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How I Hate You Big Love Rocket and Yet … I Want You

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Yes, although I’ve repeatedly told Cat the odds are not in her favor she’s managed to recruit quite a few alts to her cause. At first I think I had about six characters bonking those Apothecaries every day but now depending on the queue she’s down to about two or three buddies who haven’t lost hope.

I’ve read that the drop rate for the Big Love Rocket is 0.03%. Aiiieeeee!!! Maybe if it weren’t for that good looking Zhevra hide interior we could let it go … but we can’t.

At least I’m glad that in spite of my desire for a Big Love Rocket I haven’t stooped to upping my odds by sending in the DK and Monk neither of which could fight their way out of a paper bag. Oddly my Hunter who I also have no real clue how to play well does the best damage in there. I think her pet covers up for her lack of skill. So faithful.

So let’s see, what else.


Um yeah, Luz the Paladin. Something’s not right there. We practically had a fight over her leaving Howling Fjord. I told her it was time to move on to an area more challenging, it was time to go. She didn’t want to.

She said she thinks the Vrykul are hot.


What? Look at him Luz! Does he look like he’s filled with holy light? Honestly, what’s wrong with you?

Here let me quote:

While they may adventure with others from different organizations, they will never knowingly associate with evil persons, nor continue an association with someone who consistently offends their moral code.

This just might be me Luz but the fact that he tries to kill you every time you come near him might, just might fall under the evil person with a suspect moral code don’t you think? Huh?

On one hand I’ve got Cat wandering into Ashran sightseeing and now Luz crushing on Vrykul. I don’t know what to do.

Maybe I  can talk someone into one last shot at that Big Love Rocket today. Take my mind off all the craziness … yeah … that oughta work.

The Anti-Ironman

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I really enjoyed Ironsally the Ironman so I didn’t think Luz of Ten Heirlooms would last all that long. I thought she’d end up like all the other poor Paladins, just a memory.

Not so! Luz is now level 66 and the going’s been pretty much like the picture above. She’s a superhero. It seems I like superheroes. She’s now Luz of the Seven Heirlooms until 90. I’m enjoying visiting all my favorite places although she doesn’t get to stay too long.

I had some problems adjusting to being a Paladin. I’m used to bleeds, I tend to hit mobs until they’re almost dead and then stop and move on to the next one. What? Why don’t they die? Their health is down to like 3. Oh, no bleeds. For a while there she had a train of near dead mobs following her.

The only other problem she’s had is CRZ. Most of her time is spent waiting for things to respawn. I didn’t know there was so much traffic in the old world. You’d think if Blizzard is really considering giving the game away they might want to rethink CRZ. I’m finding everything dead in the daytime, I can’t even imagine what it’s like in peak traffic hours.

So yeah, we’re having fun although I’m afraid she’ll hit 100 without a clue how to actually Paladin unless a Paladin really is a superhero even without all the heirlooms. We shall see.


Cat’s been looking for something to do. She was SO impressed when Sasche told her JD had earned Lil’ Tarecgosa for their guild. Cat realized she had started that legendary quest line and ran off to purchase the required three Sands of Time. Holy freaking moly Cat, that was 9,000 gold! You better finish that and get your legendary. You HAVE read the whole quest line, right?

CAT! Right?

No she hadn’t. Sigh. Now she’s acting like she doesn’t have time to talk to me, running around after Love Tokens although there’s nothing she needs to buy. She’s avoiding me, I know it. She’ll be in big trouble if my Bank Alt/Accountant catches up with her over that Sands of Time expenditure.

Welp, time to get back to trying to acquire that Big Love Rocket. I’m sure it’s not a myth … is it?