Q&A, Music and Squatters

ion-hazzikostasAs might be evident from my posts I sometimes … well pretty much ALL the time have a problem with focus. The Q&A was no different. I was trying to pay attention to what Halli … Hazzi … oh crap, Watcher said but I just couldn’t.

I was distracted most of the time by trying to figure out just WHAT color are his eyes? Were they tan, yellow? I also was spending way too much time trying to read the titles of stuff on the bookcase behind him.

As the recent flying kerfuffle made me realize, there are a WIDE range of play-styles. I couldn’t figure out why people seemed to see flying as just transportation because to me it’s an activity. After the reversal on flying and the introduction of Draenor Pathfinder I was truly surprised when many saw it as too much to do.

I didn’t realize that many would not have already completed most of the requirements so I obviously don’t know how people play which made me wonder if Blizzard does. Some of his comments made it seem like they think there are Mythic raiders, Normal raiders, LFRers, the end.


Um … do they know about us? I can’t be a special snowflake, there’s got to be more of me. Cat’s days are filled with things like freeing the poor slaves in the Bloodmaul Stronghold and debating where she’ll fish for lunkers based on the area with the best in-game music. I have quite a few favorites and one spot where I go to listen to the birds.

She had a VERY important mission to conclude today. She had to continue bashing poor level 90s to finally acquire the High Seas Music Roll because it’s very important to have a wide selection of music available when at home.

bandanaHachette’s mission in life is to pickpocket enough Dingy Iron Coins to buy a Barrel of Bandanas. I’m not sure why but hey, whatever floats her boat.

My alts were offended. He seemed confused by alts, that they should have a purpose. For example you’d have your raiding main and then maybe roll an alt to PvP. What? Where’s the fun in that, my … and I really don’t think of them as alts anyway they’re more like a big family.

I got the impression he thought people were plunking 5 or 6 alts down in the garrison solely to make a fortune. What? Yeah, okay … I’m doing that, but that’s not why they were created.

Back towards the end of BC before LFD Cat would try to get into groups. The answer was ALWAYS, you resto? When I answered no, I was met with silence. A sensible person would have rolled a healer but being pig-headed this pretty much ensured I’d NEVER be a healer.

So, end of expac. She was in a guild but only occasionally saw a guild member in the daytime unless someone took a sick day. Pugs were out, feral need not apply. I gave up on groups.

No level cap world content at the end of expansion?

Ironsally is born! And many, many others. Blizzard … um … I hate to bring up the dearth of level 100 content now that everything seems rosier but … in my case at least, you’re the daddy of all these alts.

I now sometimes feel like a squatter. Blizzard let me move in here assuming I would tow the line and conform. I would raid. But I was a sneaky little squatter.

I moved in. I didn’t get with the program. I refused to leave and proceeded to voraciously eat up the world content like some kind of demented termite.

Mythic, Normal, LFR and Voracious Termite.

Seriously though, this did make we wonder if Blizzard is aware of the vast spectrum of play styles amongst players. Here you have me, at the other end are serious raiders who PvP, pet battle and everything in between.

For people all playing the same game the range of how we enjoy it is kind of amazing. I just wonder if they know it or have been spectacularly lucky in designing a game that appeals to so many diverse methods of play.

Um … what was I talking about anyway … oh yeah.

“what color are ion hazzikostas eyes”

Nope, even Google couldn’t help me out.




20 Responses to “Q&A, Music and Squatters”

  1. It’s funny, I’ve met him in person but found myself wondering the same thing while watching that video. I think they’re grey.

  2. Lurking reader Says:

    I’m not really sure what kind of play style I have. I am one of those people that didn’t really have most of the achievements done when this was announced. Partly because my altitis is terminal, partly because the apexis quests held no interest for me, partly because I didn’t really find treasure hunting that interesting.

    I won’t say that requirements are hard (expect the coming rep grind, I don’t know if that will be easy or not) but they feel…unnecessary?

