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Be Careful What You Wish for …

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you may get it. Yeah, all those mount drops in Draenor and toys and pets that I mercilessly tracked down. Done. I’m down to slim pickings. I think Ulduar, ICC and Dragon Soul are it. Dragon Soul … HAHAHAHA … I couldn’t figure that thing out when I was with other people, I don’t see me figuring it out on my own.

So what to do, what to do? I know, sightseeing. Cat’s never seen the Vault of Archavon, we’ll do that. I don’t know how many weeks she’s been trying but Wintergrasp never leaves the Horde’s hands. Ever.

Okay, what else? Where hasn’t she been? Oh! Hour of Twilight!

Thrall? Hey Thrall! Um, look behind you … we can’t go back, we’re blocked in. You HAVE to come to your senses and blast us out of here! THRALL!

Nope. Uncommunicative. The next day Cat didn’t run ahead of Thrall which worked and didn’t throw him into a snit. What else Cat? Any ideas?

Cat! NO! NEVER! I do not enjoy having the fact that I’m old and slow shoved in my face.

I remember when that horrible woman Lieutenant Thorn showed up in the Garrison you said, there is NO AMOUNT of boredom that would make me do Proving Grounds! Never, not happening.

Remember Cat?

Yeah, Cat was that bored. She went there. She did the Bronze and the Silver Proving Grounds. Not fun. Thankfully she’s not bored enough yet to try Gold. Maybe if there was a pet involved. It was kinda worth it to get the punctuation off Thorn’s head though. There’s that.

Cat, can you think of anything? Any ideas?


What? I could have a shiny pony with Glyph of the Luminous Charger if I had a Paladin? No, you’re right, that’s fantastic Cat! Okay, let’s try this one more time! Maybe the eighth or tenth time’s the charm!

So Luz was rolled and off we went. Wow, Elwynn Forest was pretty hysterical. There were traffic jams of Chauffeured Choppers everywhere. Cat was right, this is fun. Although I wish I didn’t feel the need to equip all the heirlooms just because I have them. I believe she’s wearing ten of them.

Immersion, I’ve found, for me requires fear. I hadn’t known that but apparently sneaking along waiting for something to jump out at you and then fighting for your life is immersive.

Not so much with Luz of the Ten Heirlooms, she’s like a superhero, she just plows through whatever is in her way.

It messes with questing through zones too. There she is up there trying to look all “of the light” with a tiny goofy Raptor with a skull in it’s mouth following her. A leftover of quests abandoned because she’s leveling too fast. She does about three quests in an area and then has to move on. Still, I’m enjoying visiting places again at the correct level.

Thanks Cat, great idea! But you aren’t lonely are you? I could come back for some archaeology if you want?

No, no! I’m good! I’ll just rearrange the Garrison furniture. You and Luz take your time, have fun. I’ll be here.

Okay then. Luz! Let’s move out, maybe if we change zones you’ll lose your skull bearing Raptor. One can hope. Only 69 more levels til Draenor! She might GO … ALL … THE … WAY!



Aiiieee! The Blizzard Watch Begins!

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No not THAT Blizzard Watch, I mean the one where we’re waiting for two feet of snow to immobilize Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Yes … haha … go ahead you Minnesotans and Canadians, have a good laugh. There was an inch of snow last night and my friend told me about her four hour drive home.

Everyone’s racing around buying food. I don’t care if I have food. I care if I have power. I realized I can’t read anymore without a charged iPad. So anyway, thinking that I might not be able to say anything made me want to say something.

I went to Ulduar because it’s lovely and then I got lost and let Yogg-Saron kill me while I was running around in his head. JD was kind enough to come help me find the way, that Lio is one snappy dresser for sure. There we are standing in front of a puddle of yogg.

Oh yeah, I have a question. Since I don’t raid I don’t know stuff. I have to send most everyone every week to acquire Felblight from Kazzak … excuse me … SUPREME Lord Kazzak, jeez what an ego that guy has. My casters love him.

Not so much the melee. I spend most of my time running from the people who have, I forget the name, the purple circle of death thingy. They don’t ever move, they stand right there in a clump of melee. Are they expecting the healers to take care of everything? What’s that about anyway?


I am not a good one to critique WoD as my real life has taken a turn towards the Twilight Zone this last year so that might affect my opinion. What I did realize is there is no one I want to visit in WoD.

Cat regularly heads out to Halfhill to check on the farm and say hello to Farmer Yoon. Actually she visits most expacs to check in with old friends, I can’t think of anyone she’ll come back to WoD to visit. Maybe the Garrison. Maybe she’ll come back and stare in wonder at the place she imprisoned herself.

Yep … see … I really had nothing to say but had to say it nonetheless. Although I do really wonder about the healer thing. And I am a little upset Cat has made no lasting NPC friends in Draenor. She never even warmed up to Yrel.

Welp, better wrap this up and run willy-nilly to the store. Might need more wine if I’m going be snowed in here. Actually, no might about it.

Evil Pony or I’m Still Here

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So I’m scrounging around for something to do OTHER than archaeology and I read Matty’s Tour of Horse this morning and thought, yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Try for another pony. Cat used to visit old Lord Rivendare when it was still a little challenging for her. She finally gave up years ago. I looked it up, she had 43 kills.

Oh man, Cat! You didn’t give it much of a try! Only 43 kills! Jeez, what’s that about anyway? You did Sethekk Halls well over 150 times.

Yes, I WANTED the mount in Sethekk Halls, I don’t really want a Deathcharger. A Druid wouldn’t be caught dead on a Deathcharger. It’s just not a druidy mount. The Warlocks are the ones who want that mount. Why don’t you send them? I don’t want to go.

Welp … I have to admit, she’s got a point. Sasche’s the one who REALLY wants the Deathcharger, I’ll send her.


So okay, off you go Cim. Rain of Fire your way through there real quick and then you can go about whatever nefarious business you were involved with. Won’t take long.

HOLY CRAP CIM! You did it! You did it!

Yeah, whatever. I’ve got a batch of kittens in the oven … gotta go. Let Sasche take the screen shot.

Cat! Cat! They did it! They got the mount!

Well yeah … they wanted the mount. Sometimes you IRL characters are so dense. The trick is to send the character who wants the mount.

Okay, okay Cat. No need to be cheeky about it, jeez.

But Cat? What about the over 150 times you ran … OUCH … Cat, quit it! No no really … great advice Cat, great advice.


The only other thing going on now is that Lokkan the Shaman is happily back to Enhancement. There she is in all her Baleful glory. She really likes the way the Mail Baleful gear looks but she wanted your opinion. The inner part of the pants are kinda the same color as her skin.

She’s afraid it looks like her butt’s hanging out. I told her not to worry, anyone says anything you just kick their … well … butts.