiases…(defiasi…?).
    Hubz: What are you doing?
    Me: I’m hitting this guy with my staff.
    Him: Why?!
    Me: Because I’m out of mana…?
    Him: No no…you need to run away!
    Me: What? Why?
    Him: That’s why…

    So mage-ing turned out not to be for me. 😉

    • HA! That’s me! I could NOT grasp the “avoid being beaten to death” thingy. My Mage kept standing toe to toe with mobs trying to tough it out.

      I love watching Mages who can blink around causing havoc while remaining alive but I sure can’t do it.

      Oh, and Pettifog the Mage got to level 20 and I couldn’t do it, just can’t. She was very disappointed with me but she’ll be forever young!

  3. I love using my class mounts, especially the pali ones. Grats on 100. I’m still struggling with those last 700+ pet battles for the monument.

    • I do too, I love her pony and my Warlock too. Yeah, I’m not sure I’m going to make it on the monument. I don’t think doing a couple Tiny Terrors every few days is going to do it. Having leveled all the pets I have kind of ruined my movtivation.

  4. […] moving on from the look at Legion Beta, I went to Tome of the Ancient where in a post titled Have Gun…er, Freaking Giant Two-hander, Will Travel, The Ancient, on March 22 touts the speed of leveling achieved on Luz the Paladin in WoW. I’m […]

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