    I am generally a slow player. I like to take my time and explore, but I like to explore what interests me. And I’ve found that it matches what Blizzard thinks I should explore about 50% of the time.

    I’ve only LFR raided but only to get the legendary cape, the BOA weapon and start on the legendary ring.

    I guess all of this is a way of saying, I agree. Whatever Blizzards idea of a player is, I feel I don’t fit it at all and I’d be curious to know if I’m really that odd or not.

    And while previously I felt benignly ignored as a player on the best days, I’m starting to feel actively pushed out.

    • That’s such a perfect description, benignly ignored. For much of my WoW life that’s how I felt. I didn’t get grumpy about it until word of no flying. It was a big part of what I enjoy so I’m happy it’s been returned in pretty much ANY form.

      You are way ahead of me. I didn’t even try for the legendary cape as my few times in LFR were just not fun and ultimately to me that’s what it’s all about.

      Okay, I lied. Some of the jumping puzzles were not fun AT ALL but Cat my druid is a little bit of a completionist so I endured it to get her the achievement, lol.

  3. I think the largest problem with this expansion is that blizzard forgot that there are various types of players out there. They made a bunch of changes that all seemed to try to funnel everyone down the same path and they ran themselves into a lot of resistance.

    Flying being the most noticeable one with blizzard never realizing that to a great many players think of flying as content and consider flying to be immersive.

    Personally the biggest thing this expansion is missing for me is valor gear. That is how I always kept my alts geared a little at a time, so should I wish to bring them into a raid they were always raid ready. This expansion, I just do not play alts now.

    • I read a lot of unhappiness about the lack of valor. I can’t understand putting such effort into dungeons and then giving people no motivation to run them.

      Valor is to you what flying is to me so I hope you get it back in some form hopefully at some point!

  4. I used to be a raider… and then I was an LFR raider… and by this point in Warlords, I’ve pretty much given up on raiding entirely. I just haven’t felt much motivation for it. The separate armor sets (which I don’t like) were part of it, and perhaps I burnt myself out doing LFR with so many alts in Mists. Anyhow, I think now I’m pretty solidly in your playstyle category, Tome.

    That comment about alts ruffled my feathers a bit, too. True, my alts do support my main… but my main also supports my alts. They all support each other. They are a family.
    Given that I *still* only have ONE level 100 character, I’m hardly running 12 Garrisons just for the gold intake — though that *is* rather nice… I think I could even afford a Mog Yak now — if I wanted to leave everyone totally broke.

    • Yes, you’ve experienced pretty much all the different ways to play including transmog and alts!

      He seemed to truly be out of the loop about alts. Since I have … yike got to look it up … seven level 100s I’m not about to miss out on the gold right now. There are some rep mounts I might want to buy but that is not the reason they came to be.

      My alts were really annoyed in spite of his interesting eyes!

      • It’s interesting to see his comment about alts getting more attention this time around, because it’s actually a song the devs have been singing for some time – they’ve dropped vague mentions about alts a few times before that I distinctly recall, and Ghostcrawler even stated, around the start of MoP in a blue post, that he believed people made alts only to take on extra professions to serve their main, and unless those alts were played – i.e. raiding, pvp, then they were “not okay with that”.

        It seems to be a long-standing theme that keeps coming back at random intervals from the developers. My dread is that, sooner or later, they will actively do something to restrict alts in some way, even if it’s just their ability to interact with each other as a “family”. Now that profession interaction has been negated by the garrison, the new evil is “alts feeding their mains gold”.

        My alts keep all their own gold, thank you very much Ion. They have needs too!

        It’s a shame. They should be embracing altaholics for what we are – people that continue to play and enjoy and feel rewarded by the game even when huge numbers of players have stopped playing due to lack of content.

        • I know, Blizzard sometimes seems determined to shoot themselves in the foot. If they’re concerned about alts maybe they should try to get input from the people who play lots of alts as to why they do it.

