What are the Tillers REALLY Growing and When Worlds Collide

tillersgrowIn this shot it looks like he might be mid-jump but he floated like that all the way down the hill. You have to wonder just what kind of crops those guys are growing. Jade Squash, Striped Melon and maybe some Happy Time Weed. Well, whatever … I’m not ratting them out. I like these guys, it’s probably something medicinal.


Yeah … there he was this morning, I wanted to cry. People have said they never see him. I see him A LOT. I’ve concluded we keep the same awkward hours. 6:30am server and my time. He’s an early riser too. Sasche was first to see him but chat didn’t look promising. Horde side said it was too late to get a group together. Logged into Cat to check and an Alliance group was trying to form.

I think they had three people so far. I had fifteen minutes; my non-gaming husband is off until next Tuesday. Today is the day scheduled for car maintenance. I’m to take him to the repair shop to drop off his truck in 15 minutes … would a yell downstairs of:

“I will just be another half … or maybe whole hour while I wait for a Galleon group to form dearest,” work?

I think not. I think it might generate ire. Sigh … these mixed marriages can be difficult sometimes. He would never understand the importance of a Galleon group over a timely radiator flush.

In a RIDICULOUS show of optimism I logged in 3 hours later to see if he was still there … yeah … how stupid is that. Don’t you hate it when real non-game and real game-game worlds collide. But there it is, what are you going to do. Til we met again Galleon. Love you, man.

Since I’m here I gotta say, this is the ultimate slap in a pet battler’s face.

slapYou stand there through three dodged spells … you’re down to your last courageous pet. Your team prevails! Your last pet wins with 6 health left! Yay! What a win!Β  Yes … WHAT … you’re giving me a damn worn out useless stuffed toy? I just won an epic battle and that’s what I get? You’re killing me here.

battlesupAnd while on the subject of pet battles I’ve noticed Cat has developed some … I don’t know … pet battle superstitions I guess. She HAS to battle from the left. To not do so would mean certain defeat. I’ll have to check her socks. Could be she even wears lucky battle pet ones, who knows.

Anyway, I’d better go. I hear footsteps. Might mean I have to do more rl stuff. Go out for breakfast or something. These non-gamers, there are perfectly good Taverns in Azeroth if ONLY he would try it.

30 Responses to “What are the Tillers REALLY Growing and When Worlds Collide”

  1. I like battling from the left too, matches the health bars – otherwise you think your pet is doing well – they just killed the other pet but hey, my team doesn’t have that moth in it…. oh!

  2. I battle from the left too!

  3. This post had me in stitches Tome, for so many reasons…let’s just say a whole lot of “I get it!”

    • I so wish I could get him to just try it once! Then he’d understand the importance of Galleon. I told my daughter about transmogrification thinking that might work, but nothing. I don’t get them, lol.

  4. I’ve never seen Galleon. :\

    • Oh no! I think I must have seen him maybe 6 or 7 times. Three of those times I managed to get in a raid. Your server is a magical battle pet server as I got my Minfernal and Matty got her Scourged Whelpling there so maybe my server is the magical Galleon server.

      Every time I’ve seen him up it was either early morning or around 2:00pm eastern so apparently he’s not much of a night owl.

  5. I think my boyfriend got me into playing WoW on purpose – to avoid issues like these!

  6. I’ve never seen Galleon 😦
    I always battle from the left too. The right seems strange πŸ™‚

  7. Yep, left sided battler here. But I just figured it was because I’m left handed. On the rare occasion I’ll battle from the right…but that’s only when I’ve done a poor job at initiating the battle near a tree or rock or some other obstruction.

  8. First time I’ve seen him in months this morning. Someone was getting up a Horde group, I arrived on the scene only to see Ally had him half down already 😦
    Now I know why I keep missing him, it’s all in the timing…lol

  9. Hmm I also battle from the left but I agree its probably to do with what Cym said. Galleon again???? Man! You see some things very often for someone who had to server transfer for a minfernal….

  10. I had no idea galleon was a Mushan! lol I guess I’ve never seen him either then. I also battle from the left but I have no idea why.

    As for other half – he’s a wow player too, that’s how we met so whilst we may play very differently & rarely together, he does at least understand when food is late or even non-existant!

  11. Just wanted to chime in that I’m a left handed player who must battle from the left also. I’m beginning to wonder just how many people have a preference. Hmm… someone should totally do a Twitter poll.

    • Yay for another leftie! I do wonder if handedness has anything to do with it or if right handed people are battling from the left too. A poll would be interesting!

      • I suspect it’s mostly because the UI display shows our pets on the left. It just makes sense to have them on the same side.

        For the record, I’m … well, I write left-handed but I play right-handed, so I’m not sure what I am. xD

        • I think that means that irl you’re left-handed but in Azeroth you’re right-handed! Wow! But I can really understand, if I were able to do anything right-handed (which I can’t AT ALL) I’d be playing right-handed instead of my very weird set-up. Sure wish they made left handed gaming keyboards.

  12. wait, you are actually pointing out you play right-handed. As in use the mouse right-handed? Because I totally do that. I have always used a mouse right-handed. I use the mouse to move and turn and my left hand to cast with keybinds. I can’t even imagine trying to mouse left-handed. Of course, I shoot pool left-handed, throw a bowling ball right-handed, play guitar left-handed, play softball right-handed. I guess I’m sort of ambidextrous.

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