A New Life …


Yeah … where? I’ve never cancelled my subscription before. In the past when things got boring at the END of an expansion I’d keep paying while playing another game as sort of an attaboy to the art department for creating my beautiful world.

Bored in under six months into an expansion? Keeping my subscription is the wrong message no matter how much I love the world. It’s unfortunately the only way I can express myself that a business will understand.

For the next month I will continue to get filthy rich from follower missions and fly around all the places I love. I hope something changes to make me feel it’s worth coming back.

So where to go? My first impulse was SWTOR. I’m in a guild there, maybe someone’s still around.

swcompanionJeez buddy, back off would you! Oh … crap I forgot about companions, I guess he’s with me. Okay, let’s see. What? Oh, got to pick my talents, attributes, whatever they’re called here.

choicesOh crap. IĀ  forgot. I’d have to start over. Every time I come back to SWTOR I have to start from scratch. That’s why I have all these medium level characters spread around the galaxy. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Let’s see.

Tota_Too.150528Really? I couldn’t pick something I’ve still got installed? Typically, my choice came down to what world had I liked the most and WildStar won that one. Tota is at level 50 and I don’t remember ANYTHING about how a Stalker works so her cousin is going to start from level one to help her remember and I find I’m fine with that.

The final entrants were SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2 and WildStar and I took a day to decide but double-jumping around a beautiful world sounded like what I could use about now.


26 Responses to “A New Life …”

  1. And it’s going to be free soon too!

  2. Dangfool Says:

    Oh geez. I know it’s crossed my mind, too. I really want to know what you find. It’s gotta be fun. If it ain’t fun, keep looking.

    • I remember when I tried it when it first came out I liked the art and the humor and absolutely loved the double-jumping. Housing is nice not a giant thing to me but still nice.

  3. I”ll be curious to see what you think of Wildstar now. I gave up on it after a month or two, but if they’ve made it more casual friendly, I could be tempted to go back.

    • When I tried it before I really enjoyed getting to level 50 but if memory serves that’s when I left as there really wasn’t anything to do for a casual. I’m hoping they may have changed that. Will let you know!

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    Yeah, I hear you. Hardly anyone in my guild logs on anymore (except briefly to do garrison missions then they’re gone) so I’ve been spending most of my time in HoTS.

    I guess I could dust off GW2 but I think my character is still dead from my last attempt to play it lol.

    • I sure don’t know what’s going on. It’s almost like they are TRYING to kill wow. Pretty ironic if the fabled WoW-killer turned out to be Blizzard.

      I liked GW2 but I think Wildstar won as I just feel like something lighthearted right now. Yep, lighthearted killing, lol!

      • wolfgangcat Says:

        Maybe you’re right. Maybe they want all the WoW customers herded over to their other games like Overwatch so they’re making WoW as boring as possible.

        I mean really – other than a raid, MORE stupid Apexis dailies is all we are getting? Seriously?

        Well, since I hate FPS games I won’t be migrating to Overwatch. HoTS is *mildly* entertaining but MOBA games really aren’t that interesting to me.

        So…yeah. What’s left? šŸ˜¦

  5. I really don’t think you’re alone in taking a break – the thought goes through my mind almost daily and I am truly torn.

  6. I’d been considering picking up Wildstar, but I think for me now it’s coming down to FFXIV. I’m still new at it, hadn’t played it before but I’m enjoying it. I was in the Wildstar beta, though and I’m very tempted to give it another try when it goes free to play.
    Your Aurin is so cute! And I hope you’ll keep us up on how you’re doing in Wildstar too. šŸ™‚

    • I just used the free month in FFXIV and didn’t really get very far and still might be an option depending on how Wildstar goes. And starting over wouldn’t be bad as some of the others.

  7. Very strange, looking at the comments here .. my personal experience, being a GM of a casual guild in WoW has been very different .. we’re getting new applications on a daily basis, often from people who are either completey new to the game, have gone “legit” (come from private servers) or are back after one or more years away. I do get that WoD has not been as immersive as other expansions – and I blame the Garrison a LOT for that, but being part of a casual guild, we never get to the “end” of anything, there is always more to do and to see.

    • I definitely blame the garrison too. I KNOW to stay out of it but it’s like a darn slot machine, I can’t help myself, lol. Never been this rich before. I’m glad your guild is thriving, it’s nice to hear somebody’s happy out there!

  8. Let me know what server(s) you’re on SWTOR and GW2. Maybe we could actually hook up.

    • I know I have the level 22 Jedi Sage (who I don’t have the least idea how to play anymore) on Jedi Covenant. GW2 I’ll have to to spend some time updating as I haven’t logged in for a while.

      That would be great if the stars would align and we could meet up!

  9. I share your feelings and ended up switching games myself. I went back to FF XIV – I didn’t really give it a shot when I first played it because I was so obsessed with raiding in WoW in retrospect. I’ve been having a blast with it so far enjoying the world and the story šŸ™‚

    I have no idea what Blizzard is doing with WoW and why they’re doing it – and I just gave up trying to figure it out. Hope you find a good fit with all these great games out! šŸ™‚

    • I did the same thing with FFXIV, just tried it for the free month and went back to WoW. I’m pretty sure I’m going to give it another try too with the new expac coming soon.

      And I still so want to get at least one character through their story with SWTOR so I’ll have a lot to do!

  10. I got a free copy of Witcher 3 when I got my new video card and have been loving it. The quests are so seamless and feel a part of the storyline. I have also dusted off some games on Steam.

  11. […] do hope they pay attention, and quick being such dicks. Such little Caesars about the whole matter. If someone like Tome is canceling her subscription, gentlemen (and it is mostly “gentlemen”) take heed. You’ve exceeded our goodwill […]

  12. I failed in my OLRG mission. BUT: forever my HOTFB friend!

  13. I would be lying if I said it’s hadn’t crossed my mind as well. But in the end I keep returning to my endless to do list so I’m still trudging along on Draenor. Garrison burnout is a bytch though so I cut it back to just playing Fri-Sun. Otherwise I’ve been playing sims3, sims4 (only got this one yesterday), D3 (seasonal), and I re-downloaded Star Trek Online. I have a SToR account but haven’t logged in in ages. I am looking forward to giving Wildstar another try when it goes free-to-play this fall. I wish you the best of luck in your adventures where you land!

    • I’m doing fine now but in a month or so when I can’t login it may be different. I will miss my girls. I am enjoying SWTOR and would really like to get at least one character to level cap. And Wildstar is really worth a try if only for the double jumping which is enormous fun.

      Me and FFXIV are still trying to find a town I can find my way around and a class that will fit.

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