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For the Horde … and the Bifactional and the Mooseless

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Yup, Sasche got really excited. Climbed to the top of her Garrison and was yelling, FOR THE HORDE! Not really like her, she’s usually pretty quiet.

Sasche, what is it? What’s going on?

When she told me what she saw in trade I had to agree with her. There is a Fenris guild called The Outcasts and they are offering Moose Mount runs free of charge just to help people acquire the much coveted Grove Warden.

I believe there was no iLevel requirement but all the information can be found here. Oucasts, I salute you. That is an incredibly nice thing to do. Aka’Magosh.

So I told Cat about it and asked her if she’d change sides for a chance at the moose.

hordelionThe Moose is DEAD to me! Dead I say. I have my Druid Rooster, that’s all I need. I don’t believe in factions anyway. In fact I’m working on bringing them together, I’ve even made a new symbol for when we all join as one.

Really? Um … the Siberian Huskies of Azeroth?

NO! That’s a lion, I mean it’s not set in stone, it’s just a working idea to take along to meetings.

Well who have you recruited so far? Anyone?

As a matter of fact, yes. Rose is totally with me on this.

Oh boy, now I see it. Two Druids. Maybe you’ve been spending too much time with the Cenarion Circle. Anyone else? How about Phanta? Did you talk to her.

That Goblin is impossible! She offered to change sides for a fee. I told her we don’t want SIDES we want to fight as one.

Well I wish you good luck with that Cat. A worthy cause, you and Rose keep it up … but Cat?

Maybe you should put the Druid Rooster on the symbol instead of the Husky … oh … I mean Lion …


Jeez! Cat calm down, I was just joking you! Being a faction organizer is making you lose your sense of humor. Damn.


My, What a Big Sword you have Mr. VanCleef and Other Ridiculousness

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Yeah, you’re right. You got me. I’m busted. It seems I only write when the servers are down anymore. So lazy. But this was interesting, apparently my characters get bored waiting for the servers to come up too. There’s my ever so serious, no nonsense bank alt. She’s parading around in her 11th WoW Anniversary Edwin VanCleef costume to while away the time.

That’s all well and good but she’s gouging great hunks out of the AH floor with that over-sized sword. I’m going to get a bill for that. Darnassian officials don’t take kindly to that kind of vandalism and I can’t even get in there to make her stop. Crap, the AH will be nothing but twigs if she keeps this up.


Here’s some Cat ridiculousness. If we go by the Warlock’s count they only need seven more mounts to get to 250. Let’s see, there are two Cat could purchase.

Champion’s Treadblade

Mosshide Riverwallow

Here are two the Shaman Jeweler could make:

Jade Panther

Sunstone Panther

There are FIVE that she could get from the Argent Tournament, more than enough sure things to get to 250 but you see what she’s doing? She’s wasting her time hovering there hoping the Voidtalon portal is going to decide to appear just because she’s there.

She insists on flying around Pandaria looking for Warbringers. Since Pandaria became CRZ they are as scare as the Voidtalon portals. I think I’ve seen three in a year.


Then this. My Hunter tried to be nice and help out and went to the Throne of Four Winds and got this for Cat. Cat was grudgingly grateful but mumbled how she liked going there. Couldn’t the Hunter have gone and got Ashes of Al’ar from that guy that just won’t shut up instead?

So anyway, I hope Cat’s using this time to indulge in her crazy camping for portals and Warbringers because when I get back there we are GOING to the Argent Tournament no matter WHAT she says.

Yeah, I’m putting my foot down … probably … maybe.

Well there is that 20% buff to acquiring Felblight with the patch … yeah, maybe we’ll fish and do the Tournament tomorrow.

Fel Boost and Taking Care of Bidness

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I enjoyed all the panels through the virtual ticket, the changes coming to transmogrification seemed to get the biggest reaction from the audience. I was thrilled about node sharing. It makes it a LOT easier to keep that warm, fuzzy feeling about your fellow players if they aren’t swooping in and stealing the stuff you just fought your way to, so that’s a big plus!

I thought about pre-purchasing Legion for about two minutes. Who am I kidding, why not. The only risk is that I’ll drop dead before summer 2016 and if that happens I’ll probably not be worrying about having bought Legion. I’ll be in some netherworld trying to figure out how to communicate with my husband to tell him how to cancel the account.

So I did it. And then I realized jeez, I don’t really want a boost. Mmm … I’ve got one though … wait! I just leveled Sasche and Ironrose, do I really feel like going through once again for Phanta right now? Nope, I’d rather do low level leveling.

So Phanta the Goblin Rogue got the boost, yeah, big whoop. But wait! What’s this! Wait, this IS a big whoop!


She has a level three Great Hall! She had about eight followers ready to go! I later found out she had level 1 blueprints already learned. She was ecstatic because Phanta may be a Rogue but first she is all Goblin. There is money to be made!

She’s been having fun flying around collecting her twenty followers to put them to work. She’s been killing rares and digging up treasures for garrison resources which has been really enjoyable … so yeah … the boost turned out to be a lot of fun. She’s been bossing everyone around and getting her Goblin money machine rolling.


And then there’s Cat. She was willing to spend hundreds of thousands of her gold for a Chicken to ride so you know she insisted I get the Deluxe Editions for the mount and pet.

Look at my Felstalker, isn’t he beautiful?

Um … he’s ah … different Cat. I think the chicken is more Druidy though.

Well I think a moos …

STOP CAT! Let’s not go there, be happy with your Felstalker and let’s leave it at that, okay?

If you keep going on about the mount that shall remain unnamed I’ll bring up something you don’t want to hear.

Like what?

Okay Cat, you asked for it. If you really want to hit 250 mounts you’re going to have to go to the ARGENT TOURNAMENT AND JOUS-

STOP! Don’t say it! Okay! OKAY!

Whew, I think that’ll work. I’m tired of Cat going on and on about an overgrown deer.