          I have some alts who will never level over 20 or 30 because I like to wander around the old world at the appropriate level, visiting as a 100 is just not the same.

          They always seem to come at a problem with the mind of a high level raider. If they don’t have any raider/termite minds on staff they need to go find a termite to ask. I KNOW I don’t think like a raider.

    • Lurking reader Says:

      I have 10 garrisons, but they are spread across 5 servers and those 5 servers have 32 sub-90 characters across them, so i completely understand the interdependence/family angle.

      Why is it such a bad thing that they support each other? Not immersive enough?

      And I’m in much the same situation as far as gold. Only one of those servers could buy the yak mount, and those characters would be left with only silvers and coppers afterwards, completely unable to USE the trangsmog mount.

      (off topic – I haven’t made it over to comment yet, but I really enjoy reading your posts. You too Tome, but I thought you might get that from me commenting here)

      • I have a similar number of sub-90 characters. The poor dears have been quite neglected this expansion, though.

        I have been quite happy to be a solo WoW player for the past couple of expansions… I wonder if perhaps being self-supporting with alts is something that Blizz is not entirely happy about because they want people to play this as a social game rather than a solo game..?

        • In my case at least and assuming the ultimate goal of the company is subscriptions they need to realize they can’t change shy/introverts which would be me. I’m unlikely to play with strangers after an unpleasant experience and we’ve all had those.

          If I’m happy playing in the corner with my alts, leave me alone!

          Best quote I read during the flying debacle:

          Blizzard lead content designer Jeffrey Kaplan in 2004

          The single most important thing to remember when creating a game is that it must be FUN. When someone sits down to play your MMO, they are doing so to be entertained. An MMO should not feel like a job or obligation. It’s very important not to fall into that trap of trying to manipulate your community, as if you’re trying to run an ant farm. As a designer, it’s your responsibility to create a world that’s exciting, challenging, and FUN. It’s not your job to play god over someone’s play experience.

        • Just wanted to say I love that quote by Kaplan – it is so true on so many levels.

        • Isn’t it great? I think I read he’s on Overwatch now so with that kind of attitude it ought to be quite some game!

  5. […] loot isn’t motivating me, either. I think I’m pretty squarely in the “Voracious Termite” playstyle camp, with Tome, by […]

  6. I probably used to be Blizzard’s type of player, but a long time has passed since I first played and I changed a lot over the years. Last expansion I spent most of my time farming old content for mounts, leveling alts, multiboxing, leveling professions, and hunting for treasure/rares. I don’t play WoW anymore, but play other Blizzard games, so maybe I am their type of player still after all. Maybe they want WoW to be raiding and some of their other games for those that don’t fit. I think they were headed in the right direction during MoP when they added so many ways to earn valor and lesser charms. I wanted to see them go further in that direction. You could do lots of different activities and still progress. Then they seem to have returned to the you must play this way mentality. I still would like to come back at some point, but until then I’ll be over here playing Hearthstone and lately HotS. Now if only I could find a way to get my druid into those games 🙂

    • Yes, I thought MoP’s direction was great except for the gating. I personally like dailies. WoD’s grinds I find a lot less appealing.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Hearthstone and HotS. I’ve tried both and probably will get back into them at some point although I really, really fail at HotS, lol.

      Let me know if you figure out a way to get your druid in, Cat will be behind you!

  7. wolfgangcat Says:

    I’m a raider without a raid. Love raids but can’t find one that isn’t a PuG or explodes after one run.

    I’m just not motivated enough for LFR. If it wasn’t over an hour wait I might do more but sitting around my Garrison with nothing to do for an hour….ick.

    I remember having so much to do when I started playing in Wrath and I never raided or even did many dungeons.

    Not sure what was keeping me so busy, but it was more fun than sitting around my Garrison, boring rep grinds or Apexis dailies. 😛

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